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VIDEO: A Season Of Dario Fo


For those who might not have seen or attended our Dario Fo Season when it ran from December 09 to March this year, we’ve compiled a few clips of both shows and stuck ’em up on the interweb for all to marvel at.

You can see all the contrasts and similarities between Accidental Death Of An Anarchist and Can’t Pay? Won’t Pay! from the above video. Even at this early stage, there’s a lot of nostalgia to be had in looking at the clips. The double header of Dario Fo works was one of our biggest and most ambitious undertakings so far, and I’m glad to say one of our most successful. It really was as much fun as it looked.

It’s something we’d really love to restage again at some point. Horrendous government, economic disaster and public sector meltdowns permitting of course.

Dario Fo Season Combined Cast


  1. You have really inspired my drama class and I with our performance of Can’t Pay Won’t Pay! at Wollongong High School of the Performing Arts, Australia. Thank you so much


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