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The Flood Came…

"It's kinda like that show Lost or something, only way more annoying because at least in Lost you know that if you download another episode, you’ll find out exactly what’s going on." some_flood_promo-9"You don’t see Tom Hanks wondering what happened his plane in Castaway or what happened to Wilson after he got washed away." some_flood_promo-17 "I suppose people like Bear Gyrlls or Tom Hanks or Crocodile Dundee are sexy because they do things like survival so they seem all tough. Rugged, like..." some_flood_promo-21Some Flood plays Boys School, Smock Alley from 6th-12th September as part of this years Tiger Dublin Fringe. For more info please go here and for tickets you can also visit the Fringe Box Office at Filmbase or call 1850 374643.
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Secret Movie Read

secret-movie-webposterThis is as devious as we get... We are once more delighted to be part of Out For The Weekend, Kilkenny's annual Pride festival. This coming Saturday August 23rd in Brewery Corner we'll be presenting Secret Movie Read. A secret movie classic gets performed by a secret cast at 8pm. You won't find out what the movie is or who the cast are until you're in your seat. Yes, it's extremely sneaky but we hope that we've earned the goodwill to warrant paying to see something that you have no idea about. But we promise, we will make your 90 minute non cinematic experience a script read like no other. So come along, grab a drink and allow us to entertain you. The idea comes from a similar night filmmaker Jason Reitman occasionally runs in Hollywood. But unlike his script reads we absolutely guarantee our cast are not famous. 8pm kick off upstairs in Brewery Corner, it's €5 entry on the door, seating is limited and popcorn is provided. The audience may* be required to participate, get rowdy and shout along. *will most definitely Join us for a very, very, devious evening! For more info on the festival, check out the website.
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All Aboard!

some-flood-fringe6We've just unveiled a brand new poster for Some Flood set aboard an all too vulnerable looking boat. A whole lot of Kevin Mooney and Eddie Murphy's try and manfully steer themselves through the storm as their search for life after flood gets more and more difficult. The image was shot by Kasia Kaminska with design from Ken McGuire. The clothes are off and we're back in rehearsals this week as the show gets ready to board the good boat Tiger Dublin Fringe from 6th - 12th September in Smock Alley Theatre. Get on board by grabbing yourself a ticket right here. We're starting to run out of nautical metaphors and with three weeks to go it's starting to worry us...
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Some Tease

IMG_0252Here's a small trailer we put together for Some Flood's upcoming July run. It features the nice, calm before the storm score by Moses Moorhouse. John Doran and Kevin Mooney's debut show will play the Red Door Theatre at the Bridgebrook Arms in Thomastown on July 8th & 9th at 8pm nightly (we will be finished before the World Cup semi's, promise). It then plays as part of the Watergate Theatre's theatre trilogy on Thursday July 10th at 8pm. Then the week after we're taking a trip to the Cavan Theatre Festival for a performance on the opening night July 17th. Plenty of excuses to see Some Flood in the coming weeks! We'll be announcing more dates very soon...
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North Bound

Cavan-Theatre-FestWe're off to Cavan in July! We're very excited to be part of the programme at the inaugural Cavan Theatre Festival. We've never played Cavan before so we're very excited to bring a show there for the first time. The show in question is our current production Some Flood which will be following its final Kilkenny run next week with a trip up north. We're only going to be there for one night only so you'll have to catch us quickly! Untitled-1We're delighted to be part of such a great programme for the first festival. Also featured will be Fishamble who will be performing Pat Kinevane's double bill of Silent and Forgotten, Polish Theatre Ireland who are performing Foreign Bodies, Big Guerilla Productions, Aaron Monaghan's production of Dermot Bolger's Walking The Road, frequent Devious collaborator Stephen Colfer's outfit Chronic Reload bring some Chaos Theory and last but by no means least, home town heroes and general all round heroes Gonzo Theatre Company who will have a double bill of their new incoming works. You can download the entire programme here. We're delighted to be part of such a cool programme and of course, great excuse to get out and about and up north! We'll be performing Some Flood in Theatre Upstairs at Imperial on Thursday 17th July at 7pm and there'll be a post show Q&A with the writers Kevin Mooney and John Doran along with actor Eddie Murphy. Check out cavantheatrefestival.com for more details.
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1382820_556763627725736_2090600781_nOpening tonight in Kilkenny is David Fennelly's acclaimed show Fishes which also has a hand from two erstwhile Devious Theatre collaborators John Doran and John Morton. This funny and disturbed drama about one unemployed man and his burgeoning friendship with his social welfare officer opened to great acclaim as part of Collaborations Festival last year. It came back in full length form later in the year for a December run in Smock Alley followed by an acclaimed month long run in Bewley's Cafe Theatre from March to April of this year. The writer of the show David Fennelly also acts in it alongside John Doran (last seen with us in War Of Attrition and also directing Some Flood). John Morton (who last directed Phantasm for us as well as writing and appearing in War Of Attrition) is the man doing the directing. IMG_6529The synopsis for the show reads:
Set in a dingy flat in present day Dublin, a smell of mouldy bread and crusty clothes wafts its way through the nose of poor Larry’s inner thoughts. Desperately passive, Larry unintentionally shines a scorching and painful spotlight on the modern day 'typical Irish Man'. Greeting his dole officer, Eldridge, in his dressing gown - he is unemployed, heartbroken and hung-over. In truth, he is paralysed by our national pastime and excuse for everything - drink. With the exception of his drinking buddies, he is friendless. Today he sees his world collapsing around him through the fresh eyes of Eldridge, the first person to actually listen to him, and is faced with the reality that everything is not 'grand' and if he does want things to work out he needs to wake up and take life by the balls. The show has gotten a slew of fantastic reviews over the last few months and has won a large following. If you want to catch some top of the range comedy theatre this week then Fishes is the way to go. It opens tonight at 8pm in Cleeres Theatre and runs until Saturday night. Tickets are €10 and can be bought in Cleeres, booked on 056-7762573 or bought online here.
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Reflux And Diflucan

somefloodrehearsal-35We're into the final two performances of Some Flood Reflux And Diflucan, in Cleeres Theatre today. 750mg Reflux And Diflucan, So that's only two more chances to see John Doran and Kevin Mooney's brilliant new play before we put it back in its box for a while.

It's been a great run this week in Kilkenny, Reflux And Diflucan craiglist, 30mg Reflux And Diflucan, full of laughs, kind words and sweaty bodies, 50mg Reflux And Diflucan. 100mg Reflux And Diflucan, Thanks so much to our lovely and ever so charming audience who have been along to see the show throughout the week.  It's been great to be back in Cleeres Theatre for another show. The set up and style of this show is particularly intimate so we've had all the more reason to get up close and personal with the audience, Reflux And Diflucan canada. For further proof, please see the below picture, Reflux And Diflucan. 10mg Reflux And Diflucan, 1513713_10152029802471700_828080277_nSo, two more chances to see Some Flood, 150mg Reflux And Diflucan. 40mg Reflux And Diflucan, (Also two more chances to chat with these two semi naked sweaty men at the bar.) Our lunchtime show at 1pm has plenty of tickets left if you fancy it. Our 8pm show tonight is approaching a sell out so be warned, Reflux And Diflucan japan, get your tickets fast. And here's where you can get them online or else drop down to Cleeres Theatre extra quick. Thanks again to everyone who has come to the show and supported us and as we finish this run, we just want to say...

Godspeed, lad.

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Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline

some-flood-kilkenny-webWe've just unveiled a new poster for our upcoming production Some Flood Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline, .

Featuring the cast of Kevin Mooney and Eddie Murphy, Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline paypal, 30mg Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline, it depicts a worryingly rising level of water and a host of floating items which may come in handy as the fight for survival becomes more and more pressing.

The poster was photographed by Kasia Kaminska and designed by our own Ken McGuire, 200mg Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline. 40mg Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline, Rehearsals continue unabated before the show dips its toes in the waters for Collaborations in Smock Alley on March 5th and 7th before heading down to dry ground with a run in Cleeres Theatre, Kilkenny from March 11th - 15th at 8pm nightly, Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline india. Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline craiglist, Keep in mind, there are two lunchtime shows in Kilkenny on March 14th and 15th if you're a fan of early theatre, Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline coupon. 150mg Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline, All tickets for the show can be booked right here.

The flood levels are rising, Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline canada, 750mg Pictures Of Teeth Stained By Tetracycline, keep an eye out on all handy tips and info in the coming weeks.

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Prozac Pregnancy

1800834_10152198462076206_1873392296_n Prozac Pregnancy, Okay, this is not a real poster for Some Flood but if it makes you want to come see the show, then yes, it absolutely is a real poster for the show.

Having some larks at FringeLab yesterday were Kevin Mooney (Actor/Co-Writer), Prozac Pregnancy ebay, Prozac Pregnancy mexico, John Morton (Producer), John Doran (Director/Co-Writer) and Eddie Murphy (Actor), 1000mg Prozac Pregnancy. Prozac Pregnancy australia, If you suddenly and urgently want to book tickets for either Dublin or Kilkenny then go do it now.

Thanks to Paddy Dunne for designing around our modesty, 100mg Prozac Pregnancy. Prozac Pregnancy japan. 50mg Prozac Pregnancy. Prozac Pregnancy usa. Prozac Pregnancy overseas. 10mg Prozac Pregnancy.

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Double Dose Of Cialis

some-flood_poster-webHere's the first poster for our new production Some Flood Double Dose Of Cialis, .

The new play by John Doran and Kevin Mooney will be hitting Quarter in Cork this Saturday, 40mg Double Dose Of Cialis, February 1st at TDC in Triskel Arts Centre for a work in progress showing.

We're delighted to announce that Some Flood will then play as part of Collaborations, a festival of new work at Smock Alley Theatre on March 5th & 7th, 20mg Double Dose Of Cialis. We went to the launch last night and there's soooo many exciting debut plays in the programme. 250mg Double Dose Of Cialis, It's going to be a lot of fun and we're looking forward to showing the play as part of it. And of course, it wouldn't be a Devious Theatre show without a hometown run and this time we're returning to our favourite stomping ground of Cleeres Theatre in Kilkenny from March 11th - 15th, Double Dose Of Cialis.

There's been a bit of swapping around with our originally announced line up for the show and now Eddie Murphy will be performing the play alongside Kevin Mooney while co-writer John Doran takes the directorial reins. The above image sets the tone for our darkly comic survival tale of man against nature, Double Dose Of Cialis usa. Big thanks to Kasia Kaminska for the epic image and the title design was done by our very own Ken McGuire. 10mg Double Dose Of Cialis, The rainy theme will continue in our main poster which will land in the next few weeks.

Want an idea of what to expect with Some Flood Double Dose Of Cialis, . Here's the details:

The doomsday prophecies were right. Good thing Noah had stocked up on tinned goods.

The wrong man to survive the apocalypse is the only man left in Ireland, Double Dose Of Cialis india. Watch him stagger and fumble through a global catastrophe, 1000mg Double Dose Of Cialis, while attempting to deal with conspiracy and paranoia at a personal level. As he struggles with his own isolation, delusion and neurosis he attempts to define the great pandemic surrounding him, Double Dose Of Cialis us. And any other phenomenon’s that he happens to think of, Double Dose Of Cialis. Noah is a danger unto himself. 500mg Double Dose Of Cialis, With no one left to help him, what chance does he have?

Tickets are already on sale for the Dublin run and you can book them here. Keep an eye out for an announcement on Kilkenny ticket sales too, 200mg Double Dose Of Cialis. As for Cork, you can see us this Saturday as part of the brilliant line up at Quarter.

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