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Little Deviation #2: Breathe

Breathe by Alan ButlerDirected by Natasha Murray Cast: Hazel Doyle, Amy Mulholland, Eleanor Walsh, Maria Murray, Janis Woodgate, John Prendergast, Ciaran DunphyEmily never thought she'd end up here. Being interviewed by the hospital's psychiatrist. But this is where she is, and its what she needs to do. The stories she will tell and hear will shape her. From where she came from to where she's going. Five women, five stories. What do you do, when you can't keep going? Alan Butler has previously worked as an actor and director for many companies in Kilkenny. As an actor he has previously appeared for Devious Theatre in Heart Shaped Vinyl, Scratcher and Accidental Death Of An Anarchist. This is his debut work for the stage.
Little Deviations: Volume 2 plays Cleeres Theatre from August 3rd-5th as part of AKA Fringe. Tickets can be bought at the venue or right here. 
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Six Shows. Three Nights

little-deviations1_hires Fucking quality. Everything (especially our language) is going to be rough around the edges for Little Deviations: Volume 2.
Our scratch night extravagaza returns for AKA Fringe (check out the very slick and oh so fresh programme) where we'll be presenting six excerpts from six brand new plays: Ag An Doras by Simone Kelly Breathe by Alan Butler In The Basement by Seán Delaney Orla's Big Comeback by Mairead Kiernan The Roaring Banshees by Peter McGann & John Morton Welcome To Ireland by Robert Downes & Aoibhín Murphy Full synopsises, plus cast and director details will be incoming. We're very excited about the teams that have come together for our brand new work in progress showcase. The plays of tomorrow are going for a test run. Don't miss out. August 3rd-5th, John Cleere's Bar & Theatre, 8pm nightly. Tickets onsale soon.
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11020272_10153164781884459_1642458523_n Yup, we're onto the next one... Adrian Kavanagh's first play for Devious Theatre gets its first run out next week. The Union will be presented as a work in progress at the March edition of Fringe Fuse in Dublin on Monday March 9th. We've been workshopping the play over the past week and we're delighted to show some of its early stage work to the public. The play documents the rise and fall of St. Dominic's Student Union as they try and solve the mystery of who stole €10,060 in hard earned funds a week before the presidential election. Over the past few years we've made a lot of work that looks at the effects of Ireland’s economic catastrophe on young people (be it sieges, floods, revolutions, zombies, drugs or hackers). Now, as things get a tad more optimistic, we're looking at young people as political entities themselves. It's about loyalty, corruption, idealism and how the truth can be twisted for any purpose. And it also just so happens to involve five characters locked in one room with their hopes, dreams and fears on the line. Yup, The Breakfast Club was a big influence on The Union and one we're taking a lot of inspiration from. And seeing as this coming week is the 30th anniversary of the release of that iconic movie in Ireland, its a nice time to show off some of our John Hughes inspired new work for the first time. the-union-rehearsals_kenmcguire-1 The cast for this Monday's preview are a well established Devious quintet of Alexandra Christle, Stephen Colfer, Kevin Mooney, Niamh Moroney and David Thompson. The performance is directed by John Morton. If you're interested in getting an early taste of The Union, drop down to Fringe Lab this Monday night at 7.30pm for March Fringe Fuse. Entry is €3 (with a beer) and you'll not get better value for money than that.
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Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations


Girls In Africa is a new play currently being written by John Kennedy who previously wrote Shifting and Phantasm Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations, for us.

I wanted to write a play that laughed at the idea that a group of affluent kids from the first world could solve third world problems with only good intentions, elbow grease and their parents yoyos, 30mg Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations. I wanted to write a play that saw charity trips as charity holidays, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations australia, a chance to take selfies with cute African kids, take in some sun, try the local weed and temporarily wash away first world guilt at the same time, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations uk. I wanted to make a big, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations japan, dirty, nasty piece of political theatre that exposed the double exploitation of Africa by the wealthy of my generation. I wanted to insult those who were naive enough to think that change could be measured in two week trips, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations us. I thought that big nasty farcical truths should be exposed with big nasty farces, so that's the kind of play I'm trying to write, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations. I haven't got there yet. - John Kennedy

It's his third play proper and because we're a big fan of John and his work, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations india, Girls In Africa is one that's very high on our 'to produce' list. It's been in development for a few months and at Little Deviations the opening scenes of the play will be performed as a work in progress.

The talent bringing it to the stage next week are the team of Aoibhín Murphy, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations coupon, Hazel Doyle, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations usa, Adrian Kavanagh with John Morton in the directors chair.

Aoibhín has previously appeared as Laura in Shifting and as Judy in our version of Night Of The Living Dead. Hazel played the part of Frankie in John Kennedy's last play Phantasm and also appeared in Night Of The Living Dead Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations, . Adrian debuted for us in Shifting before going on to play Big Jimmy McClellan in Night Of The Living Dead, 100mg Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations. John has previously directed both productions of John Kennedy's plays for us. 500mg Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations, All in all this is a team with strong form in bringing Mr. Kennedy's work to the stage.

Come see that work on the stage when a taster of Girls In Africa plays as part of Little Deviations: Volume 1 on August 2nd & 3rd in Cleeres Theatre. Tickets can be bought at the venue, booked on 056-7762573 or purchased right here at this handy online link.

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