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Wanna Be Friends?

IMG_0856_3 We're really good friends, promise. We recently relaunched our Friends Of Programme for 2014/15. As we're not in receipt of regular funding sponsorship, fundraising and generally making friends is an essential part of our ability to make new work. Without the help of good friends and patrons, we wouldn't have been able to make and tour our work for the past eight years. Our programme runs from October to October every year and this year will take in our remount of War Of Attrition this December, our brand new radio serial Vultures and our upcoming collaboration with Corcadorca and Equinox Theatre Company on the Bridge Street Project next summer. And that's only what's confirmed, there are a few other projects on the boil which we'll be revealing in due course. All in all, our 2014/15 season is shaping up to be one of our most varied and jam packed yet. woa-galway-11If you'd like to get on board for the year and help support our work, please visit our Friends Of Devious Theatre page here. There's a large selection of options that you can choose from no matter what your budget may be. Have a look and consider becoming our friends! And we're all about the benefits!
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Color Chart For Synthroid

Color Chart For Synthroid, After an amazing rally the past few days, we are within biting distance of hitting our target for Night Of The Living Dead on Fund It.

With 4 days to go, we've just hit the €4,930 mark. We're quietly confident that we can get it over the line in the next few days but we're not hedging our bets just yet, 150mg Color Chart For Synthroid. 1000mg Color Chart For Synthroid, And if we hit the target within that time, it would still be great to get as much funding for the project as we possible while the campaign is still live, Color Chart For Synthroid mexico. Color Chart For Synthroid overseas, The €50 rewards are the only ones to sell out with all the other rewards still on sale until our campaign ends on Monday.

So if you want to get an idea of what we're offering, Color Chart For Synthroid australia, Color Chart For Synthroid ebay, here's Ken McGuire (producer), Connie Walsh (co-writer) and John Morton (co-writer, 10mg Color Chart For Synthroid, Color Chart For Synthroid coupon, director) giving the spiel about Night Of The Living Dead and the goodies that we're offering as rewards.

If you like any of that little lot, Color Chart For Synthroid paypal, 100mg Color Chart For Synthroid, get your teeth into our Fund It campaign while there's still time. And for the 116 of you who have funded us so far, thank you all so very much.

Photo by Ross Costigan (he funded us).

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Percentage Clomid Will Work

Coming To Get You...

7 days left...

With 1 week to go on our Fund It campaign for Night Of The Living Dead Percentage Clomid Will Work, , we've been amping up all of our publicity in an attempt to get people to come on board and increase our funding. Right now, that funding is exactly €1,740 away from hitting the target. If we can raise that much in the next 7 days we will secure a much needed €5, Percentage Clomid Will Work india,000 for our big production of 2012. With the wheels of production having started full time last week, it's funding that is crucial. 150mg Percentage Clomid Will Work, We finished the script in the (very) early hours of this morning, ahead of our first cast read through this week. There's a new poster shoot happening this weekend, Percentage Clomid Will Work. We've just seen the model of our set from Harry Harris of Nefarious Design (we're keeping it under wraps until opening night but suffice to say, it would make Romero proud), we've a week of production meetings lined up and yes, 200mg Percentage Clomid Will Work, rehearsals are starting to loom. It's all happening on the Night Of The Living Dead front.
We've a lot more of this lined up

With so much happening, Percentage Clomid Will Work australia, we are absolutely depending on this chunk of funding coming through and allowing us to move ahead with all of our plans to make this show. If you haven't, please check out our Fund It page and see if any of the rewards tickle your fancy. Percentage Clomid Will Work, If you've already done so, please spread the word and get it out there. We are planning on this show being quite the zombie bashing spectacle and your support will make a huge and crucial difference to us.

Although we should really stop using the 'Z' word. Romero wouldn't do that, Percentage Clomid Will Work us.

Thanks to the wonderful and supportive people who have come on board in the past week to help fund Night Of The Living Dead. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you all. 1000mg Percentage Clomid Will Work, They are: Carol Bradley, Eszter Nemethi of the good ship Solstice, Medb Lambert, Ann Mulrooney, Aine Connellan, 500mg Percentage Clomid Will Work, our neighbour Tomm Moore, Alice Kiernan, Ingrid Dunne, Percentage Clomid Will Work mexico, Hannah O'Reilly, Nate Reinig, Luke Harris, our lovely soundtracking chum David Sheenan, Hounds Hollow Productions, Percentage Clomid Will Work japan, Mark Grace, Terry and Jeanne Christle, Patricia McQuillan and our own Amy Dunne, Percentage Clomid Will Work canada, Anne Cody and David Thompson.

5 weeks down. 1 to go. Fund It!.

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Amoxicillin Expiration Date

Work And Cake On Our Birthday
Amoxicillin Expiration Date, We've just hit the grand old age of 6 years old. Amoxicillin Expiration Date craiglist, Devious Theatre was set up on May 9th 2006 over breakfast and many cups of tea in the Marble City Tea Rooms on Kieran Street, Kilkenny, 40mg Amoxicillin Expiration Date. Amoxicillin Expiration Date overseas, And we've had a great run so far.

We celebrated by having a lot of tea and a cake and having a great big production meeting for Night Of The Living Dead and a photo shoot for Phantasm, 250mg Amoxicillin Expiration Date. Amoxicillin Expiration Date ebay, It felt great to be so busy on two exciting new productions as we hit our sixth birthday.

We're writing this blog to remind people of all the work we've done in these 6 years, Amoxicillin Expiration Date. If you're not too familiar with our work, 100mg Amoxicillin Expiration Date, 1000mg Amoxicillin Expiration Date, here's a look.

We're also writing this blog to remind people that we need funding in order to keep making new work, 20mg Amoxicillin Expiration Date. Amoxicillin Expiration Date canada, It's not a good time for young theatre companies to get new funding and that's why we've turned to sources like Fund It to gather budget for Night Of The Living Dead. If you're feeling that maybe you'd like to give us a birthday gift, 10mg Amoxicillin Expiration Date, you can purchase a series of rewards on our Fund It page that will ensure you tickets for Night Of The Living Dead amongst many other treats.

Also, if you'd like to benefit of our friendship all year long, you can buy yourself a slot on our Friends With Benefits programme. Check out our different offers here.

Generally, the older you get, the less presents you get. But this year, we want presents that we can keep playing with for a very long time.

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Allergic Reaction To Synthroid

We've been brushing up on zombies again...
Allergic Reaction To Synthroid, It's an apt time to put up a post like this. We've just hit the four week mark of our Fund It campaign for Night Of The Living Dead so it makes sense to give a nod to Danny Boyle's zombie movie (although many will debate whether it was a true zombie movie or not... we don't, we like fast zombies)

So far we're approaching the halfway funding mark for the campaign with two weeks left to hit our target of €5, 20mg Allergic Reaction To Synthroid,000. We're hoping that an intensive push now in the next 14 days will comfortably send us home and get to the target on time. Allergic Reaction To Synthroid australia, We're keen to hit our target as the wheels of production are already in motion. Last weekend we had a major script session where we battered around the third draft of the play and nitpicked every last detail over lots of cups of Devious fuel (or tea if you like), Allergic Reaction To Synthroid. The final draft is now being written and is starting to look like what should be the finest Irish zombie horror ever made.

Our recent script session

There's been a lot of activity on the production front with costume, design and set meetings taking place on top of the script meetings we've been having, Allergic Reaction To Synthroid ebay. Everything is slowly but surely starting to come together and we're getting very excited about the first cast and crew meet up and read through which will be taking place on May 20th before rehearsals kick off that week. It's an early start we know but with our recently announced involvement in Solstice with Phantasm, Allergic Reaction To Synthroid uk, we'll need a lot more spacing out of rehearsal time. Allergic Reaction To Synthroid, Plus, the cast need to get in really good shape for this one... right guys?

In short, your contributions to the play are going towards a wide spectrum of our production. The Fund It campaign will help us ensure that we hit the highest standards possible with this play and do it justice, Allergic Reaction To Synthroid canada. We've got big ideas and grand plans and your support will help us realise them. All we need is for people to keep spreading the word, 500mg Allergic Reaction To Synthroid, pushing the campaign and help us hit our target in the next 14 days. The link to our campaign page is here, so please help us get the word out and push this one over the line.

Thanks so much to the people who have funded us over the past 10 days: Niamh Smith, 150mg Allergic Reaction To Synthroid, Enya Kennedy, Kendall Butler, 40mg Allergic Reaction To Synthroid, Patrick Keane, Niamh Finn, Eithne McKenna, Anna O'Sullivan, Allergic Reaction To Synthroid india, Tom O'Neill, Roisin McQuillan, 50mg Allergic Reaction To Synthroid, Ethna McQuillan, Sarah O'Farrell, Evil Little Genius Productions, Richie Cody, Christine Matthews, Eat My Noise, Event Media, Tricia Hogan, Neil Shirran and Deirdre Kinahan.

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Allergic Reactions To Synthroid

We're getting ready to do more of this...

It's the second week of our Fund It campaign for Night Of The Living Dead Allergic Reactions To Synthroid, and here we are again, writing some updates and dishing out some thank you's.

This week has certainly seen a slow down in pledges towards the campaign but that's always inevitable after the first week splurge of activity. We're anticipating that next week will be even slower BUT it's not like that's all bad, by no means at all. Allergic Reactions To Synthroid mexico, We hit the €1,000 mark this week which means we are officially 1/5th of the way there. So that's a great thing.

To have those pledges and to hear how much people are looking forward to it has been amazing for us, Allergic Reactions To Synthroid. We've been trying to spread the word in as many ways as we can in a slow and steady way. One of the nice ways we were able to promote it was when I (John) got to take part in the Rise Production's Irish Theatre Podcast, 50mg Allergic Reactions To Synthroid. I had a great interview with Aonghus Óg McAnally where I could quite unashamedly plug both the show and the campaign. You can listen to it here, if you so wish. Allergic Reactions To Synthroid, (By the by, just subscribe to the podcast anyway, it's an indispensable resource for any self respecting Irish theatre fan.) So that was nice. 100mg Allergic Reactions To Synthroid, Connie was also on the Arts Show on KCLR96FM and despite being mostly there for her contributions to the Poetry Broadsheet, she managed to get in a plug for the play. The presenter in question (a certain Mr. Ken McGuire) did a damn good acting job of pretending he wasn't the producer of said play. So we've been finding our ways to get the word out there, 250mg Allergic Reactions To Synthroid. We might need to find more ingenious ways of promoting the campaign in the next 3 weeks, but I'm sure we'll come up with something, Allergic Reactions To Synthroid. (Zombie flash mob anyone. Zombie flyer run. Zombie mugging?)

As I write this, Allergic Reactions To Synthroid usa, we are 2 days off of starting on full time pre-production for the play (more on that during the week) and it's really nice to go into it with a lot of support for the Fund It campaign ringing in our ears. It makes all that script polishing, set designing, make up testing, prop building, Allergic Reactions To Synthroid india, stage managing, promo plotting a whole lot easier knowing that as it stands, there's definitely an audience for the play. 10mg Allergic Reactions To Synthroid,

Applying some effects

How do we know there's definitely an audience. Well, a good chunk of them have already bought their tickets here.

Thanks to all of our second week funders for coming on board. And those blessed and sainted souls are: Alan Cliff, Allergic Reactions To Synthroid us, Chloe O'Connor, Eilis Ni Bhroite, our brilliant stage manager Aidan Doheny, 750mg Allergic Reactions To Synthroid, the folks at Counter Productions, Peter McGann, Michael Murphy, Liam Murphy of The Munster Express, Aidan Crowe, Allergic Reactions To Synthroid uk, and some lovely and talented ladies who have worked with us: Aoife O'Reilly, Hazel Fahy, Lucy McKenna and Liadain Kaminska.

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Purchase Lumigan

Behind the scenes at the first poster shoot

It's been a week since we've launched our Fund It campaign for Night Of The Living Dead.

Purchase Lumigan, So far it's been going slow but steady. We realise that it's a marathon not a sprint so we're steadying ourselves as best we can with the campaign and hoping to build on it as we get closer and closer to the deadline. I guess you can consider this the first of our weekly updates. Which inevitably means that as we approach the end of the remaining 32 days we'll publish another 4, 20mg Purchase Lumigan.

The great thing we've discovered about having a Fund It campaign is that it brings the project in question to a whole new audience. So in that way alone, it's made a lot of people aware of Night Of The Living Dead who mightn't already have been, Purchase Lumigan. At this point in the production, 250mg Purchase Lumigan, it's invaluable to have an increased profile for the play before it has even hit the rehearsal room.

This is what we look like when we're asking for money

Another great thing is that it harnesses the good will of a lot of lovely people towards something positive and creative. For us, it's great to see the investment and enthusiasm people are placing in Night Of The Living Dead at this stage, Purchase Lumigan japan. It makes us all the more eager to deliver the best goddamn Irish zombie play ever. Purchase Lumigan, For anyone looking to contribute, you can see all of our rewards here at this link: http://www.fundit.ie/project/night-of-the-living-dead

Check them out and see what might suit you. No one has bitten (no pun intended) for the €250 join the cast reward... 50mg Purchase Lumigan, it's a lot of money to donate, sure, but it's also gonna be a lot of fun. Please spread the word, 1000mg Purchase Lumigan, get on board and help us make something terrifyingly beautiful this summer.

Thanks to everyone who has come on board to fund us so far, 40mg Purchase Lumigan, you guys are officially our patrons and we are in your debt. Thank you all for your funds, support and kind words. The people we are indebted to in our first week are Ronan Mac Raois, Purchase Lumigan overseas, Margaret Leonard, Paddy Dunne and Annette O'Shea (both of this parish), Purchase Lumigan uk, Aoife McMahon, Helen Walsh, Mephisto Theatre Company (also rocking a hot campaign), RichArt, 10mg Purchase Lumigan, Dawn MacAllister and Shirley Somers (both of Solstice), Neil Curran of No Drama, 750mg Purchase Lumigan, our forever friend Darragh Doyle, Katie Kelly, Bunclody Academy Of Dance and our beloved twinkle toes Gemma Grant, the esteemed Aonghus Óg McAnally of Rise Productions, Vibrant Ireland, Rob Cumiskey, Stephanie Francis, Roxanna Nic Liam (extra thanks for all the retweets!) and Eoin Winning.

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