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All Over Bar The Shouting

Well, Trainspotting has come to a close.

The aftershow party has rattled a few bodies right to the bone, we’ve been left reeling from some of the feedback heard so far and we’re gradually pieceing together our thoughts on the past week.

Speaking once more as an actor and having worked as producer on this production, I still find words escaping me as how to explain the events of the past few days.

Taking a bold step to speak on the behalf of the company, we deviants extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who came along to Trainspotting and all who enjoyed the production. Without doubt this has been our biggest challenge to date but reactions and feedback have by far exceeded any remote expectation we may have had before opening the curtain last Tuesday night.

We’ll be posting reviews, comments from the cast and crew, photographs from the course of the week and opening up a few new areas on the website with an archive of Trainspotting material.

We’re taking a week off for ourselves before breaking into pre-production for our next show, due to open late August. It’s all over bar the shouting, but if any of the cast and crew still have voices after the weekend’s celebrations then it will be a minor miracle.

Once again, thanks to each and every one of you who shared in the Trainspotting experience. I genuinely hope you enjoyed it as much as we did in putting everything together.

We’ll be back later in the week with more.


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