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1 Week Later

Behind the scenes at the first poster shoot

It’s been a week since we’ve launched our Fund It campaign for Night Of The Living Dead.

So far it’s been going slow but steady. We realise that it’s a marathon not a sprint so we’re steadying ourselves as best we can with the campaign and hoping to build on it as we get closer and closer to the deadline. I guess you can consider this the first of our weekly updates. Which inevitably means that as we approach the end of the remaining 32 days we’ll publish another 4!

The great thing we’ve discovered about having a Fund It campaign is that it brings the project in question to a whole new audience. So in that way alone, it’s made a lot of people aware of Night Of The Living Dead who mightn’t already have been. At this point in the production, it’s invaluable to have an increased profile for the play before it has even hit the rehearsal room.

This is what we look like when we’re asking for money

Another great thing is that it harnesses the good will of a lot of lovely people towards something positive and creative. For us, it’s great to see the investment and enthusiasm people are placing in Night Of The Living Dead at this stage. It makes us all the more eager to deliver the best goddamn Irish zombie play ever.

For anyone looking to contribute, you can see all of our rewards here at this link: http://www.fundit.ie/project/night-of-the-living-dead

Check them out and see what might suit you. No one has bitten (no pun intended) for the €250 join the cast reward… it’s a lot of money to donate, sure, but it’s also gonna be a lot of fun! Please spread the word, get on board and help us make something terrifyingly beautiful this summer.

Thanks to everyone who has come on board to fund us so far, you guys are officially our patrons and we are in your debt. Thank you all for your funds, support and kind words. The people we are indebted to in our first week are Ronan Mac Raois, Margaret Leonard, Paddy Dunne and Annette O’Shea (both of this parish), Aoife McMahon, Helen Walsh, Mephisto Theatre Company (also rocking a hot campaign), RichArt, Dawn MacAllister and Shirley Somers (both of Solstice), Neil Curran of No Drama, our forever friend Darragh Doyle, Katie Kelly, Bunclody Academy Of Dance and our beloved twinkle toes Gemma Grant, the esteemed Aonghus Óg McAnally of Rise Productions, Vibrant Ireland, Rob Cumiskey, Stephanie Francis, Roxanna Nic Liam (extra thanks for all the retweets!) and Eoin Winning.

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