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The opening weekend of the 2010 Kilkenny Arts Festival Accidently Took Cipro, promises to be a great one for theatre goers with three fantastic shows opening today in a diverse range of venues around the city.

Victor and Gord 4

Kicking off proceedings at 1pm today is Una McKevitt's highly lauded Victor and Gord. 250mg Accidently Took Cipro, A bittersweet and heartfelt study of friends and family, Victor and Gord was a massive word of mouth hit at last year's Dublin Fringe Festival. It's going to be the first event I'm covering for the Kilkenny Arts Festival and it's definitely one of my most anticipated, Accidently Took Cipro mexico. I'm also very eager to see how it works in Cleere's Theatre, 50mg Accidently Took Cipro, a very small and intimate venue whose not inconsiderable charms aided our productions of Heart Shaped Vinyl and Shakespeare In Bits in the past. It runs from today at until Tuesday August 10th at 1pm daily, Accidently Took Cipro. For more details, click here, Accidently Took Cipro us.

The Smile Off Your Face by Belgian outfit Ontroerend Goed is poised to be one of the big hits of the festivals. 40mg Accidently Took Cipro, An intimate, boundary pushing performance that has to be experienced to be believed, The Smile Off Your Face focuses on one audience member at a time and should definitely satisfy the more adventurous theatre fan, Accidently Took Cipro ebay. It is advised that you get booking for this show quickly as places are quite limited. Accidently Took Cipro, Performances start from 2pm - 5pm and again from 7pm to 10pm. Accidently Took Cipro india, The show takes place in Rothe House and you can book your tickets here.

Where did it all go right 3

Finally at 6.30 tonight we'll see ponydance performing Where Did It All Go Right. at 6.30 in Left Bank, 100mg Accidently Took Cipro. Wild, Accidently Took Cipro coupon, clever and a masterclass in comedy dance theatre, this is one show that's guaranteed to get people talking. And lest ye think otherwise, it's a show that is guaranteed to be selling out with strong word of mouth in Kilkenny since its announcement, Accidently Took Cipro. It'll be travelling to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival after this run so get it while you can, 20mg Accidently Took Cipro. Read more when you click on this handy clickable link.

Ken and myself will be using our blogging and crafty social media skills for the benefit of Kilkenny Arts Festival this year so make sure to follow our coverage on the KAF blog if you're so inclined. We'll be doing the theatrical previews on this site with the musical previews going on over at Get connected.

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