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A Cast Of Vultures


One project that many a Deviant has worked on over the past few years is the webcom Vultures. Produced by our film making friends over at Mycrofilms, Vultures is a detective comedy serial which had its online finale just last month. It finished up after a 5 year run that delivered 2 series and 12 episodes and saw it regularly become one of the top Irish comedy video podcasts on iTunes as well as a participant on the inaugural Irish Digital Comedy Lab.

The show was created in 2007 by Paddy Dunne, John Morton and Alan Slattery and along with Ross Costigan and Peter McGann they have all steered the creative end of the show up until it wrapped this past December. And it’s not just our offices they have co-opted for rehearsals, oh no. A lot of the regular Devious troupe have taken up the quirky names and heightened characteristics of the Vultures cast of characters over two series. These include David Thompson (Dan McGrain), Suzanne O’Brien (Janine Drew), Seán Hackett (Niall Tennyson), Stephen Colfer (Tom Moriarty), Annette O’Shea (Jane Tennyson), Amy Dunne (Maeve Munroe), Ken McGuire (Hamish Lane), John Doran (Ned Savage), Kevin Mooney (Quint Quigley), Connie Walsh (Kitty McCool), Alex Christle (Irene O’Haire) Niamh Moroney (Sarah Black), Simone Kelly (Roxy Lee), Jack O’Leary (Johnny Curragh), Maria Murray (May O’Neil), Niamh Moyles (Kate Marple), Colin O’Brien (Ronnie Drew), Paul Young (Inspector Hugh Leeson) and the aforementioned Messrs. Dunne (Pat Cairo), Morton (Jim Vultour) and Costigan (Jack Street).


With so much of an overlap between our creative team and regular acting troupe, Vultures definitely bears a lot of the comic hallmarks of a lot of our productions not to mention the genre skewing style of a Devious show. So if you’re interested in the kind of work our team makes, maybe you might want to check out the show? Both series of the show ended with a double barreled finale, the last of which was Dan McGrain In The Nick Of Time and The Dicks Who Came In From The Cold which aired at Christmas.

You can find all information on the show at www.VulturesPI.com and subscribe to it on iTunes and YouTube. And we suggest you do so!

While Vultures is definitely done in its run as a web series, there may be some more interesting developments from the show later this year. Like all good detective fiction, Vultures may yet prove to be infinitely adaptable. Keep your magnifying glasses alert. Spaces might just need to be watched.

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