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Work Is Progressed

Thanks to everyone who turned out to see Little Deviations: Volume 2 over the three night run in Cleeres Theatre. It was a joy to sell out the show each night and we hope everyone who got jammed in there really, really tightly enjoyed the show. The reaction to the six plays was stellar. The teams behind Orla's Big Comeback, In The Basement, Breathe, Welcome To Ireland, Ag An Doras and The Roaring Banshees were all fuckin' quality. We couldn't be happier. It was the best way for this work to be tried out in front of audiences and will give all the writers plenty of pep in their steps going forward. We had a blast doing it and it was a solid way to kick off AKA. Hopefully we'll get to see them all grow up...
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Little Deviation #6: Welcome To Ireland

Welcome to Ireland by Robert Downes & Aoibhín MurphyDirected by Niall Bambrick Cast: Fergal Millar, Aoibhín Murphy, Robert DownesWelcome to Ireland. Welcome to the land of tradition. Welcome to the land of high rent, high tuition and getting high. Welcome to the land of art and culture. Welcome to the land of the green drugs, the white people and... oh wait, there is no gold. Welcome to the lives of the millennials. Welcome to the flat of Bryan, Maggie and Damien. Welcome to their world as struggling artists. Welcome to their stuffy staff-room, which is also their littered living room, in their shoddy Tourist Gift Shop. Welcome to their lives working for Bill, their bitter boss who loathes the arts and the people in them. Welcome to the night that it all gets out of control... Robert Downes & Aoibhín Murphy are making their writing debuts in collaboration with Welcome To Ireland. Both actors, they trained at DIT's Conservatory Of Music and Drama. Robert is making his stage debut with us on this show. Aoibhín has previously appeared in Heart Shaped Vinyl, Night Of The Living Dead, Shifting and Little Deviations: Volume 1.
Little Deviations: Volume 2 plays Cleeres Theatre from tonight August 3rd until Saturday August 5th as part of AKA Fringe. Tickets can be bought at the venue or right here. 
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Little Deviation #4: Orla’s Big Comeback

Orla's Big Comeback by Mairead KiernanDirected by Philip Brennan Cast: Hazel DoyleOrla’s life has been governed by Ireland AM for too long. 2,730 hours too long in fact but who’s counting? Orla, an ambitious journalism graduate, feels trapped by the hours that she has spent watching Ireland AM with her twin sister Dee, an Ireland AM super fan with severe health problems. However, the show Orla once resented so intently becomes a source of inspiration and solace to her when she is forced to stake out her own independence.Mairead Kiernan is a freelance writer, mainly for screen. She has written two short films, both as Gaeilge, including the award winning Eadrainn Féin. She has also written for Red Rock and Fair City. This is her first original work for the stage. She wrote the first draft on an Artist's retreat at the Moth Retreat in County Cavan. She has also worked as an actor for Devious Theatre appearing in Heart Shaped Vinyl, Stags and Hens and Trainspotting.
Little Deviations: Volume 2 plays Cleeres Theatre from August 3rd-5th as part of AKA Fringe. Tickets can be bought at the venue or right here. 
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Little Deviation #3: In The Basement

In The Basement by Seán Delaney Directed by Aoibhín Murphy Cast: John Prendergast, Kevin Mooney, Rosey Hayes, Aoibhín Murphy Hugh really wants to be poet. However, he is inescapably and tediously bad at it. In frustration with his own short comings Hugh decides to look at all his favourite writers and see what they have in common; what is the special formula for brilliance? What he finds is tragedy, death, sexual escapades, and general debauchery... all of which he is going to try in the name of finding the Muses
Seán Delaney is a young writer from Kilkenny. He is mostly a playwright but also enjoys writing flash fiction and poetry. He loves reading, music and having very deep, philosophical discussions with his dog, Marley. His work has previously appeared in the CTY Ireland Anthology, Catering To Your Imagination and Dublin-based magazines GOWP and The Runt.
Little Deviations: Volume 2 plays Cleeres Theatre from August 3rd-5th as part of AKA Fringe. Tickets can be bought at the venue or right here. 
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Little Deviation #2: Breathe

Breathe by Alan ButlerDirected by Natasha Murray Cast: Hazel Doyle, Amy Mulholland, Eleanor Walsh, Maria Murray, Janis Woodgate, John Prendergast, Ciaran DunphyEmily never thought she'd end up here. Being interviewed by the hospital's psychiatrist. But this is where she is, and its what she needs to do. The stories she will tell and hear will shape her. From where she came from to where she's going. Five women, five stories. What do you do, when you can't keep going? Alan Butler has previously worked as an actor and director for many companies in Kilkenny. As an actor he has previously appeared for Devious Theatre in Heart Shaped Vinyl, Scratcher and Accidental Death Of An Anarchist. This is his debut work for the stage.
Little Deviations: Volume 2 plays Cleeres Theatre from August 3rd-5th as part of AKA Fringe. Tickets can be bought at the venue or right here. 
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Little Deviation #1: Ag An Doras

Ag An Doras by Simone Kelly Directed by John Morton Cast: Alexandra Christle, Maria Murray, Seán Hackett, Ciaran Dunphy. Úna is on her annual visit to her family, the O’Sullivan’s in Kilkenny. Every time Úna visits, a familiar sight signals her arrival. A tall, elderly lady nicknamed Ag an Doras stands in a doorway, slowly smoking a cigarette, watching silently as the world goes by. On this occasion, however, her door is closed. Úna makes it her mission to uncover the story behind Ag an Doras and why the mysterious figure is no longer at the door. Simone Kelly has previously appeared as an actor for Devious Theatre in shows like Heart Shaped Vinyl, Cannibal! The Musical and Accidental Death Of An Anarchist.  She studied English Literature in UCD where she discovered her all-time favourite playwrights; Beckett, Friel, Heaney and John B. Keane. This is her debut work for the stage. Simone did a course with The Big Smoke Writing Factory last year and wrote her first piece of fiction, ‘Angus’. She read this at The Big Smoke’s annual literary meet-up and at an International Women’s Day event organised by Alan Butler in Kilkenny library. Little Deviations: Volume 2 plays Cleeres Theatre from August 3rd-5th as part of AKA Fringe. Tickets can be bought at the venue or right here. 
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Six Shows. Three Nights

little-deviations1_hires Fucking quality. Everything (especially our language) is going to be rough around the edges for Little Deviations: Volume 2.
Our scratch night extravagaza returns for AKA Fringe (check out the very slick and oh so fresh programme) where we'll be presenting six excerpts from six brand new plays: Ag An Doras by Simone Kelly Breathe by Alan Butler In The Basement by Seán Delaney Orla's Big Comeback by Mairead Kiernan The Roaring Banshees by Peter McGann & John Morton Welcome To Ireland by Robert Downes & Aoibhín Murphy Full synopsises, plus cast and director details will be incoming. We're very excited about the teams that have come together for our brand new work in progress showcase. The plays of tomorrow are going for a test run. Don't miss out. August 3rd-5th, John Cleere's Bar & Theatre, 8pm nightly. Tickets onsale soon.
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Little Deviations: Volume 2

LDV2 NEXT UP! Little Deviations: Volume 2 plays John Cleere's Bar & Theatre from August 3rd to 5th as part of this years AKA Fringe. Our new work showcase will feature the next generation of Devious Theatre plays from some of Kilkenny's best and brightest young writers. Six excerpts from six new plays, all in one handy show. Little Deviations: Volume 1 in August 2013 featured the debut performances of Some Flood, The Union and The Hellfire Squad. This years crop of new work promises to be just as exciting and we'll be announcing them in the coming weeks. Tickets go on sale soon. The show runs for three performances only so don't y'all miss out.
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Zithromax Pregnancy

woa-galway-15 Zithromax Pregnancy, This is our final post of the year, one to generally sum everything up in a nice, neat little package and set the reset button for what will hopefully be a cracking 2014.

We spent the first six months of this year having meetings about new plays, writing those new plays and getting ready to do those plays. Then for the last 6 months of the year, Zithromax Pregnancy ebay, we did those plays. Oh, 100mg Zithromax Pregnancy, and got the other new plays ready for 2014.

Little Deviations: Volume 1 back in August was probably one of the most fun projects we've ever done. You get a bunch of new, in progress plays, you assign each of them to a director/performers team, you give them a 20 minute time limit and then you let them go nuts, Zithromax Pregnancy. And that's exactly what happened. It was loud, 50mg Zithromax Pregnancy, boisterous, messy and rowdy as hell but it was a tonne of craic and the atmosphere in Cleeres Theatre was pretty magic. 40mg Zithromax Pregnancy, It also bodes well for the shows, which this lot below will start rolling out in full starting next year.

IMG_9386Then we went into full on attack mode with War Of Attrition. Zithromax Pregnancy, It was our first Dublin Fringe Festival show as well as our first trip to the Galway Theatre Festival and boy, did we enjoy the hell out of it. Great crowds, 1000mg Zithromax Pregnancy, great reviews, great time on the road. Zithromax Pregnancy india, And if you missed the war, it's not over yet...

woa-galway-3 Finally, we returned to the recording studio for the first time since The War Of The Worlds with Vultures, Zithromax Pregnancy mexico, a new detective radio serial that we hit the studio with in November. It will hit airwaves and interwebs in early 2014 with a 20 episode run kicking things off. We did have a lot of fun recording it and maybe we wore the costumes in the studio.., Zithromax Pregnancy. Zithromax Pregnancy australia, maybe.

photo 2So, what's going on in 2014. Well, Zithromax Pregnancy canada, we'll have a new show in the early part of the year (yup, it'll be one of the Little Deviations: Volume 1 crop), 150mg Zithromax Pregnancy, we'll be remounting one of our previous shows, we'll be putting Vultures out there and it's pretty safe to say, we'll have a table quiz at some point. But we'll be putting all of this into writing come January when the production wheels start moving again. Zithromax Pregnancy, So for everybody who has supported us, befriended us, spoke nicely of us and clapped at us, thanks for a proper sterling 2013. We're very excited for all that 2014 holds. Now, for a spot of mulled wine and a heavy dose of festive cheer. Have a great Christmas everyone.


The Devious Theatre Company.

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Where Does Erythromycin Come From


Published in The Munster Express Arts & Theatre Reviews (Week ending August 16th)
Little Deviations: Volume 1 review by Liam Murphy. Where Does Erythromycin Come From, The impressive Kilkenny Devious Theatre Company returned to their roots at Cleere's Theatre, to take stock, rev up the craic, and put their shine on. Rather than have rehearsed readings without props, they had five playlets or extracts from work in progress. New work is a direction this company seems to think is important to them, 50mg Where Does Erythromycin Come From, but perhaps the success of the evening was the excellent cast of young actors it presented.

Girls In Africa allowed John Kennedy to show how well he handles dialogue and John Morton directed with style, Where Does Erythromycin Come From japan, and another up-and-challenging writer, Adrian Kavanagh played the several male parts and read the amusing stage directions, or made the stage directions, amusing, Where Does Erythromycin Come From paypal. There was a serious point about people's attitude to philanthropy, but the horror in the girl's situation was sold short for cheaper laughs.

The laddish humour was very evident in Adrian Kavanagh's three-hander, The Union, about the morning after the night before, when a semi-naked Students' Union treasurer wakes up handcuffed to a chair, Where Does Erythromycin Come From. 100mg Where Does Erythromycin Come From, The possibilities of the piece became a student cliche about their expectations and authority. The audience loved its rag week humour. Some Flood, was a two-hander written and performed by John Doran and Kevin Mooney, Where Does Erythromycin Come From australia, who showed more than their stand-up credentials in their underpants. It became obvious that the pieces were strongly influenced by television and movies and a fair number of films were name checked and tagged, 1000mg Where Does Erythromycin Come From, as reference points. Where Does Erythromycin Come From, The word "savage" was overused as well as the usual collection of expletives, more for comedy than dramatic emphasis.


I enjoyed the co-written The Hellfire Squad by Peter McGann and John Morton, with a satire on a Myles na gCopaleen, Ireland, 30mg Where Does Erythromycin Come From, where a 'mad' group set out to gather a 'Dirty Dozen' list of twelve of the best killer/terrorists prepared by Michael Collins. (You bring the brawn and we will provide the bullets and the bicycle). Where Does Erythromycin Come From ebay, Ken McGuire and Phillip Brennan were outstanding but Annette O'Shea, as 'The Bould' Kathleen Sweeney stole the show with waspish feminist asides.


Highpoint of the evening was John Morton's Tenterhooks, about a girl (Leah Egan) attempting to commit suicide, Where Does Erythromycin Come From overseas, mostly unsuccessfully, due to the comic intervention of Jimmy (Jack Nolan). 200mg Where Does Erythromycin Come From, Eddie Murphy directed with real skill, but it was Morton's impressive style as a writer that gave these two wonderful actors a chance to shine.

With Kilkenny Arts Festival now running, it seemed obvious to me that this theatre company should be part of that programme. Devious deserve it.

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