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A Victimless Crime

Can't Pay? Won't Pay! - A Victimless Crime

Someone once said ‘Shoplifting is a victimless crime. Like punching someone in the dark’. That person was wrong, wrong, wrong!

Did you know that shoplifting effects 1 in 4 familes? Did you know that shoplifting is considered a ‘gateway crime’ and that shoplifters soon progress onto stealing from banks and baby snatching? Did you know that shoplifting has been identified as the cause of 3 major wars?

This ‘self reduction’ movement isn’t about ’empowerment’ ‘freedom’ or ‘repression’ it’s about crime! Committed by criminals! A criminal that could be lurking in YOUR family!

Don’t be afraid to rat them up! Whistleblower is a more honourable profession than shoplifter! Shoplifter’s are the very fleas of Satan! Let’s swat them TOGETHER!

So please, let us eradicate the greatest scourge in our society, victimes unite! Report all shoplifters! TODAY!

Don’t come crying to us when they descend on YOUR supermarket!

Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! will run from Marc 10th – 14th in Set Theatre, Kilkenny. Tickets can be booked on 056 – 7765133. They might be shoplifted from such places as Rollercoaster Records, Kieran Street and Set Theatre Box Office, Langtons, John Street. And above here, on this very page. Buy now! Ignore touts!

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