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4th Annual Great Big Devious Table Game of General Knowledge Show?

Devious Table Quiz

Yes, our ridiculously long titled table quiz night is back for its 4th annual run out.

Join us at Brewery Corner on June 9th for our big annual fundraising shindig. It’s all to help the funding of our Devious 10 programme for the year and all funds raised will go towards the making of new shows and the development of new plays.

Test your knowledge, test your might, get your table quiz study on and settle in for rounds on local history, music, tv, theatre, sport, recreated movie scenes and much more!

There are lots of novelty rounds, spot prizes galore, fun bits to be won and it’s only €20 for a table of four! We’ve got prizes of lots of theatrical tickets, whiskey, vouchers, CD’s and tickets a whole lot of gigs in Brewery Corner.

Register teams in advance (and guarantee a table) by emailing info@devioustheatre.com. Or you can just show up on the night at 8pm in Brewery Corner! But it won’t guarantee you a table and you may have to sit at the bar like those poor suckers last year.

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