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Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection


As we approach our final performances of Phantasm Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection, tonight, we have a brief chat with Colin O'Brien about the show.

Are you enjoying bringing the play home to Kilkenny?

It's great to be playing on home turf, and there's definitely a sense of relief amongst everyone that our little touring show has reached its ultimate destination.

What's your take on Adam. Is he like you in any way?

Adam and I have a few similarities (a lot of that is down to John Kennedy's writing though!) In all fairness though, Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection usa, there's similarities between Adam and most young men (in Kilkenny anyway). He's forever chasing a woman who's no good for him, like men everywhere.

As a teenager from Kilkenny, Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection australia, how does it measure up as a realistic depiction?

Phantasm gives a slightly surreal image of being a teenager in Kilkenny, but it's accurate for the most part. Tales of hickeys, farming, pubs and joints are rampant in Kilkenny these days and Phantasm captures that atmosphere, Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection. 50mg Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection, That said, there are parts of Phantasm that don't reflect the reality of Kilkenny life, but that's okay. Phantasm is about the people of Kilkenny and their connections with each other, Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection canada, not the city itself.

This is your second time acting on a John Kennedy play. 30mg Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection, Would you do another one?

John Kennedy: Some man for one man. Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection, Forever writing scripts and insisting I say all the words he writes exactly as he wrote them (I believe that's called "acting", I'm not too sure how do to that) but when questioned on lines from his own play, he hasn't a clue what the lines are. Colin 1 - John 0. On a serious note though, John Kennedy is the finest young writer in Kilkenny (possibly Ireland) at the moment and I'm honoured to have been a part of both his first and second show, 150mg Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection. If asked to do a third, I'd jump at the opportunity. 1000mg Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection, You worked on Shifting in 2011, how does Phantasm differ?

Phantasm and Shifting greatly differ in terms of content and themes, but the same style of characters exist in both. They're real, there's nothing overly dramatic or theatrical in them, Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection. They're well grounded and their flawed, Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection ebay, like everybody in Kilkenny. They have their feet on the ground but their heads and their hearts are elsewhere. Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection mexico, Major differences that are worth noting between Phantasm and Shifting would have to be size and portability of the productions. Devious had one shot at doing Shifting because of it's huge cast and elaborate set (we turned a furniture shop into a house) and thankfully they got in spot on. Phantasm Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection, has had more time to grow and mature though, it's been on the road and we've seen how audiences in different places react and comprehend Kilkenny humour. Strangely, John Kennedy now has a huge fanbase in Cork, Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection overseas. And Trinity College.

What's been the highlight working on Phantasm so far?

Undoubtedly Cork. We had a gigantic performance space and it made Phantasm (and any show at Solstice) seem microscopic against the giant space. It was great craic altogether though, the space was just so overpowering that Hazel and I had to really give it our all to pull off Phantasm, Erythromycin And Eye Staph Infection. It was the most challenging run but the most rewarding.

So to finish, how would you describe what Phantasm is about?

I haven't a fucking clue. I just go up on stage, smoke joints and have the craic. I supposed I could sum it up with two words and four digits: "JOHN KENNEDY 2012"

Phantasm has its final two performances tonight as part of OUT For The Weekend. The shows take place at 7pm and 10pm with tickets at €8. Online bookings can be taken here. Or else you can buy tickets in Cleeres Theatre or book them on 056-7762573..

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Tetracycline Ingredients


A few words with Hazel Doyle who plays Frankie in our new production Phantasm which opens tonight!

How do you feel about finally doing the show in the ol' homestead of Kilkenny? Tetracycline Ingredients, It's a bit scary as Devious has such a great reputation around Kilkenny so there's a lot to live up to. I'm excited to see how the audience receives it, as friends and family can be both your biggest fans and your harshest critics, so it'll be great to get feed-back on it. Tetracycline Ingredients paypal, We kind of always wanted to bring the play to the mean streets of Irishtown, so it's as if the play is coming home. It will be a nice end to the run on familiar turf and the third time is the charm so hopefully it will be the best run yet.

The play hit Solstice and Abhainn Rí first of all. What was your favourite?

Doing the play down in Cork at Solstice was my first ever Devious play and because we'd to stay over, it really felt as if we were all on a little Phantasm based adventure, Tetracycline Ingredients. I had no idea of the fun I was about to land into, Tetracycline Ingredients coupon, so that was probably my favourite. I loved performing in Callan and the Abhainn Rí festival is really wonderful as well, but for me, 30mg Tetracycline Ingredients, it just couldn't compare with the first time I walked onstage as Frankie and that was in Cork (like).

Speaking of Frankie, what's your take on her?

Well, she's a Leaving Cert student and I think she's a bit of a moody mess when we meet her. Well, Tetracycline Ingredients overseas, she's just not sure where she is in life and she's looking for answers in the wrong places when they are right under her nose. Tetracycline Ingredients, I think she just loves things to be fun. She doesn't really stick around when the going gets tough, as I think she just feels a bit out of control. 150mg Tetracycline Ingredients, And in the latest draft, she's covered in hickeys when we first meet her, and she smokes drugs, so she's a bit of craic to play.

Having spent some time as a teenager in Kilkenny, 250mg Tetracycline Ingredients, do you think it's a realistic depiction?

There seems to be kind of different worlds milling about in Kilkenny. Like, you could have two teenagers living beside one another in Kilkenny and they'd have completely different experiences and I think John Kennedy, 500mg Tetracycline Ingredients, the writer, sort of touches on that. There's Adam's world - he's the main guy character - and then there's Stukey's world - he's not very nice - and then there's Frankie's and in this play they all sort of bump off one another, so it's a nice little Venn diagram of life in Kilkenny as a teenager, Tetracycline Ingredients. Then there's the world Adam's Ma thinks he lives in, which is definitely an accurate depiction of a parent-teenager relationship.

How did you find working with John Kennedy's words?

I've seen three different drafts of this play now and I have to say each one just got better, 1000mg Tetracycline Ingredients. I was really interested in seeing Frankie develop as a character and it got easier to relate to her with each draft. You can kind of hear his characters talk in his writing which is nice, and it makes the character form a lot more easily. Tetracycline Ingredients, And his spelling is pretty good. Tetracycline Ingredients usa, You've done two plays with us this summer and have spent nearly 5 months in production. How's it been?

The Devious lads are a lovely bunch entirely, sure they are, sure they are. I wasn't bored once all summer, 100mg Tetracycline Ingredients, as I always had a rehearsal to rush off to with my little packed lunch, all wrapped up in a napkin and tied to a stick. Because I was in two plays, I felt like I was welcomed into a little family of deviants. There was this one warm-up though, in Cork, that lasted quite a powerful hour, and we nearly lost a few deviants to that, but like a true family, the show didn't go on without them, Tetracycline Ingredients. In Devious, you get a whole minute to recover.

Phantasm opens tonight at 8pm in Cleeres Theatre as part of OUT For The Weekend. Performances tomorrow night and Saturday night are 7pm and 10pm respectively. Tickets can be booked on 056-7762573 and purchased online at We hope to see you there!

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Retin A Mirco


The director of Phantasm talks about why you should see this play. Retin A Mirco, This is usually the point in a production where I write one of those articles where I give an overview of everything that has happened so far on a production and generally try and sum up how the experience has been. This one is not very different in some ways. Yup, it's that final push to get people to buy tickets and yup, it sums up how the production is going and yup, I'll go on about how proud I am of the team here.

But there's a different context with this one. We were in Cleeres Theatre today doing the get in for Phantasm. And it's exactly six years to the day that we opened our very first ever show Heart Shaped Vinyl, Retin A Mirco. And it got us to thinking of how far we've travelled as individuals and as a company, 20mg Retin A Mirco. While all the while, returning six years later to perform a play in the same spot. Overall, we're a much better company. There's less money around, granted, but we are better. Retin A Mirco, We've better hair anyway. 750mg Retin A Mirco, Here's how I looked for Heart Shaped Vinyl this week 6 years ago. My hair is (slightly) better now. Slightly...

This is actually what John Kennedy's hair looks like now... so it's all relative, Retin A Mirco.

What was really strange was looking at the contrast in what we were producing now and yet, how similar it was at the same time. We were looking at the three guys now, specifically John Kennedy (the writer) and Colin O'Brien and Hazel Doyle (our cast). They're all from Kilkenny, Retin A Mirco india, all brought through the same youth theatre mill as us and like us six years ago, here they are in Cleeres Theatre at a young age doing their first original play for an audience in there. Six years ago, Hazel had just done her first play with Dreamstuff Youth Theatre (the first play I ever directed incidentally) and John and Colin were probably out kicking ball like most 12 year old pups during a World Cup summer. Retin A Mirco, In our youthful wisdom, we were shocked when people packed out Heart Shaped Vinyl in 2006. People wanted to see us make our own theatre. Hell, we didn't even put our own real names on it, 40mg Retin A Mirco, such was the fear of landing on our arses (props to Billy Shears and Tony M. Everard by the way). The lads now still have that slight wariness that people won't be bothered seeing what they're doing. But they will, Retin A Mirco. Six years on we've worked hard to make sure that there is an audience for them. And that audience has been there to see them throughout this summer in Cork, Callan and now, Kilkenny. We've toured it, we've played to different crowds in unique places, 200mg Retin A Mirco, to theatre people and non theatre people, people who just want to see a good teen stoner comedy and people who have no idea what to expect, and it has always gone down well. And now we bring it home.

Since Shifting Retin A Mirco, , we've had so many people who have followed our work for so long (and even in some cases worked with the company) express a worry that we were becoming a 'teenage' company. Especially after building up such a strong twenties, thirties and beyond fanbase in Kilkenny... and beyond here too. Retin A Mirco craiglist, The past year has seen us develop three teen centric pieces (Shifting, Night Of The Living Dead, Phantasm) which should really tell you nothing other than we have been doing our best to uphold our ambition from day one: to build new theatre audiences in Kilkenny and to create work for people who weren't having work being made for them.

Some of our audience from six years ago may have a valid worry that we've gone very teen centric with our work. But we can't grow old with them, like many a theatre company does until they become irrelevant, Retin A Mirco. We need to help build a new audience from the ground up and we need to blood in new talent. We need to consistently hit the refresh button. We're going to go stale otherwise. And so will our audience.

Retin A Mirco, This doesn't mean that teen centric work (like the aforementioned three plays) is par for the course now. In fact, Retin A Mirco uk, the programme we're developing for next year moves way away from anything remotely teenager-ish. And like us six years ago, the younger actors, writers and crew that we brought in during In The Future When All's Well will become better. They have more confidence now. They'll start working on their own stuff and they in turn will become better makers of theatre. It's a process, Retin A Mirco. And a necessary one at that. Retin A Mirco japan, And if you saw Shifting and Night Of The Living Dead, you'll know the 18-21 crew we've assembled (Pass Devious as Colin likes to call them) are a massively talented bunch. I'm very proud of the work they've done on Phantasm since we started production in May. And not only the central trio but I also look at members of the team working on Phantasm and see how far they've come in the past year and how far they will be going: Adrian Kavanagh, Aidan Doheny, Connie Walsh, Stephanie Cassin, to mention the four of them working on this. Retin A Mirco, An amazingly talented and hard working bunch.

Phantasm was a play that we commissioned to develop an audience that needs to be developed in Kilkenny, Retin A Mirco mexico. It was made to develop a young writer and some young actors that we think should be developed. With Night Of The Living Dead being as close to a surefire hit as we've ever produced, we could afford to take a risk this year. Except they're not really a risk. They are seriously talented and will only become more so, Retin A Mirco. Come down to Cleeres Theatre this weekend to support them.

This day six years ago we were working hard as a bunch of college graduates, youth theatre members and yes, Retin A Mirco us, teenagers, to fight off the attitude that we were making 'student' theatre or were a barely grown up youth theatre. These guys shouldn't have to be fighting that attitude, we fought it for them so we could build a theatre company who makes good work, full stop.

This is a fucking good play, written by a fucking good playwright, performed by two fucking good actors. Retin A Mirco, We've hit the refresh button. All we need now is for you to view it.

John Morton

Phantasm by John Kennedy opens in Cleeres Theatre, Kilkenny tomorrow night 23rd August at 8pm as part of OUT For The Weekend. It plays on Friday August 24th and Saturday August 25th at 7pm and 10pm. Tickets can be booked on 056 - 7762573. Online bookings can be made here. .

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Tetracycline 500 Mg For Staph Infection


We had a fantastic run with Phantasm at Abhainn Rí Tetracycline 500 Mg For Staph Infection, in Callan over the past few days. 50mg Tetracycline 500 Mg For Staph Infection, Our small, cosy and intimate venue only fitted 23 people but we succeeded in getting it full for three performances, 20mg Tetracycline 500 Mg For Staph Infection. 150mg Tetracycline 500 Mg For Staph Infection, The audience response to the show was great and it was nice to shake a little bit of rust off it after all the work on Night Of The Living Dead in the past month.

Thanks so much to the whole team at Abhainn Rí for getting us in there and helping stage the show, 750mg Tetracycline 500 Mg For Staph Infection. 200mg Tetracycline 500 Mg For Staph Infection, It was brilliant to perform in Callan during such an exciting festival and the buzz around the place was A1. Particular thanks to Sinead Phelan and Etaoin Holohan for all their hard work on getting us together and taking care of the entire team, Tetracycline 500 Mg For Staph Infection.

[caption id="attachment_3993" align="aligncenter" width="589"] This is a photo of a fox that Hazel took in Fennelly's, Tetracycline 500 Mg For Staph Infection canada. 100mg Tetracycline 500 Mg For Staph Infection, It was very apt.[/caption]

The next stop for Phantasm is going to be Cleere's Theatre at the end of the month. Again, Tetracycline 500 Mg For Staph Infection japan, Tetracycline 500 Mg For Staph Infection australia, it's a relatively small capacity and the chances of the show selling out are very high indeed. If you want to guarantee your tickets, 10mg Tetracycline 500 Mg For Staph Infection, you should book them now on 056 - 7762573. Online ticketing will be made available during the week. We hope to see you there.

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Does Retin A Work


[caption id="attachment_3902" align="aligncenter" width="589"] Does Retin A Work, The dead attack.[/caption]

In two days our zombies will be unleashed upon the Irish theatre going public.

But of course, we can't call them zombies. In fact, in the original Night Of The Living Dead they're never referred to by the z word at all, 40mg Does Retin A Work. And so we're following suit. They are ghouls, things, Does Retin A Work india, creatures... monsters, Does Retin A Work. At one stage in the script writing process myself and Connie had decided to give a nod to the use of the z word and write the following exchange:

Harry: Well, surprise surprise, it's not just the banks that are zombies anymore.

Ben: Zombies, 20mg Does Retin A Work.

Harry: You know... like in horror movies...?

But we quickly (and wisely) got rid of it because it just opened up our story to an entire world of self referentialism as we could have ended up with a very ironic, self aware play. Does Retin A Work, And that could have destroyed the audience's ability to engage a nice bit of suspension of disbelief. Does Retin A Work uk, It can be hard to set something firmly in 2012 and ignore the entire history and prevalence of zombie fiction but hey, when in doubt go back to the master. We're playing by Romero's rules on this one... for the most part.

Romero's zombies are famously slow, 150mg Does Retin A Work. And he's gone on record to say that he's not particularly keen on the fast ones popular in recent movies like 28 Days Later, Does Retin A Work. As much as we want to wholly honour George and his shambling, slow zombies from the original movies, for our purposes on stage we need to be able to mix it up. 10mg Does Retin A Work, Unlike a movie, we can't edit and we can't cut away to create suspense, tension or draw out moments. So for the purposes of stage zombies, we need zombies that are both fast and slow, 250mg Does Retin A Work.

So our adaptation of Romero's rules are as such, outlined by the character of Ben, played by Eddie Murphy in our production:

Ben: The fresher ones, 100mg Does Retin A Work, the ones just dead, they’re fast enough. Does Retin A Work, The ones that have been dead longer are a lot slower. But if there’s enough of them, they’ll take you.

[caption id="attachment_3911" align="aligncenter" width="392"] Eddie Murphy as Ben in Night Of The Living Dead[/caption]

So that's how we're doing it. If you've already watched our prologue, Does Retin A Work ebay, you've seen our interpretation of the fairly sprightly graveyard ghoul from the original, this time played by Darragh Byrne. We might be having our cake and eating it when it comes to the zombies in this production but we're confident that the esteemed Mr. 200mg Does Retin A Work, Romero won't mind too much. After all, we don't use the Z word.

John Morton, Director / Co-Writer - Night Of The Living Dead

Night Of The Living Dead opens Tuesday July 24th and runs until Saturday July 28th at 8pm nightly in The Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny. Tickets can be booked on 056 - 7761674 and booked online at .

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Colchicine Siadh


[caption id="attachment_3838" align="aligncenter" width="392"] Abbey Harris getting nicely bloodied up by Linda.[/caption]

We are now exactly 2 weeks away from opening Night Of The Living Dead Colchicine Siadh, . Things have been getting messier, gorier and a whole lot more tense but the beast is starting to look very scary indeed, 10mg Colchicine Siadh. We took a small mid rehearsal sabattical to visit Cork for a week to open the other Devious Theatre show of 2012, Colchicine Siadh australia, John Kennedy's Phantasm down in Solstice. Last week everybody got back in the saddle for round two of our foray into the zombie apocalypse.

At this point, the entire play is blocked and the actors have gotten their characters down pat, Colchicine Siadh overseas. Sparks are beginning to fly. The mood is tense, Colchicine Siadh. 100mg Colchicine Siadh, Cabin fever has kicked in. They're all starting to spark off each other really well and we've created some lovely, horrific moments, Colchicine Siadh usa. The tone of the play has started to take shape too and from the start, 20mg Colchicine Siadh, that was always going to be the crucial thing when staging something as iconic as Night Of The Living Dead and transposing it to an Irish setting.

[caption id="attachment_409" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Paul Young who plays Harry Cooper.[/caption]

At first we really had to work at removing the heightened almost melodramatic tone of the film. Colchicine Siadh, It's very hard to do lines like 'Nooo!' and 'Destroy the brain!' when you're dealing with a naturalistic play set in modern Ireland. Especially when so much zombie fiction has you conditioned for melodrama, 30mg Colchicine Siadh. On this note, Colchicine Siadh japan, I keep telling the actors to do the opposite of what an actor in The Walking Dead would do. There's some really bad, overwrought performances in that show.., Colchicine Siadh india. apart from Merrill, 150mg Colchicine Siadh, that guy is badass. The cast have risen to it and we've got something that definitely seems unique in terms of zombie drama, Colchicine Siadh. Possibly because it's just so damn Irish.

[caption id="attachment_410" align="aligncenter" width="600"] This is what happens when actors mess up their cues[/caption]

The set pieces have started to come in and actors are now starting to get really comfortable having some ghoul clobbering implements in their hands. Excitement is cranking up and everyone is really getting into it... hopefully not too into it... Colchicine Siadh, there's been no casualties yet. Yet.

They've gotten the bug now. Time to start the zombie bashing...

Photos by Ross Costigan.

Night Of The Living Dead opens Tuesday July 24th at 8pm. Tickets can be booked on 056-7761674 or at

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Prozac Dogs


[caption id="attachment_3810" align="aligncenter" width="589"] Our final show on Saturday.[/caption]

Prozac Dogs, After a 5 day jaunt in Cork, we're back in HQ after an amazing few days at Solstice.

From Tuesday until Sunday morning, we were knee deep in one of the best arts events in Ireland. Nothing could quell the buzz in Cork. Certainly not Biblical floods, no siree. We opened Phantasm at midnight on Thursday June 28th and performed the show again on Saturday at 4.30, Prozac Dogs craiglist. Both shows received nice crowds, laughs, we got some lovely feedback and it's all going to go towards rebuilding Phantasm for it's next run. Yup, we'll be making an announcement about some more dates soon.., Prozac Dogs. Prozac Dogs mexico, watch this space and any other spaces we may inhabit.

[caption id="attachment_3811" align="aligncenter" width="439"] Colin O'Brien points at us. That's us![/caption]

For a company of up and coming pups (we're fairly tired of 'young, emerging') the Solstice experience is invaluable and we couldn't recommend it enough for other companies of up and coming pups and individual lone wolf pup types. 5 days to show your work off, Prozac Dogs australia, watch other people's work, network, shmooze, 150mg Prozac Dogs, talk shop, hug strangers, see the sights and sounds of Cork and eat, drink and be merry. Prozac Dogs, What's not to love. The craic from the 2011 event where we performed Smitten was definitely surpassed this year and everyone was up for it, 10mg Prozac Dogs. The Solstice Seven as we christened ourselves (Colin O'Brien, Hazel Doyle, John Kennedy, 20mg Prozac Dogs, John Morton, Ken McGuire, Niamh Moyles and David Thompson, all anticipating newspaper coverage or court cases) got to see an absolute fuck tonne of great work all the while not darkening a bed until the wee hours of the morn. It's a Cork Midsummer Festival thing, Prozac Dogs ebay, definitely.

[caption id="attachment_3812" align="aligncenter" width="589"] Enjoying our artist packs in The Elysian.[/caption]

We got to see an awful lot of shows this year and our favourites were the amazing spectacle that was Sweet Pang Is Innocent by Lady Grew, Come As Soon As You Hear's POP (most fun you'll have in a theatre all year) and the poetic I Am Martin Sharry by yes, 500mg Prozac Dogs, Martin Sharry. We also really enjoyed (and debated furiously) Squat by Oonagh Murphy and Louise Melinn and Circa Still, Rupture Now by Lithium, Prozac Dogs. When you see this range of work there's no doubt that the next generation of Irish theatre makers are making diverse, exciting work and we're delighted to be part of that. They're also great craic under one roof at 5am when improvising musical instruments.

[caption id="attachment_3813" align="aligncenter" width="589"] Many taxi windows were fingered.[/caption]

We want to take this opportunity to thank the curators of Solstice who have done an amazing job of creating this event, Prozac Dogs japan. They have been so good to us and so hospitable during our two trips down. Prozac Dogs, We only hope that they're already hatching plans for next years event. So Dawn MacAllister, Shirley Somers, 250mg Prozac Dogs, Eszter Nemethi and Ruairí Donovan: thank you. We'd also like to thank Lucie Ryan Donnelly and her tech crew for all their help and niceness. We need to stress how nice everyone was. It's important that nice people get credited for their niceness.

We're looking forward to seeing what the Solstice team will be cooking up in the future but for now, we're immediately ploughing back into Night Of The Living Dead. All of the Solstice peeps will hopefully come on down and let us be the nice hosts in a couple of weeks. We also need to catch up on about a week of sleep too. Yawn... right, back to work.

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Bacteria Clostridium Difficile Cipro Bactrim


'We could go anywhere in the world and you want to go to a wood in Cork?'

With Cork as one of the destinations of choice in John Kennedy's new play Phantasm Bacteria Clostridium Difficile Cipro Bactrim, , it's pretty apt that we open the play down there tonight at Solstice as part of Cork Midsummer Festival.

We've been really enjoying the festival so far (despite the Biblical floods last night) and we're super excited to be unveiling the show on the stroke of midnight, 1000mg Bacteria Clostridium Difficile Cipro Bactrim. Bacteria Clostridium Difficile Cipro Bactrim japan, At least, we hope it's the stroke, Bacteria Clostridium Difficile Cipro Bactrim uk, 200mg Bacteria Clostridium Difficile Cipro Bactrim, it's more romantic that way. We're looking forward to meeting audience members and peeps from other theatre companies so it will be great to hear what people think about the show, 150mg Bacteria Clostridium Difficile Cipro Bactrim. Bacteria Clostridium Difficile Cipro Bactrim india, If you haven't gotten tickets for tonight's performance (or Saturdays) you can do so here:

We hope you'll come along and enjoy the trip. 250mg Bacteria Clostridium Difficile Cipro Bactrim. Bacteria Clostridium Difficile Cipro Bactrim overseas. 20mg Bacteria Clostridium Difficile Cipro Bactrim. 50mg Bacteria Clostridium Difficile Cipro Bactrim.

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Retin A Hair Loss


Our new show Phantasm Retin A Hair Loss, is one about new perspectives and taking some pretty crazy trips. And in a way, it quite accurately sums up the Solstice experience.

We went down to Cork on a pretty crazy trip last year with 10 actors and 6 crew members to put on the biggest (and by biggest we mean longest) show that was staged during the inaugural festival, 30mg Retin A Hair Loss. It was our first time performing last years production of Smitten and it proved to be a great opportunity to debut the show. We reblocked it to fit the playing area, Retin A Hair Loss canada, made a lot of changings to the staging and did a few new things to make it very Solstice specific. As always, we had the fear debuting a new show but it went down a charm and whilst we felt it was a very rough and ready version of Smitten, it really seemed to suit the festival ethos, Retin A Hair Loss. The audience were very laid back and many people came straight over to us for a chat after which was lovely.

Solstice is an experience we can't recommend enough. It's a multi disciplinary arts festival held during Cork Midsummer Festival. It showcases the work of a wide array of exciting young artists from Cork and all over Ireland, Retin A Hair Loss australia. This years event takes place in the Elysian Tower as well as branching out to some off site locations this year. Solstice is curated by Retin A Hair Loss, Dawn MacAllister, Eszter Neméthi, Ruairí Donovan and Shirley Somers who have done an amazing job in the past year of making it into a must see event and one of the most exciting parts of the Cork Midsummer programme.

We're really looking forward to taking Phantasm down there and letting it dip its toes into new waters. Retin A Hair Loss paypal, It's the shortest piece of theatre we've made to date and one that provides a complete contrast from Night Of The Living Dead. John Kennedy proved himself to be a hugely talented young writer with Shifting in 2011 and Phantasm is another step forward for him. Described this past weekend by the Irish Independent as 'an examination of the drug addled psyche of Leaving Cert students', Phantasm tells the story of a night in the life of Frankie and Adam, 10mg Retin A Hair Loss. Two Leaving Cert students who smoke a lot of weed and try to distract themselves from the pressures of emerging overground into life, Retin A Hair Loss. Sometimes however, the distractions don't work. Retin A Hair Loss mexico, Either do the drugs. Along with our young writer, we have two bright young actors in Hazel Doyle and Colin O'Brien playing Frankie and Adam, so this is definitely a more teen centric production than a lot of our previous work, 750mg Retin A Hair Loss. Solstice puts a great emphasis on encouraging young audiences and giving opportunities to young artists and this is exactly the reason why we think it's the perfect place to debut a fresh, new work by some of the younger members of our troupe. Retin A Hair Loss, Or 'pass Devious' as they've taken to calling themselves. Retin A Hair Loss us, One of the things we really loved about Solstice last year was getting to see work from other companies and artists and that's something we're even more psyched about this year. At present, we're really excited about catching Lady Grew's Sweet Pang Is Innocent, She's Got Love For You by The Jack Burdell Experience, 100mg Retin A Hair Loss, POP by Come As Soon As You Hear and Waterdonkey Theatre Company's acclaimed Happening. Of course, 500mg Retin A Hair Loss, there's going to be plenty of things that you're not expecting and we're looking forward to being surprised and shocked and awed and getting a few curveballs to our expectancy.

We're making the trip down today after a weekend of tech and dress rehearsals, with some of us trucking down from Dublin and some from Kilkenny. We'll be teching in the Elysian this evening and then we'll be seeing the sights and sounds of Solstice tomorrow. Phantasm opens at midnight on Thursday June 28th and will be followed up with a second performance at 4.30pm on Saturday June 30th. If you want to grab ticket, you can do it at

Now, if you'll excuse us, we're going on a trip. We hope to see you there.

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Generic Acomplia 20mg


'Are ya man or are ya beast?'

The latest Night Of The Living Dead Generic Acomplia 20mg, character poster introduces three of the scariest things we're putting on stage this July. And they're not the living dead. 40mg Generic Acomplia 20mg, Meet the McClellan Brothers, Hughie, Big Jimmy and Paddy, Generic Acomplia 20mg ebay. They represent our take on Sheriff McClellan (Chief/McClelland as he's alternately been known) played by George Kosana and his gang of living dead executing redneck lawmen that prowl the countryside cleaning up the mess in George A. Generic Acomplia 20mg usa, Romero's 1968 horror masterpiece. In our version the Sheriff and his men are embodied by three god fearing brothers, members of the travelling community, who take to the roads when their family is killed by the living dead, Generic Acomplia 20mg. They decide to clean up the countryside in a variety of barbaric and brutal ways, intent on reclaiming Ireland from the marauders who are killing it, Generic Acomplia 20mg craiglist. They'll fight any man. Generic Acomplia 20mg coupon, Living or dead.

Hughie is played by Michael Hayes. Generic Acomplia 20mg, This is his debut appearance with us. A veteran of the stage in Kilkenny, Generic Acomplia 20mg usa, we're delighted to have him on board. 150mg Generic Acomplia 20mg, His last appearance was the lead role of Mortimer Brewster in Watergate Productions version of Arsenic And Old Lace.

Big Jimmy is played by Adrian Kavanagh. His last appearance for us was in Shifting by John Kennedy where he played the part of Eamon, Generic Acomplia 20mg australia.

Paddy is played by David Thompson, Generic Acomplia 20mg. This marks his ninth production with us. 20mg Generic Acomplia 20mg, Previous performances include Heart Shaped Vinyl, Cannibal. The Musical, Generic Acomplia 20mg mexico, The War Of The Worlds, Accidental Death Of An Anarchist, Can't Pay. Won't Pay. Scratcher, Shifting and Smitten.

Night Of The Living Dead plays the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny from July 24th – 28th 2012. Tickets can be booked on 056 – 7761674 and online. Also keep an eye on

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