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1800834_10152198462076206_1873392296_n Prozac Pregnancy, Okay, this is not a real poster for Some Flood but if it makes you want to come see the show, then yes, it absolutely is a real poster for the show.

Having some larks at FringeLab yesterday were Kevin Mooney (Actor/Co-Writer), Prozac Pregnancy ebay, Prozac Pregnancy mexico, John Morton (Producer), John Doran (Director/Co-Writer) and Eddie Murphy (Actor), 1000mg Prozac Pregnancy. Prozac Pregnancy australia, If you suddenly and urgently want to book tickets for either Dublin or Kilkenny then go do it now.

Thanks to Paddy Dunne for designing around our modesty, 100mg Prozac Pregnancy. Prozac Pregnancy japan. 50mg Prozac Pregnancy. Prozac Pregnancy usa. Prozac Pregnancy overseas. 10mg Prozac Pregnancy.

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some-flood_poster-webHere's the first poster for our new production Some Flood Double Dose Of Cialis, .

The new play by John Doran and Kevin Mooney will be hitting Quarter in Cork this Saturday, 40mg Double Dose Of Cialis, February 1st at TDC in Triskel Arts Centre for a work in progress showing.

We're delighted to announce that Some Flood will then play as part of Collaborations, a festival of new work at Smock Alley Theatre on March 5th & 7th, 20mg Double Dose Of Cialis. We went to the launch last night and there's soooo many exciting debut plays in the programme. 250mg Double Dose Of Cialis, It's going to be a lot of fun and we're looking forward to showing the play as part of it. And of course, it wouldn't be a Devious Theatre show without a hometown run and this time we're returning to our favourite stomping ground of Cleeres Theatre in Kilkenny from March 11th - 15th, Double Dose Of Cialis.

There's been a bit of swapping around with our originally announced line up for the show and now Eddie Murphy will be performing the play alongside Kevin Mooney while co-writer John Doran takes the directorial reins. The above image sets the tone for our darkly comic survival tale of man against nature, Double Dose Of Cialis usa. Big thanks to Kasia Kaminska for the epic image and the title design was done by our very own Ken McGuire. 10mg Double Dose Of Cialis, The rainy theme will continue in our main poster which will land in the next few weeks.

Want an idea of what to expect with Some Flood Double Dose Of Cialis, . Here's the details:

The doomsday prophecies were right. Good thing Noah had stocked up on tinned goods.

The wrong man to survive the apocalypse is the only man left in Ireland, Double Dose Of Cialis india. Watch him stagger and fumble through a global catastrophe, 1000mg Double Dose Of Cialis, while attempting to deal with conspiracy and paranoia at a personal level. As he struggles with his own isolation, delusion and neurosis he attempts to define the great pandemic surrounding him, Double Dose Of Cialis us. And any other phenomenon’s that he happens to think of, Double Dose Of Cialis. Noah is a danger unto himself. 500mg Double Dose Of Cialis, With no one left to help him, what chance does he have?

Tickets are already on sale for the Dublin run and you can book them here. Keep an eye out for an announcement on Kilkenny ticket sales too, 200mg Double Dose Of Cialis. As for Cork, you can see us this Saturday as part of the brilliant line up at Quarter.

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1532112_576189152459558_2093644964_n Free Retin A, At the very top of the year it's really nice to announce a new show straight out of the gate and that's exactly what we're doing. Free Retin A mexico, Our next production will be Some Flood written and performed by John Doran and Kevin Mooney and directed by Eddie Murphy. It tells the story of Noah, 30mg Free Retin A, Free Retin A paypal, the last man left in Ireland after an apocalyptic flood wipes out the rest of the country. With only himself for company, Free Retin A australia, 150mg Free Retin A, he takes refuge on his rooftop base trying to survive the wrath of nature. But nature isn't the only thing he needs to survive.., Free Retin A uk.

1514534_10151789167776746_1898889898_nIt's a play we've been developing over the past two years, including a presentation as part of Little Deviations: Volume 1 last August in Cleeres Theatre, Free Retin A. 500mg Free Retin A, We're hugely excited about presenting Some Flood this year and kicking off 2014 as we mean to go on.

Some Flood will have its first official airing with a work in progress showing as part of Quarter in Cork on February 1st, Free Retin A us. Free Retin A japan, Quarter is a one day arts festival which takes place tri monthly at the TDC in Triskel Arts Centre. We're very excited to make our first trip to Cork since 2012 and it's great to be part of such a fantastic programme, Free Retin A paypal. This will be our first opportunity to present a preview of Some Flood as a full production. We'll be quickly following up with dates in Dublin and Kilkenny in February and March which we'll be announcing very soon indeed.

This is your Orange alert weather warning. The flood is coming...

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warofattrition-web-1 50 Mg Clomid Success Rates, "This is crazy. 50 Mg Clomid Success Rates mexico, This is a full on assault."

And so we come to the last night of War Of Attrition in Kilkenny. It's been great to perform the play on home turf for the past two nights and we're looking to launch a full on assault on the audience for tonight's final show in The Watergate Theatre, 20mg 50 Mg Clomid Success Rates. 200mg 50 Mg Clomid Success Rates, daisy-promo2The reactions to the show have been fantastic and we're loving that people are digging our brand of cyber warfare and audience trolling. This is the final night of Roseanna Purcell's run on the show as Daisy, 250mg 50 Mg Clomid Success Rates. She's been giving such an amazing (and Fringe award nominated!) performance the past few weeks and it's been unreal craic working with her on this show, 50 Mg Clomid Success Rates. 50 Mg Clomid Success Rates ebay, Due to some scheduling wars, she won't be joining us for our Galway Theatre Festival jaunt next week but we are absolutely delighted to welcome Amy Dunne on board for our first trip to theatre's out west, 100mg 50 Mg Clomid Success Rates. 50 Mg Clomid Success Rates canada, It's fantastic to have Amy in the cast, she's been integral to so many of Devious Theatre's productions in the past and we're well excited to see her getting her Psycho Chugger on, 30mg 50 Mg Clomid Success Rates. 50 Mg Clomid Success Rates us, So that's where we're at, war torn and ready for the final battle, 50 Mg Clomid Success Rates australia. If you're in the neighbourhood come see us for our final show in Kilkenny tonight at 8pm. Tickets can be bought at the Watergate Theatre Box Office on Parliament Street, on the phone at 056-7761674 or online here. If you're out west, come see us next week at Galway Theatre Festival. We're bringing the troops.

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War Of Attrition Kilkenny

We had an absolute blast at the Dublin Fringe Festival Can You Overdose From Prozac, . Can You Overdose From Prozac coupon, It was a pleasure and a privilege to bring the show to Dublin and to give people an extended chance to see our work and generally, sample some deviousness, Can You Overdose From Prozac india. 50mg Can You Overdose From Prozac, We came out of it with a Fringe award nomination (for the fantastic Miss Roseanna Purcell), two four star reviews from The Irish Times and Irish Theatre Magazine (reviews aren't everything.., Can You Overdose From Prozac overseas. Can You Overdose From Prozac uk, but still, it's nice to get nice ones) and most importantly solid houses full of people who laughed and clapped and were very complimentary about the show, Can You Overdose From Prozac paypal. 500mg Can You Overdose From Prozac, On top of that, we got to see the work of lots of amazingly talented peeps and generally have a riot of a time in the capital, Can You Overdose From Prozac craiglist. We want to again thank Róise Goan, Emma Hannon and the whole brilliant team at Fringe for being so good to us and giving us the opportunity to represent on that stage, Can You Overdose From Prozac. 750mg Can You Overdose From Prozac, Now, we're back in the saddle, Can You Overdose From Prozac usa, back in the 056, our feet on home soil and we are poised and aimed at The Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny for this weeks run of War Of Attrition. It's the first time we're performing a new piece of work in Kilkenny's biggest theatre and that in itself gives us a small dose of the butterflies but we're hopeful that our hometown crowd will come out and see the show. This is going to be our fourth production in The Watergate Theatre and we're really excited for Kilkenny audiences to finally see War Of Attrition.

So arm yourself up with tickets this weekend and come see us do what we do. Tickets for the show are €13 and can be booked online here, over the phone on 056-7761674 and in person at Watergate Theatre Box Office on Parliament Street.

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Retin A Result


chris-fixed Retin A Result, "All friends start off as strangers though, don't they. Technically...”

The final introduction to the cast and characters of  War Of Attrition introduces Chris.

Chris is a native Dubliner, 100mg Retin A Result, down on his luck and 'between homes' at the moment. Retin A Result overseas, Trying to keep the sunny side up, he works as a puppeteer, taking to the streets of Dublin with his puppet show to make a few euro's, Retin A Result usa. He is also the only person who witnessed the Psycho Chugger video being made who can also identify the cameraman. Which from Daisy's POV means he can identify the mysterious blogger Generalissimo Malaise, Retin A Result. Retin A Result india, After a chance encounter with Daisy on the streets, Chris is commandeered by her, a pawn in her game to track down and corner Generalissimo Malaise, Retin A Result uk. Chris could be in a position to reap the benefits of this war. Retin A Result ebay, Or is he just destined to be caught in the crossfire.

Chris is played by John Morton. He is also the writer of this play and this marks the fourth play he's written for Devious Theatre after Heart Shaped Vinyl Retin A Result, (2006), Smitten (2008) and Scratcher (2011). He was also one of the writers of Mass by The LSA at last years Dublin Fringe Festival, Retin A Result japan. Previous acting credits for ourselves include Bash: Latterday Plays, 10mg Retin A Result, Smitten, Scratcher, Accidental Death Of An Anarchist, Retin A Result mexico, Shakespeare In Bits, 50mg Retin A Result, Stags and Hens, War Of The Worlds, Trainspotting, Cannibal. The Musical and Heart Shaped Vinyl

War Of Attrition plays Dublin Fringe Festival from this Monday September 9th – 14th in Players Theatre, Trinity College at 8.30pm nightly. Tickets can be bought from the Festival Box Office in Filmbase on Curve Street or else you can call them on 1850 374 643. Tickets can be purchased online right here. We're very excited about our first Dublin Fringe Show and we hope to see you there.

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We're very happy to unveil the main trailer for our new production War Of Attrition Clomid After Miscarriage, .

The trailer features cast members John Doran, Clomid After Miscarriage coupon, 20mg Clomid After Miscarriage, Roseanna Purcell and John Morton (the writer himself) as their characters Alan, Daisy and Chris, Clomid After Miscarriage overseas, 200mg Clomid After Miscarriage, recounting some of the events of the play. But are they reliable narrators or is it just self serving propaganda, Clomid After Miscarriage canada. 40mg Clomid After Miscarriage, Which side are YOU on. The decision is yours, 500mg Clomid After Miscarriage.

We're gearing up for the first previews of the show in Thomastown tomorrow and Thursday night out in Sessions House Arts Centre, Clomid After Miscarriage. 30mg Clomid After Miscarriage, Then we're putting the final touches to the show and bringing it to Dublin this weekend for it's September 9th - 14th run at Players Theatre for Dublin Fringe Festival.

We're bringing war to Dublin, Clomid After Miscarriage japan. 150mg Clomid After Miscarriage, We hope you'll be mobilising.

Tickets can be bought from the Festival Box Office in Filmbase on Curve Street or else you can call them on 1850 374 643. Tickets can be purchased online right here Clomid After Miscarriage, .

Tickets can be bought from the Festival Box Office in Filmbase on Curve Street or else you can call them on 1850 374 643. Tickets can be purchased online right here. - See more at:

Tickets can be bought from the Festival Box Office in Filmbase on Curve Street or else you can call them on 1850 374 643. Tickets can be purchased online right here. - See more at:

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"I can sit here talking about what that video did to my life but it won’t get across the onslaught of insults, curses, glares, abuse and crud...

Our next introduction to the cast and characters of our new show War Of Attrition introduces Daisy, who is also unfortunately nicknamed Psycho Chugger.

A Tipperary girl living in Dublin, she's working a job as a face to face fundraiser or chugger (charity mugger) as they are more commonly known. She always tries to keep the sunny side out but this extremely thankless job grinds her down. After one particularly bad day of getting shunned by the general public, Zithromax Formulation india, she has a camera thrust in her face by a disguised, Zithromax Formulation us, camera wielding instigator who riles her into attacking him. The subsequent video goes online and viral, all attributed to an anonymous Irish blogger called Generalissimo Malaise, Zithromax Formulation uk. Recognised in public, 750mg Zithromax Formulation, abused online, Daisy's life goes to pieces. She loses the job she hates, she has no friends in Dublin to turn to and her desire to leave Ireland is hamstrung by no funds, Zithromax Formulation. So she decides to go into combat mode, 10mg Zithromax Formulation. She's going to track Generalissimo Malaise down in real life and get that video taken down. Zithromax Formulation ebay, But how easy will it be to find him. And how down and dirty is she willing to get.

Daisy is played by Roseanna Purcell Zithromax Formulation, . This is her first production with us and we're absolutely delighted to have her on board, 250mg Zithromax Formulation.

War Of Attrition plays Dublin Fringe Festival from September 9th – 14th in Players Theatre, Zithromax Formulation paypal, Trinity College at 8.30pm nightly. Tickets can be bought from the Festival Box Office in Filmbase on Curve Street or else you can call them on 1850 374 643. Tickets can be purchased online right here, 1000mg Zithromax Formulation. The show will preview for two nights in Thomastown at the Sessions House Arts Centre on 4th & 5th of September at 8pm nightly. Zithromax Formulation craiglist, Tickets are €10 and can be bought on the door each night.


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Erythromycin And Clindamycin


teaser-alan Erythromycin And Clindamycin, "Online, I'm important to people. I am. Erythromycin And Clindamycin uk, And she wanted to take that away from me."

Our first introduction to the cast and characters of our new show War Of Attrition sees the introduction of Alan, who also goes by the moniker of Generalissimo Malaise.

By day, 100mg Erythromycin And Clindamycin, he's a Kilkenny man working a government job in Dublin. Erythromycin And Clindamycin coupon, By night, he's a famous Irish blogger only known as Generalissimo Malaise, an instigator and social provacateur who documents instances of the 'everyday arsehole' amongst the Irish population, 150mg Erythromycin And Clindamycin. He's got 27,000 followers on Twitter, a legion of blog and YouTube subscribers and all he wants is for everyone to laugh at you, Erythromycin And Clindamycin. His latest video is Psycho Chugger and like 'Cider Drunk Chav' 'Stupid Street Artist' and 'Socially Awkward Librarian' before it, Erythromycin And Clindamycin overseas, it's another runaway viral hit. But this time he's picked on the wrong stranger. Psycho Chugger is done recovering from the damage the video has done to her life and she is taking up arms, Erythromycin And Clindamycin paypal, ready to retaliate. Erythromycin And Clindamycin usa, Is Generalissimo's Malaise cover going to be blown. Erythromycin And Clindamycin, And if it is, is Alan ready for a real life war.

Alan is played by John Doran who has previously appeared for us in Cannibal. The Musical, 1000mg Erythromycin And Clindamycin, Stags and Hens and all productions of Shakespeare In Bits, 250mg Erythromycin And Clindamycin, which he also devised. With Kevin Mooney, he is currently working on a new production for Devious Theatre entitled Some Flood, 20mg Erythromycin And Clindamycin, which was recently previewed at Little Deviations: Volume 1.

War Of Attrition plays Dublin Fringe Festival from September 9th - 14th in Players Theatre, Trinity College at 8.30pm nightly. Tickets can be bought from the Festival Box Office in Filmbase on Curve Street or else you can call them on 1850 374 643, Erythromycin And Clindamycin. Tickets can be purchased online right here. The show will preview for two nights in Thomastown at the Sessions House Arts Centre on 4th & 5th of September at 8pm nightly. Tickets are €10 and can be bought on the door. Handy out.

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Retin A Cheap



And... we're back.

A year since we last trod on a stage, Devious Theatre return with an exciting new project that should serve as a tasty appetiser for our next full production.

Little Deviations: Volume 1 is a scratch night showcasing five new works in progress that Devious Theatre have been developing over the past year, 20mg Retin A Cheap. Each of these new plays will be previewed, tasted, tested, Retin A Cheap canada, rehearsed, read, sampled and performed, all in 20 minute chunks for your viewing pleasure.

We’ll be returning to our birthplace, stomping ground and spiritual home of Cleeres Theatre for two performances only on August 2nd and 3rd at 8pm nightly, Retin A Cheap.

The five plays in question are as follows:

Girls In Africa by John Kennedy. Mary and Sally want to raise money to undertake charity work in Africa, Retin A Cheap mexico. The easy part. Fundraising. The hard part. Retin A Cheap, Surviving Africa. Retin A Cheap ebay, John Morton directs the cast of Hazel Doyle, Adrian Kavanagh and Aoibhín Murphy.

Tenterhooks by John Morton. Eddie Murphy directs Leah Egan and Jack Nolan in this darkly comic fairytale set in a variety of suicide and accident blackspots.

The Union by Adrian Kavanagh, Retin A Cheap paypal. A comedy about missing money and chronic hangovers in a sweltering hot students union, Retin A Cheap. Alex Christle directs the cast of Alan Doyle, Peter McGann and Colin O’Brien.

The Hellfire Squad by Peter McGann & John Morton. 250mg Retin A Cheap, Michael Collins wants to set up his own personal hit squad to fight the Brits. But this mission needs some real men. Philip Brennan Retin A Cheap, directs the line up of himself, Richie Cody, Stephen Colfer, Ken McGuire, Niall Morrissey and Annette O’Shea.

Some Flood by John Doran and Kevin Mooney. When a Biblical flood wipes out Ireland, one man takes to his roof to survive, 50mg Retin A Cheap. This will be performed and directed by the writers themselves.

We’re very excited to have such an outrageously talented team, scratch that, 750mg Retin A Cheap, FIVE teams, working on this show. If you’ve been a fan of our work over the years, you’re going to love this, Retin A Cheap. If this is your first time seeing us in action, these are the perfect little starters.

The new plays that make up Little Deviations are works that we hope to produce over the next few years, Retin A Cheap overseas. This will be your first chance to see them performed and it will also prove an invaluable opportunity for the writers to road test the material in front of an audience. Also, props to Paddy Dunne for his sterling poster work on this. Retin A Cheap, Five little beauties the lot of them and all nicely summing up the plays we've been brewing. 40mg Retin A Cheap, The funds raised from Little Deviations will go towards the making of our new work. Tickets for the shows are €10 and are limited to 120. With only two performances scheduled, this one will sell fast so make sure you get your tickets as quick as possible. Tickets can be purchased in Cleeres Theatre on 056 – 7762573 and booked online at

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