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#7. Austin De Courcey


“Burns like the dickens, but gets the job done…”

#7. Austin De Courcey (Ed Murphy) aka The 3rd Earl Of Roundwood. A well bred, dapper land owner of British descent who likes to smoke a pipe, swig a brandy and kill any man who besmirches his beloved Eire. He might be a Protestant, yes and quite removed from the rest of the squad but he stands his ground as a proud local, born and bred. Woe betide the man who underestimates him because of his means. The Reconnaissance Man.

Ed Murphy has previously appeared for Devious Theatre in Some Flood, Night Of The Living Dead, Shakespeare In Bits, Stags and Hens and Cannibal! The Musical. Ed also directed Tenterhooks, one of the five pieces presented at Little Deviations: Volume 1. Other stage credits include TEXT|Messages (Project Arts Centre), Twelfth Night (AC Productions), Strange Attractors (Samuel Beckett Theatre), Fused (Dublin Fringe Festival 2013), This Is It (Just The Lads). Film and television credits include Reign, Gardar in History’s Vikings, the lead role of Danny in Mark Sheridan’s new feature film Crone Wood, Jim Sheridan’s new feature film The Secret Scripture, Fir Bolg, a comedy mini-series for TG4, and a role in director Brian Dean’s Storyland web series CTRL.

The Hellfire Squad plays Project Arts Centre from July 18-23. It will then play The Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny from July 28-30 as part of this years AKA programme. Tickets are onsale now.

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