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7 Pictures For 7 Years

We are 7 years old today.

No sign of the 7 year itch though. This week we’ve been getting excited about new works in progress from John Doran & Kevin Mooney, Adrian Kavanagh and John Kennedy. Plus we’ve locked down the team for our next play this year. The future is still bright. We can see it all so clearly now… just like this:

Here are 7 (mostly) new pictures which show us (mostly) growing up over the past 7 years:

2006 – Baton Rouge

Heart Shaped Vinyl - Daft Punk 032

2007 – The Master Of Green Screen

Cannibal Poster Shoot - Paddy Dunne!

2008 – Jailbait


2009 – Sharp Dressed Men

Eddy gets lippy

2010 – That’s Not David Thompson

CPWP - Rough Picture 3

2011 – The Guardian Angel Of Set Building


2012 – Living In The New HQ


2013 – Being Devious


Thanks to everyone who supports and still asks us what we’re doing next.

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