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Little Deviation #3: In The Basement

In The Basement by Seán Delaney Directed by Aoibhín Murphy Cast: John Prendergast, Kevin Mooney, Rosey Hayes, Aoibhín Murphy Hugh really wants to be poet. However, he is inescapably and tediously bad at it. In frustration with his own short comings Hugh decides to look at all his favourite writers and see what they have in common; what is the special formula for brilliance? What he finds is tragedy, death, sexual escapades, and general debauchery... all of which he is going to try in the name of finding the Muses
Seán Delaney is a young writer from Kilkenny. He is mostly a playwright but also enjoys writing flash fiction and poetry. He loves reading, music and having very deep, philosophical discussions with his dog, Marley. His work has previously appeared in the CTY Ireland Anthology, Catering To Your Imagination and Dublin-based magazines GOWP and The Runt.
Little Deviations: Volume 2 plays Cleeres Theatre from August 3rd-5th as part of AKA Fringe. Tickets can be bought at the venue or right here. 
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Six Shows. Three Nights

little-deviations1_hires Fucking quality. Everything (especially our language) is going to be rough around the edges for Little Deviations: Volume 2.
Our scratch night extravagaza returns for AKA Fringe (check out the very slick and oh so fresh programme) where we'll be presenting six excerpts from six brand new plays: Ag An Doras by Simone Kelly Breathe by Alan Butler In The Basement by Seán Delaney Orla's Big Comeback by Mairead Kiernan The Roaring Banshees by Peter McGann & John Morton Welcome To Ireland by Robert Downes & Aoibhín Murphy Full synopsises, plus cast and director details will be incoming. We're very excited about the teams that have come together for our brand new work in progress showcase. The plays of tomorrow are going for a test run. Don't miss out. August 3rd-5th, John Cleere's Bar & Theatre, 8pm nightly. Tickets onsale soon.
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Alcohol And Clomid


The Union is a new play from Adrian Kavanagh Alcohol And Clomid, . His previous writing credits include Bittersweet Graffiti and One For The Road for Spark Productions.

I got pretty tired of writing about relationships. Boy meets girl, boy falls in love, Alcohol And Clomid craiglist, and boy either wins or loses. I wanted a change, 500mg Alcohol And Clomid, something that would free me up and bring me in a different direction. Something that would make me write in a way I hadn’t tried before, Alcohol And Clomid. Personally, I wanted to be tested too. The idea for The Union was simple, 200mg Alcohol And Clomid, a couple of college students in a Student Union Office trying to figure out where all the money is gone. The characters are then forced to stand up for themselves, Alcohol And Clomid australia, and sometimes there’s nothing better than saying FUCK YOU to really get your point across. I hope when people see this they’ll think that maybe sometimes you have to give two fingers to those who bring you down. Alcohol And Clomid, Some people may say that’s not professional but by the looks of things professionalism and morality went out the window a long time ago. - Adrian Kavanagh

It is the first play Adrian has written for us. He has worked with us as an actor in the past but his skills as a writer have been evident in his first two plays, 750mg Alcohol And Clomid. When we asked him what he might be interested in developing with us, he enthusiastically described a claustrophobic student union set comedy mystery and we just loved the story, 1000mg Alcohol And Clomid, the themes, everything. And from what we've seen so far it's all looking very exciting.

The team behind this one are the cast of Alan Doyle, Peter McGann and Colin O'Brien with Alexandra Christle on directing duties, Alcohol And Clomid.

Alan has previously appeared with us as Ed in Shifting and as one of the ghouls in Night Of The Living Dead, Alcohol And Clomid ebay. Colin appeared as Marko in Shifting, popped up in Night Of The Living Dead and played the lead role of Adam in last years production of Phantasm. 20mg Alcohol And Clomid, Peter McGann is making his acting debut with us, he usually appears in our audiences so we're delighted to finally welcome him on stage. Alexandra Christle has been a longtime member of our company, initially working as a stage manager before debuting as Amy in Shifting and appearing as Maeve in Night Of The Living Dead, Alcohol And Clomid coupon. Now she's adding directing to her bow with The Union.

The Union promises to possibly be the funniest of all the Little Deviations: Volume 1 so make sure you catch it (and the other 4 while you're at it) when the show kicks off on August 2nd & 3rd in Cleeres Theatre. Tickets are on sale at the venue, you can book them on 056-7762573 or buy them here at this handy online link.

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Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations


Girls In Africa is a new play currently being written by John Kennedy who previously wrote Shifting and Phantasm Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations, for us.

I wanted to write a play that laughed at the idea that a group of affluent kids from the first world could solve third world problems with only good intentions, elbow grease and their parents yoyos, 30mg Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations. I wanted to write a play that saw charity trips as charity holidays, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations australia, a chance to take selfies with cute African kids, take in some sun, try the local weed and temporarily wash away first world guilt at the same time, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations uk. I wanted to make a big, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations japan, dirty, nasty piece of political theatre that exposed the double exploitation of Africa by the wealthy of my generation. I wanted to insult those who were naive enough to think that change could be measured in two week trips, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations us. I thought that big nasty farcical truths should be exposed with big nasty farces, so that's the kind of play I'm trying to write, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations. I haven't got there yet. - John Kennedy

It's his third play proper and because we're a big fan of John and his work, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations india, Girls In Africa is one that's very high on our 'to produce' list. It's been in development for a few months and at Little Deviations the opening scenes of the play will be performed as a work in progress.

The talent bringing it to the stage next week are the team of Aoibhín Murphy, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations coupon, Hazel Doyle, Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations usa, Adrian Kavanagh with John Morton in the directors chair.

Aoibhín has previously appeared as Laura in Shifting and as Judy in our version of Night Of The Living Dead. Hazel played the part of Frankie in John Kennedy's last play Phantasm and also appeared in Night Of The Living Dead Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations, . Adrian debuted for us in Shifting before going on to play Big Jimmy McClellan in Night Of The Living Dead, 100mg Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations. John has previously directed both productions of John Kennedy's plays for us. 500mg Can Cipro Cause Hallucinations, All in all this is a team with strong form in bringing Mr. Kennedy's work to the stage.

Come see that work on the stage when a taster of Girls In Africa plays as part of Little Deviations: Volume 1 on August 2nd & 3rd in Cleeres Theatre. Tickets can be bought at the venue, booked on 056-7762573 or purchased right here at this handy online link.

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Retin A Cheap


And... we're back.

A year since we last trod on a stage, Devious Theatre return with an exciting new project that should serve as a tasty appetiser for our next full production.

Little Deviations: Volume 1 is a scratch night showcasing five new works in progress that Devious Theatre have been developing over the past year, 20mg Retin A Cheap. Each of these new plays will be previewed, tasted, tested, Retin A Cheap canada, rehearsed, read, sampled and performed, all in 20 minute chunks for your viewing pleasure.

We’ll be returning to our birthplace, stomping ground and spiritual home of Cleeres Theatre for two performances only on August 2nd and 3rd at 8pm nightly, Retin A Cheap.

The five plays in question are as follows:

Girls In Africa by John Kennedy. Mary and Sally want to raise money to undertake charity work in Africa, Retin A Cheap mexico. The easy part. Fundraising. The hard part. Retin A Cheap, Surviving Africa. Retin A Cheap ebay, John Morton directs the cast of Hazel Doyle, Adrian Kavanagh and Aoibhín Murphy.

Tenterhooks by John Morton. Eddie Murphy directs Leah Egan and Jack Nolan in this darkly comic fairytale set in a variety of suicide and accident blackspots.

The Union by Adrian Kavanagh, Retin A Cheap paypal. A comedy about missing money and chronic hangovers in a sweltering hot students union, Retin A Cheap. Alex Christle directs the cast of Alan Doyle, Peter McGann and Colin O’Brien.

The Hellfire Squad by Peter McGann & John Morton. 250mg Retin A Cheap, Michael Collins wants to set up his own personal hit squad to fight the Brits. But this mission needs some real men. Philip Brennan Retin A Cheap, directs the line up of himself, Richie Cody, Stephen Colfer, Ken McGuire, Niall Morrissey and Annette O’Shea.

Some Flood by John Doran and Kevin Mooney. When a Biblical flood wipes out Ireland, one man takes to his roof to survive, 50mg Retin A Cheap. This will be performed and directed by the writers themselves.

We’re very excited to have such an outrageously talented team, scratch that, 750mg Retin A Cheap, FIVE teams, working on this show. If you’ve been a fan of our work over the years, you’re going to love this, Retin A Cheap. If this is your first time seeing us in action, these are the perfect little starters.

The new plays that make up Little Deviations are works that we hope to produce over the next few years, Retin A Cheap overseas. This will be your first chance to see them performed and it will also prove an invaluable opportunity for the writers to road test the material in front of an audience. Also, props to Paddy Dunne for his sterling poster work on this. Retin A Cheap, Five little beauties the lot of them and all nicely summing up the plays we've been brewing. 40mg Retin A Cheap, The funds raised from Little Deviations will go towards the making of our new work. Tickets for the shows are €10 and are limited to 120. With only two performances scheduled, this one will sell fast so make sure you get your tickets as quick as possible. Tickets can be purchased in Cleeres Theatre on 056 – 7762573 and booked online at tickets.devioustheatre.com.

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Cdiff Flagyl Vancomycin


A couple of Devious heads will be presenting a rehearsed reading of a work in progress tomorrow night at March Fringe Fuse Cdiff Flagyl Vancomycin, . Cdiff Flagyl Vancomycin coupon, This is the third installment of Dublin Fringe Festival's new monthly scratch night which is described as

'a brand spanking new monthly scratch night where works of no longer than twenty minutes will be tested out in front of an audience in FRINGE LAB on the last Monday of every month.

And that's it in a nutshell. Some of our team are looking forward to presenting an extract of a new play by John Morton entitled War Of Attrition, 500mg Cdiff Flagyl Vancomycin. Cdiff Flagyl Vancomycin ebay, The play was initially developed by John and Angela Barrett during In The Future When All's Well in 2011 and was presented as a rehearsed reading as part of Play On at the Dublin Theatre Festival in 2012. The play itself is described as a 'dark comedic thriller about a nasty game of one-upmanship that descends into a relentless war.' Tomorrow night will see John Doran, 30mg Cdiff Flagyl Vancomycin, Cdiff Flagyl Vancomycin canada, John Morton, Roseanna Purcell and Niamh Moroney present part of the in development piece and we're very excited about getting to test out some new material as part of Fringe Fuse, 40mg Cdiff Flagyl Vancomycin. We attended February Fringe Fuse which was great fun and a really relaxed, informal way of seeing new theatre work in development and being able to have lovely chats about it, Cdiff Flagyl Vancomycin. Cdiff Flagyl Vancomycin canada, WOA 2

Also presented on the night is 'HOME inside the Body' the current dance & theatre solo project by Csilla Nagy / Cipolla Collectiva LIVE ART and 'The King's Feet' by
Louise Melinn and Máirín O Grady, a futuristic satire following the exile of a chiropodist and his hapless brother to the desert (We've seen some of it and it's brilliant), Cdiff Flagyl Vancomycin usa. 20mg Cdiff Flagyl Vancomycin, WOA

It all kicks off in Fringe Lab Studio 1 at 7pm tomorrow evening in Dublin and admission is €3 with a refreshment (mmm... beer), 500mg Cdiff Flagyl Vancomycin. Capacity is limited to 40 so people are only let in on a first come first served basis. And you may get ready to take your shoes off too. We hope to see you there.

Especially you Gael Garcia Bernal.

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