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IMG_9796We're celebrating the arrival of summer by releasing some video of our summer set production of Smitten by John Morton Does Anthem Cover Cialis, . 30mg Does Anthem Cover Cialis, The play itself takes place over a rain sodden summer in Kilkenny so we earnestly hope we can avoid another miserable summer this year. But considering our 2008 and 2011 summer productions of Smitten took place during some miserably rainy summers, Does Anthem Cover Cialis usa, 1000mg Does Anthem Cover Cialis, we've already given up hope. On May 1st, 200mg Does Anthem Cover Cialis. Does Anthem Cover Cialis us, This is the first video we've released from the romantic semi musical comedy and it shows off one of the many song and/or dance interludes from the play. This one, from the 2011 production, is a homage to the 'All I Do Is Dream Of You' sequence from Singing In The Rain with nowhere near the amount of co-ordination of Debbie Reynolds and her chums, Does Anthem Cover Cialis. Have a look, Does Anthem Cover Cialis japan. Does Anthem Cover Cialis canada,

Smitten was produced as part of our In The Future When All's Well residency in Kilkenny Arts Office in 2011. It was directed by Angela Barrett and John Morton with choreography from Gemma Grant, Does Anthem Cover Cialis paypal. 20mg Does Anthem Cover Cialis, IMG_9986
Smitten first opened in Cork on June 16th 2011 at Solstice as part of the Cork Midsummer Festival. It then marked the conclusion of Devious Theatre's Kilkenny Arts Office residency when it played No, Does Anthem Cover Cialis australia. 76 John Street from June 26th -- July 2nd.

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Clomid Iui Success Stories

Clomid Iui Success Stories, It's been a hell of a 12 months for Devious Theatre. This time last year we were prepping for 3 plays. We did 4. Then did a play within a play, that kinda makes five. Plus collectively our core bunch of awesome thespians dipped their toes in and out of the water with other companies and festivals, so it's been nuts. But terrifically so, Clomid Iui Success Stories. Currently, we're prepping for another 3... we hope it stays at that number.

Our big project of 2011 was In The Future When All's Well which was our biggest project ever in fact. Three plays in six months and two of them hit the road. Clomid Iui Success Stories, We kept busy for the rest of the year though... and now we're absolutely, fucking wrecked. But happy, 500mg Clomid Iui Success Stories.

Here's what we did:


Written and directed by John Morton, produced by Ken McGuire, Angela Barrett and Paddy Dunne, it took its bow on February 17th in Project Arts Centre as part of The Theatre Machine Turns You On Volume II. It played in Kilkenny Arts Office from 22nd - 26th February in Kilkenny Arts Office.We may just bring it back if it stays relevant... and so far, it is, Clomid Iui Success Stories.


Written by John Kennedy, directed by John Morton, produced by Ken McGuire, Angela Barrett and Paddy Dunne. Shifting played 18th - 23rd April in Kilkenny Arts Office as part of In The Future When All's Well. It turned out to be our biggest hit of the year.


Written by John Morton, directed by Angela Barrett & John Morton, Clomid Iui Success Stories overseas, produced by Paddy Dunne and Ken McGuire. Smitten Clomid Iui Success Stories, opened in Solstice as part of Cork Midsummer Festival on June 16th and played Kilkenny Arts Office from June 26th - July 2nd as part of In The Future When All's Well. We liked it better this time.

Bash: Latterday Plays

Written by Neil LaBute, directed by Ken McGuire, Annette O'Shea and John Morton. Produced by Angela Barrett. It played Cleere's Theatre from October 17th - 22nd. This was the first time we went serious.., Clomid Iui Success Stories. no one laughed. Much. In fact, some people walked out. That's what it's all about for us - keep them coming back for more, but keep them guessing.

Clomid Iui Success Stories, And.... we capped off the year with a small little piece of Bard from some of our troupe in...

TEXT | Messages

Pyramus and Thisbe from A Midsummer Night's Dream by William Shakespeare, Clomid Iui Success Stories canada, directed by John Morton, performed by John Doran, Amy Dunne, Ken McGuire, John Morton and David Thompson on December 14th in Project Arts Centre, Dublin.

The people who made all of this were:

Amy Dunne, Alan Butler, Ross Costigan, Paddy Dunne, Ken McGuire, Annette O'Shea, John Morton, Clomid Iui Success Stories mexico, David Thompson, Angela Barrett, Alex Christle, Linda Hanbidge, Eddie Brennan, Lucy McKenna, Richie Cody, Geoff Warner Clayton, Louise O'Connor, Sorcha O'Boyle, Alan Slattery, Darragh Byrne, Nathanael McDonald, John Kennedy, Eleanor Walsh, Clomid Iui Success Stories us, Peter O'Connor, Ruth Phelan, Jessica Walsh, Colin O'Brien, Rhian Gibson, Aoibhín Murphy, Adrian 'Razor' Kavanagh, Connie Walsh, Alan Doyle, Shaelin Vellani, Stephanie Cassin, Aidan Doheny, Jack O'Leary, Clomid Iui Success Stories coupon, Kevin Mooney, Gemma Grant, Suzanne O'Brien, Maria Murray, Lynsey Moran, Thom Dowling, David Sheenan, John Doran, Niamh Moyles.

Also major thanks to everyone who facilitated, sponsored, programmed, funded and supported this work: Kilkenny Arts Office, Mary Butler, Niamh Finn, THEATREclub, 150mg Clomid Iui Success Stories, Lara Hickey, Zia Holly, Solstice, Dawn MacAllister, Ruairí Donovan, Shirley Somers, Eszter Nemethi, Cork Midsummer Festival, Johnny Holden, Paul McCabe, Cleeres Theatre, Project Arts Centre, Maeve Butler and everyone on our friends of programme: John Cleere, 10mg Clomid Iui Success Stories, Darragh Doyle, Anthony McGuiness, Enda McEvoy, Darren Byrne, Steve Aylin, Tess Felder, Gemma McGirr, Patricia Walsh, Tom and Angela Barrett and Willie Byrne. Thank you all.

While we have them namechecked above, we couldn't have completed the year without the help from Mary Butler and Niamh Finn at Kilkenny Arts Office with the backing of Kilkenny County Council. In times when funding for arts is being cut left, right and centre, and indeed decimated in other areas, they continued their support of our company by putting a roof over our heads for six months to develop personally and professionally, Clomid Iui Success Stories. Our residency gave opportunity to 44 individuals to work in a theatre space for six months of the year, to hit the road to Dublin and Cork and see what it's like to make theatre both on and off the stage. They have been firm supporters of our work since our inception in 2006 and they continued their support after the residency finished at the beginning of July by handing us the keys for our new home at The Maltings under the Not An Empty Space initiative. While it's up to us to pay the rent and the bills, Clomid Iui Success Stories japan, they arranged everything for us, including the setup costs (which we must pay back) but as a result, we were able to produce works like bash and Pyramus and Thisbe for TEXT | Messages.

We've also stepped things up on the organisational front as well and now boast the letters LTD after our name. Clomid Iui Success Stories, Check that. Boom.

Next year will see us return to the Watergate Theatre in July with a new(ish) play written by Connie Walsh and John Morton, a return to radio theatre, a prospective festival jaunt, John Kennedy scribbling a new play and a crash course play clinic with the wonderful people in Fishamble. More elaborations on all that and a lot more besides will follow as we kick off 2012. And again, hopefully all will be well.

So from ourselves (Angela, Clomid Iui Success Stories australia, John, Ken, Paddy), our thanks again to everyone who made our 2011 possible. As much as we make theatre for ourselves, we do it for you too and it is you who drive us to continue to make more. Have yerselves a deadly Christmas, enjoy the time off and we'll see you again in the New Year.

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Colchicine Poisoning

By Liam Murphy

From the July 8th edition of The Munster Express

The excellent Devious Theatre Company completed their residency with Kilkenny Arts Office with an updating of another John Morton play – Smitten Colchicine Poisoning, – a Kilkenny love story, a play that wants to be a musical. As ever there is a newness, a freshness, 100mg Colchicine Poisoning, an in-your-faceness about Devious that does not have a Waterford equivalent – mores the pity. Colchicine Poisoning japan, They seem to assemble excellent casts, time after time and convert spaces into site-specific performance places.

Smitten is a contemporary love story, 40mg Colchicine Poisoning, as evocative as the movie Love Actually and as episodic. 20mg Colchicine Poisoning, But by introducing a song and dance approach you got a trivialisation that is the staple of moon and June, Singin' In The Rain type shows.

In Act I the stage changes to song and dance mixed with sketch type Fast Show routines diluted the contemporary message and even the bad guys and girls were beneath it all, good people – In The Future When All’s Well, Colchicine Poisoning.

However, Colchicine Poisoning ebay, in Act II a more edgy darker story emerged but drunks were good drunks addicts didn’t OD and people agreed to begin again, Colchicine Poisoning india, give it another go, another lash as it were. Once again, 200mg Colchicine Poisoning, the individual work of the ten person cast was impressive. Colchicine Poisoning uk, Director and writer John Morton played a pivotal role as easy-going tattooed Tommy but maybe this was a dance too far. Amy Dunne was a wonderful contradiction as the librarian who swore a lot. Ken McGuire Colchicine Poisoning, was Dave the unemployed, remorseful drunk and he made the most of his appearances. David Thompson becomes characters and I loved his emigrating carpenter whose hands were always in bandages, Colchicine Poisoning paypal. He was the accident that kept on happening. 30mg Colchicine Poisoning, Suzanne O’Brien was luminous as the ditsy Daffney Molloy was Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz but there was no Yellow Brick Road in Kilkenny. However, it was Annette O’Shea as Claire the nurse who went and came back that brought a quality to an amazing place. I felt the standing ovation was particularly for her and a theatre company who make new theatre, obviously.

Photos by Pat Moore and Nathanael McDonald..

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Cost For Flagyl

Smitten wrapped on Saturday night to its eight standing ovation of eight performances and a packed (noisy and sweaty) house in Kilkenny Arts Office Cost For Flagyl, . Cost For Flagyl coupon, In short, it went really very well and the feedback to the show was absolutely spectacular, Cost For Flagyl us. Cost For Flagyl mexico, We enjoyed some lovely compliments and warm, receptive audiences, Cost For Flagyl australia. Cost For Flagyl canada, In fact, as the parting shot of our 6 month, 50mg Cost For Flagyl, 500mg Cost For Flagyl, 3 show In The Future When All's Well season, it was the perfect ending to the residency, 1000mg Cost For Flagyl, 750mg Cost For Flagyl, the season and our time living and working in Kilkenny Arts Office.

We're currently wrapping up the residency (and doing a hell of a lot of cleaning up) so it will be another 2 weeks until we vacate the premises, Cost For Flagyl usa. On that note, we'll have some very exciting news coming very soon, Cost For Flagyl. But until we make it, we'll be striking, painting, cleaning and rebuilding.

But yes, if the word smitten means to be struck with a hard blow, well then consider us knocked out cold. Thanks to our wonderful cast, amazing crew and all our supporters and audience members.

You are the flutters in our hearts.

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Benefits Of Diflucan

Suzanne O'Brien has previously performed for us in Heart Shaped Vinyl Benefits Of Diflucan, , Cannibal. The Musical, Trainspotting and the first version of Smitten. Here, 50mg Benefits Of Diflucan, she returns as the mysterious Daffney Molloy.

What can you tell us, if anything, about Daffney Molloy?

She's a absolute doll. I'm afraid that if I say anything else, Benefits Of Diflucan overseas, I'll be cut from the play so I'm keeping my lips sealed.

Does the play give an accurate representation of Kilkenny...like?

The references to and representation of Kilkenny are my favourite parts of the play, Benefits Of Diflucan. Everybody knows a Tony, Claire or Dave and that's what makes it so much fun. 20mg Benefits Of Diflucan, It's the most real-life make-believe I've ever played.

How does it feel going back to an old character after this period of time?

It's nice. I love Daffney and if I was given a choice, I'd play her everytime. Benefits Of Diflucan, I had very little rehearsal the last time because I was away until two weeks before the show so it's great that this time round I've had a bit more time with the character. Plus it's completely different being Daffney with the John-Tommy as opposed to Daffney with the Ross-Tommy, 500mg Benefits Of Diflucan. It almost makes it seem like a whole new experience.

You're being well kept out of all the promotion (apart from this). How does that feel?

Ah sure lookit, 40mg Benefits Of Diflucan, it's grand. It's fun to be the character who's doing something a little different to everyone else, Benefits Of Diflucan.

What's your favourite musical. And why?

I'll never grow tired of High Society. It's something you'll watch again and again and again and every time, you'll laugh and cry and swoon in all the same places, Benefits Of Diflucan australia. The fifties were just magical, weren't they.

How did you imagine Daffney in your head when you read the script? Benefits Of Diflucan, I remember being in the Gaeltacht when I first got the script three years ago and having to hide it under my pillow because it was written in English. Because I was away from the cast, 150mg Benefits Of Diflucan, crew and play for so long, I didn't know what to do with her on my own. I just concentrated on learning my lines so that when I got home, I could delve straight in. And it worked, 30mg Benefits Of Diflucan. But this time, getting to spend more time with both the script and stage together has definitely helped.

What was the experience of doing it in Cork like?

I was not prepared for how great it was going to be, Benefits Of Diflucan. I had it in my head that we would go down, 250mg Benefits Of Diflucan, do the play, and come home. But we got a standing ovation from a crowd that didn't know us and everyone just loved it. Niamh liked it so much that she said she might even come see it in Kilkenny next week. You can't get much better than that, Benefits Of Diflucan mexico, lads.

Smitten runs for the next 2 nights in Kilkenny Arts Office. Seats are limited. Call 056 - 7794138 for reservations. .

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Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest

John Morton directed all three plays in our In The Future When All's Well residency (and in this case with assistance from Angela Barrett and Gemma Grant Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest, ). He's also appeared in a lot of our plays, last showing up in Scratcher. He's also a founding member of the company. He plays Tommy in Smitten.

You're three for three on the directing front this year, 250mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest, in such a short space of time. Did you anticipate as much directing work leading into the residency?

No, not really. To be honest, I was only looking forward to directing Shifting, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest. Scratcher and Smitten ended up being the first times I've directed something that I've written too which is a whole other head fuck. And then I went and fucking well acted in them. The directing just ended up being a by product of having more time than anyone else to do it on the residency, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest ebay.

How does it feel to see Dave Thompson step into the roll of Kevin, and namely yourself into the roll of Tommy when compared to 2008?

It's been weird and cool. Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest, I'd initially written Tommy with Dave in mind years ago. Dave played the character in a film I did with YIFM when I was 18 called Skegs and Skangers and it's basically the Smitten characters but as teenagers. So I always thought Dave should still play it. 10mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest, But it just didn't work out this time either, much like 2008. All the bits in this version where Tommy sings and plays guitar have quietly been phased out the past few weeks because frankly, I am no David Thompson. As for Kevin, he's basically the straight man, which I loved playing, but I figured it'd be a good fit for Dave, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest. Also, because he's the straight man he can't ad lib as much, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest us. The 'stairs and pogo sticks' line has nothing to do with me.

Four years no touring, then six months and two festivals. In writing Scratcher and reworking Smitten, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest paypal, was there a focus on being able to take the shows on the road?

Ah yeah. Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest, It's great to work for a company that has faith in my writing so it's a lovely vote of confidence to put these shows in front of new audiences in new cities. And luckily, they've worked. Apart from that girl who really hated the Rohypnol gag down in Cork. Poor beor.

Can you actually dance in real life or are you just using your acting?

I did 3 years of dance in college, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest india. At first I thought it was going to be all amazing sequences and toe tapping routines and I'd leave being able to move like Gene Kelly, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest. Turns out that it was all kinda abstract movement stuff. Fuck that. I wish Gemma Grant had been my teacher. She's the greatest dance teacher I've ever had. Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest, Also, using my acting helps.

If you could pick one of the three residency pieces as your favourite, what would it be and why?

Shifting, hands down. Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest coupon, New writing, new cast, new audiences and it was a lovely, beautiful, unique challenge. Also, 20mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest, I did just one job instead of multi tasking. John Kennedy just nailed that script and I loved working with him. The cast were also amazing. Scarily talented bunch, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest. I was insanely proud of that play. 30mg Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest, I'd do it forever if I could.

So where next for Smitten. A book. Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest, The big screen. Another version in three years time with even more dancing and singing?

I'd love to do it again in 3 years but I think it would probably be more beneficial to use the same characters when I'm in my 30's to talk about my 30's. I have a screenplay and there has been some interest in it (which is me not trying to jinx it by saying from where) so I think ideally, I'd love to see it being made into a film, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest uk. But yeah, I've been writing those characters since I was 17 and I figure I'll get a lot more out of them. Whether people want to listen to them or not is another thing entirely.

What's your favourite musical?

Singin' In The Rain, Subaction Showcomments Cialis Archive Newest. But shur, that's an obvious one once you've seen the play.

Smitten runs until Saturday night July 2nd. Tickets are still available from the venue and bookings can be made on 056 - 7794138. They're starting to sell out though!.

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Celebrex Taken With Synthroid

By Darragh Byrne

From the June 29th edition of The Kilkenny Reporter

The trilogy of plays which have kept audiences in Kilkenny entertained finally comes to an end this week in the Arts Office Celebrex Taken With Synthroid, with the last of the series, Smitten. Devious Theatre have used social media, Celebrex Taken With Synthroid paypal, clever marketing and brilliant design like no other group in the country to draw people into their crazy world.

It surely lives up to the hype - a pitch perfect blend of humour and pathos. Not one beat of this play fails to get a laugh or raise an emotion, 100mg Celebrex Taken With Synthroid. It is an ensemble piece about a group of friends in their twenties whose love life it depicts in all the shades from technicolour to grey. This play is about the gap between our fantasies and the harshness of reality, Celebrex Taken With Synthroid. Celebrex Taken With Synthroid canada, The whole thing was like a beautiful dream which suddenly wakes you up to the horror of mundane life in Kilkenny. The main character returns from abroad to try to make amends for dumping her boyfriend by helping out other people's doomed affairs.

The sense of place is very profound in the writing with names of streets and rituals raising a laugh of recognition, 40mg Celebrex Taken With Synthroid. This work resonates beyond the colloquial though by finding truths in love affairs that everyone can understand. Celebrex Taken With Synthroid, There are many techniques used to break it out to the audience and it never bores for an instant. 50mg Celebrex Taken With Synthroid, This is Devious Theatre's most straight forward and yet most manic piece, shifting gears constantly but never letting up for a second.

The use of the musical numbers is very clever, 250mg Celebrex Taken With Synthroid. For anyone who groans at the way a Hollywood movie breaks out into song and everyone starts dancing, Celebrex Taken With Synthroid australia, this will provide a cure. Too often we cynically dismiss these films whose romance and innocence hold a lot of emotion for our childhood selves. There is jazz hands but this is definitely a musical for people who hate musicals, Celebrex Taken With Synthroid. A great big helping of filthy wit is at hand to contrast with the spectacle of umbrellas twirling and hoofing thesps, Celebrex Taken With Synthroid usa.

The performances are as always uniformly superb. 1000mg Celebrex Taken With Synthroid, The two leads Annette O'Shea and Dave Thompson prove themselves to be the two finest actors to emerge recently from Kilkenny and it seems only a matter of time before casting agents come calling from the big time. Jack O'Leary and Amy Dunne are both hilarious as an odd couple who can't stay away from each other. Ken McGuire and Maria Murray Celebrex Taken With Synthroid, are really believable as the pair dealing with pregnancy, with the finest example of drunk acting I have ever seen on stage. John Morton equips himself well as the nice guy with a dark past and Suzanne O'Brien is just right for the girl lost in musicals, Celebrex Taken With Synthroid craiglist. Even the stock characters played by Kevin Mooney and Lynsey Moran are made real by two lovely comic performances.

It is really sad for fans of great theatre that this residency is over. Everybody in the local arts office must be applauded for their vision in helping to make this the cultural event of the year in Kilkenny. If you don't have a ticket for this play go and get one straight away, Celebrex Taken With Synthroid. People will be teasing you for years to come that you missed it. The most important play and funniest night out you will ever experience in this city. You will leave it singing and dancing with a huge rush of joy to your heart. Theatrical Prozac.

Photos by Nathanael McDonald..

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Goat Dosage Diflucan

Kevin Mooney is a founding member of Devious Theatre and has previously appeared in Heart Shaped Vinyl and the first version of Smitten Goat Dosage Diflucan, as Dave. He's also directed Heart Shaped Vinyl, Cannibal. 40mg Goat Dosage Diflucan, The Musical (with Ken McGuire) and Stags and Hens. This time he plays the part of Niall. Here, he speaks to us.

What's the biggest difference between this Smitten and the last, 1000mg Goat Dosage Diflucan, apart from playing a new part?

I'm not sure. It feels like an entirely different show, Goat Dosage Diflucan. The cast has changed, 100mg Goat Dosage Diflucan, the script is different and now we all dance around like fairies. There's a lot of big differences.

What's it like to swap parts for this production?

It feels like me and Ken have switched ends during a gentlemen's spit roast. It's great though, Goat Dosage Diflucan usa. Goat Dosage Diflucan, The character of Dave didn't slap half enough arses for me. Now Niall, on the other hand... Goat Dosage Diflucan mexico, How did you feel about having to sing and dance in this one?

Everybody knows that I'm a natural dancer and I've got the voice of an angel. I just hope the rest of the cast can keep up. It's been like a real life musical at times during rehearsals, with people spontaneously busting into song and dance routines, 200mg Goat Dosage Diflucan. Most people do it for the practice, Goat Dosage Diflucan. I do it to show off.

What was the reaction to Cork like and how has it prepared you for Kilkenny?

The reaction in Cork was fantastic. Goat Dosage Diflucan craiglist, Everyone was like "Ooooh" and "Ahhhh" and I was like "Mmmmmm". There were LOLs too, and ROFLs. Goat Dosage Diflucan, It's really great to be able to tour a play and gauge the reaction of an audience before we launch into it for a week in Kilkenny. There's work still to do, 750mg Goat Dosage Diflucan, but I'm really looking forward to the ROFLing.

Having directed and produced so many plays for us, Goat Dosage Diflucan overseas, were you excited to just be acting this time?

Yes. It's nice to just worry about your own performance. I haven't been onstage in quite a while though, so I was a bit nervous about getting back into it and shaking the dust off, 150mg Goat Dosage Diflucan. But I'm really enjoying concentrating on the acting side of things, Goat Dosage Diflucan. It's been both relieving and terrifying.

What's your favourite musical. And why?

Cannibal. The Musical. All singing, all dancing, all flesh eating.

Smitten plays until Saturday night July 2nd at Kilkenny Arts Office. Tickets can be bought at the venue or booked on 056 - 7794138 or online here..

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Zithromax Iv Reconstitute

Smitten opens tonight in Kilkenny Arts Office Zithromax Iv Reconstitute, , the final part of our In The Future When All's Well residency here in No. 76 John Street, 10mg Zithromax Iv Reconstitute, 20mg Zithromax Iv Reconstitute, following on from Scratcher and Shifting. After making its debut bow in Cork at Solstice last week, 30mg Zithromax Iv Reconstitute, Zithromax Iv Reconstitute coupon, we're delighted to be bringing the show back to Kilkenny for its first showing in 3 years.

Our romantic comedy about rain, 500mg Zithromax Iv Reconstitute, Zithromax Iv Reconstitute australia, recession and why dance sequences are harder in real life kicks off at 8pm tonight and runs until Saturday night July 2nd.

Box office is open at the venue from 10am to 6pm daily, 50mg Zithromax Iv Reconstitute. Zithromax Iv Reconstitute japan, Tickets can also be bought online at this very website and can be booked on 0861048191. Kilkenny Arts Office will reopen tomorrow morning and ticket bookings can also be made there on 056 - 7794138, 500mg Zithromax Iv Reconstitute. Zithromax Iv Reconstitute canada, We hope to see you there.

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Side Effects Of Clomid

Ken McGuire last appeared in Scratcher Side Effects Of Clomid, . Previous to that he has appeared in all of our other plays with the exception of Shifting. He's also produced the lot of them. He's some man to talk.

What's the biggest difference between this Smitten and the last. Both as an actor and a producer?

I'm much less of a cunt in this one than the first one. That's pretty much the only difference, Side Effects Of Clomid. Actually, in fairness, a lot has changed, Side Effects Of Clomid us. Visually, the show is much different, the story works a little differently, there's plenty of dancing to be had and we've had a great rotation of actors around the characters. Plus, the relationship between the actors has been greatly strengthened over the past few years, 100mg Side Effects Of Clomid, some of us having worked on all three productions in the residency. That close-quarters working relationship has really added to the chemistry and energy around the production, hopefully all of that feeding back into the show on stage. Side Effects Of Clomid, As a producer, it seems business as usual, though if we were busy in August 2008 then we're incredibly busy now. We walked into a venue the last time (at The Barn) and this time around we've built the venue setting from the ground up at the Arts Office. On that note there's been a lot more to organise than previous - the technical requirements and configuration of the venue are much more demanding.

What's it like to swap parts for this production?

It was a bit confusing at first. Stepping onto the stage for the first time I'm like "oh, I'm a grown up alright" and every time Kevin Mooney takes to the stage I'm mouthing my old monologue, 750mg Side Effects Of Clomid. Rumour has he's the same, Side Effects Of Clomid. It's nice to change it up though. It would have been incredibly easy for everyone to fall back into the same roles as the 2008 production but I think the change up has added a new element to it as well. We're all conscious of how the roles were played before and we've all been looking to move away from how the characters were delivered. Not that they were delivered in a bad way in the first version, but we're treating it as a new production, new roles, Side Effects Of Clomid craiglist, new characters and really playing to the strengths of that.

What was your reaction to the uptake of singing and dancing in this version? Side Effects Of Clomid, I'm all over it. There wasn't half enough dancing in Cannibal. (2007) and the last time I danced on stage I wound up getting shot in the head as a result. I learned my lesson. Flash forward four years though and I'm looking forward to it. The dance rehearsals have been good craic and fair play to Gemma for putting up with us for the past few weeks, Side Effects Of Clomid. If you're able to get over the fact that you're dancing and prancing around like an eejit, then you're sorted.

How has the Cork performance at Solstice prepared you for Kilkenny?

Cork was fantastic, Side Effects Of Clomid paypal. In fairness, there was a lot of cuts made to the production and we were still making a few changes the afternoon we opened in terms of how some scenes would operate but to go down, perform the show to the crowd that was there (primarily newcomers to our work) and to get that kind of reaction and feedback, I don't think we could have really asked for me. I'd been talking to some of the folk who had been to see Scratcher in Dublin and when asked how I thought the show had gone my response was "It's served exactly the same purpose as Scratcher". Side Effects Of Clomid, At the time, we didn't know what the purpose of it was other than to show off the work, but it focused the cast more and with the bones of a week to go before the Kilkenny opening, it's great to know that the content, the humour and most other parts of the show work, and work well. Needless to say, Side Effects Of Clomid coupon, I'm looking forward to the Kilkenny run, and putting my feet up in the evenings for a few weeks afterwards.

How do you think it measures up to the other plays in In The Future When All's Well?

It beats the hell out of Shifting. End of. Those youngsters didn't know what they were doing at all. Pretending to use their acting, sitting around drinking and giving out for an hour, sure that's not theatre at all, Side Effects Of Clomid. I think Smitten has been the party we've been waiting for, at least us older heads. It measures up well to the previous pieces in the residency, Side Effects Of Clomid canada. Scratcher had the humour but was quite serious at the same time, focusing on a lot of frustration with the state of the country at the time (what's changed, eh?). Shifting was great for me - the first production since we've started that I've not been on stage in (and equally freed me up for much more production work, which really sealed the success of the show in fairness). We've been down the road of Smitten Side Effects Of Clomid, once before but if people thought we knocked it out of the park back then, we're knocking it out of the city with this production. Boom. Side Effects Of Clomid uk, So does it measure up. Absolutely. And how.

What's your favourite musical, Side Effects Of Clomid. And why?

Where do I start. Truth be told, that's where my interest in theatre sprang from and it's only from our own work over the past 10 years or so (stretching back to the pre-college days). I've a grand collection of musical soundtracks, have worked on productions of Joseph, Side Effects Of Clomid ebay, Jesus Christ Superstar, Half A Sixpence and more. I've been to see Les Miserables, actually went to the cinema to watch Phantom Of The Opera and own a copy of it on DVD. Side Effects Of Clomid, If I was to pick a favourite musical, it would be phantom. Definitely not for the film version, but more for the soundtrack. 10mg Side Effects Of Clomid, I listened to it for years before actually reading the book and various scripts. If I could see the West End version of it, I'd be happy out. Second to that would be Cannibal! All time musical craic.

Smitten opens tomorrow June 26th in Kilkenny Arts Office and runs until Saturday July 2nd. Tickets can be bought at the venue or online at tickets.devioustheatre.com. Bookings can be made on 0861048191..

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