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Lie. Cheat. Steal. Graduate.

teaser-poster-union Here's our first teaser poster for our next production The Union. Adrian Kavanagh's first play for us has been in the works for a while now and we're looking forward to debuting the show in Kilkenny from July 29th to August 1st in Cleere's Theatre. The Union is a furiously funny dramatic retelling of the rise and fall of St. Dominic’s Student Union. The play takes place in the final days of the current student union regime in a failing regional college. Five erstwhile colleagues are locked in one room knowing that one of them stole the €10,060 fundraised cash that their reputations, hopes, dreams, careers and election campaigns are hinged on. Backs will be stabbed, hearts will be broke and throats will be cut. The clock is ticking. We’re going to see how united this Union really is. The show will be directed by John Morton, produced by Ken McGuire, designed by Kate Moylan and stage managed by Aidan Doheny, all of whom worked on last years production of Some Flood. The cast is still being finalised but we'll be announcing the five strong union very soon. Along with the first poster, we've also just launched ticket sales for the show. We're doing a 4 night run of the show in Kilkenny and unlike our previous shows this is absolutely the only run of The Union in our hometown so with a limited capacity in Cleere's, if you want tickets you might want to grab them right here.
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Join Us…

10560278_10152879145813676_967604532850717737_oLast night we opened The Centre Of The Universe. Now we want you to join us... The first show is in the bag for John Doran's Show In A Bag after a rapturous opening night in Cleere's Theatre. The response was fantastic with quite a few people join his cult. A cult for you. Yes, happiness and joy abounded in Cleere's Theatre last night and that's what will happen if you embrace John's methodology's to overcome the big life challenges that will come your way. You have only three opportunities left to catch this life changing talk. Touch John and he will touch you. Join us in Cleere's from tonight until Saturday night. You can ensure your tickets here.
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Cult Fiction

IMG_4763The director of The Centre Of The Universe, John Morton, asks the show's writer and performer John Doran, some questions he knows the answers to and some he doesn't. So to begin, where did your initial idea behind the play come from? I wanted to perform a TED style talk to people about something along the lines of self-help.  I wasn't really sure where it would lead after that. Then I saw the work in progress version of Lippy in Theatre Machine Vol. III and I loved how frustrated the interviewer was at the operator in a really contained way. That kind of sparked the idea to have a guy who's clearly got some personal baggage going on while trying to seem composed and cool to an audience. From there, it was just amusing to write about and mess with. Why do you think you've got such a fascination with cults? I think what fascinates me about cults, self-help and motivational speaking is the unavoidable cynicism you experience when encountering these things. I guess that motivated me to put myself in their shoes and attempt justifying why a person would be a cult member who gives motivational self-help speeches. Why the hell would you do that?! I was pretty intrigued to figure out why. It was fun, dark and ultimately comical. Has your perception of cults changed all that much since creating and performing The Centre Of The Universe? Quite a bit. I originally thought that cults were just these things with crazy people in them and if you join one, you're a crazy person and the whole thing is just stupid. But once I started to write about why this character would join a cult, it made me look at cult members from a different angle. When I see a cult now, I'm more curious about what their demographic is, where the bulk of their membership comes from, any consistency in their enlistments that may create a clear picture to why they are successful and why exactly these specific people chose these specific cults. I guess I stopped judging them and started curiously looking at them, their people and their structures. What's the craziest thing you learned during researching the play? I think the craziest thing that I had to comes to to terms with was that a lot of most cults teachings aren't at all bad. This was difficult to admit because it could have potentially meant that in writing a play about a cult, I somehow wound up in a real one. Awkward. So naturally, I was reluctant to put to much thought into how I was finding myself casually agreeing with the teachings of certain cults. Luckily, it then became clear that what's actually wrong with cults is their insane ability to isolate, extort and emotionally blackmail people. I guess it's not that surprising to think that a cult would use basic, agreeable self-help disciplines in order to lure you in and eventually take all your money and have you work for free. The whole thing is fucking mental. Since first performing it last year, what aspects of it have you found people have responded to the most? What was really surprising was the amount of people who admitted to practising the same central technique that the character demonstrates in their own lives. I think it may be because of the character's pretty common circumstances. Young person who's out of college a year. Jobless. A bit lost, looking for meaning (or even better) something to just do. I think we all hit that bump at some point. If you could join any cult, which one and why? The second coming of Jesus cult in Siberia. Amazing digs. Beautiful location. Affordable. All you need to do is give them your passport and your in. Look it up. The Centre Of The Universe plays Cleere's Theatre, Kilkenny from Wednesday February 11th to Saturday February 14th at 8pm nightly. You can book your tickets in person in Cleere's, by phone on 056-7762573 or online here. Join us...
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Cult Of Personality

"A cult? Like a cult cult? Like a sect? A movement do you mean? One of them new found religions? Why should I join a cult? Aren’t I generally supposed to stay away from cults? Aren’t they just weird?"
COU PHOTO (10)John Doran's The Centre Of The Universe focuses on a young man who sets up his own cult. Yes, a cult. Everybody's got a different idea of what a cult is. From David Koresh to David Icke to Charles Manson to Jonestown to eh, Scientology. And generally, those ideas we have aren't very positive. In this show, John dissects the cult mentality and looks at how society can benefit from people creating a cult centred entirely around themselves. It's a fresh, novel take on the idea of cults, mindfulness and self help talks. And it's also very funny. And you might just find yourself in a cult by the end of it. If you want to join John for his talk, then join us next week as The Centre Of The Universe opens our account for 2015 in Cork as part of Quarter Block Party. Then we'll be following that up with a trip to Kilkenny when we hit Cleeres Theatre from February 11th-14th. Tickets have gone on sale behind the counter in Cleeres so pop in if you want to grab them. As for online sales, get them while they're hot, and they're hot right here.
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Four For 2015

At the beginning of the year, we usually like to lay out our stall and tell people what they can expect from us. Sometimes it's possible, sometimes it's not but in the case of 2015, we can confirm what kinds of devious theatre you'll be seeing from us over the next 12 months. We're very excited about this years work and we hope you will be too. Here's what we've got lined up: #1: The Centre Of The Universe COU PHOTO (7)John Doran's one man show premiered as an acclaimed Show In A Bag offering at last years Tiger Dublin Fringe. It's hitting the road in 2015 and we're delighted to be producing it. Directed by John Morton, it tells the story of a disillusioned young man who decides to set up his own cult. It's a frenetic mix of comedy and drama all anchored by a tour de force turn from Doran. Think of it as a TED talk that spins off in some wild directions and you're in the ballpark. We've been itching to do a one man show for a while and no better one man than John Doran. It plays Quarter Block Party on February 7th before a Kilkenny run in the intimate confines of Cleeres Theatre from February 11th to 14th. It will be hitting the road later in the year. You can get your tickets here. #2: Bridge Street IMG_5415We're excited to be involved in our first co-production and we couldn't have a better project than Bridge Street. Working alongside Corcadorca, Equinox Theatre Company and Studio Weave, the site specific show explores a street in a regular Irish town struggling to keep onto the purpose it once had. Bridge Street (recently explored in The Irish Times series The Street) was once a prominent midway point between Cork and Dublin, it's had a long and storied history and over the course of this show, audiences will get to explore it. Bridge Street is being directed by Pat Kiernan and scripted by John Morton. For anyone who hasn't had a chance to see the amazing work being done in Callan in places like KCAT, Fennelly's and Equinox, then make sure you book a ticket for this summer's Abhainn Ri Festival. In the meantime, check out Equinox's The Memory Box which is on tour next month. #3: Vultures IMG_0856_3_2Okay, we thought it would happen last year but broadcast dates aren't ours to decide so we've just been sitting in dark rooms adding more sinister sound effects. This new 20 part radio serial will hit the airwaves (and the web) in 2015. The Detective Union Of Ireland AGM is thrown into turmoil when Ireland's greatest sleuth Basil Maguire is murdered. Who would murder a detective in a hotel full of detectives? A frantic race to uncover the culprit (and win the bragging rights) ensues. The case is investigated by 6 narrators and the show employs a wide and varied voice cast playing multiple parts. That cast are Stephen Colfer, Ross Costigan, John Doran, Amy Dunne, Seán Hackett, Ken McGuire, John Morton, Niamh Moyles, Suzanne O'Brien and David Thompson. To get warmed up, check out the previous incarnation of Vultures. #4: The Union TheUnion-ForWebThe second of our Little Deviations: Volume 1 crop comes to fruition following on from Some Flood last year. Adrian Kavanagh has done some fantastic work with his company Spark Productions over the past few years and we're excited to be bringing the work of another new Kilkenny writer to the stage. And with a Carlow setting, we're definitely getting cosy with the neighbours this year. (Vultures is also set, and was recorded, in Carlow). Keeping it south east! A very noir tinged, Breakfast Club inspired, locked room mystery story, The Union sees the five members of St. Dominic's Student Union stuck in their office with a missing €5,000, a huge loan to pay off, a looming election and a tense amount of interpersonal friction. Backs will be stabbed, hearts will be broke and throats will be cut when The Union visit Cleeres Theatre, Kilkenny from July 29th to August 1st this summer. We're hoping to add a few more dates along the way so stay tuned. This is us for 2015. We hope you'll come to see us along the way! If you'd like to support this work further, please consider joining our Friends Of Devious Theatre programme. There are plenty of perks involved and you'd be really helping the cause. Stay tuned here for more details.
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The Centre Of The Universe

war-of-attrition-programme-6We're delighted to announce that our next production will be The Centre Of The Universe, a one man show written and performed by John Doran. Originally performed as one of the Show In A Bag offerings at the 2014 Tiger Dublin Fringe festival, we're delighted to be taking on production duties for this acclaimed show as it tours throughout 2015. It's the first time we've produced a one man show and it's great to finally have the opportunity to do so. The show is directed by John Morton who returns to the Devious directing saddle having last directed Phantasm in 2012. The Centre Of The Universe tells the story of John, a young man down on his luck, unemployed and drinking too much. On the day of his first job interview for ages, his neuroses and insecurities come crashing down on him resulting in a whole new way of approaching life. John decides to set up his own cult. And he's at the centre of it. Over the course of this engaging, informative talk, he explains how you can join him...
I was just idling around life rather than taking any control of my own. And it made me feel so, inadequate. Alone. Real Loneliness. A bit depressed I guess you could say. Bored. Lonely. Time just passing me by. Feeling alone in the universe.
The received unanimously positive reviews during it's first run and we're delighted to be taking the play to Cork for Quarter Block Party on February 6th before bringing it for a home town jaunt in Cleere's Theatre, Kilkenny from February 11th-14th. Tickets for Cork can be purchased here and tickets for Kilkenny will be going on sale soon. The show will then be returning later in the year for more national dates. Join us...
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1382820_556763627725736_2090600781_nOpening tonight in Kilkenny is David Fennelly's acclaimed show Fishes which also has a hand from two erstwhile Devious Theatre collaborators John Doran and John Morton. This funny and disturbed drama about one unemployed man and his burgeoning friendship with his social welfare officer opened to great acclaim as part of Collaborations Festival last year. It came back in full length form later in the year for a December run in Smock Alley followed by an acclaimed month long run in Bewley's Cafe Theatre from March to April of this year. The writer of the show David Fennelly also acts in it alongside John Doran (last seen with us in War Of Attrition and also directing Some Flood). John Morton (who last directed Phantasm for us as well as writing and appearing in War Of Attrition) is the man doing the directing. IMG_6529The synopsis for the show reads:
Set in a dingy flat in present day Dublin, a smell of mouldy bread and crusty clothes wafts its way through the nose of poor Larry’s inner thoughts. Desperately passive, Larry unintentionally shines a scorching and painful spotlight on the modern day 'typical Irish Man'. Greeting his dole officer, Eldridge, in his dressing gown - he is unemployed, heartbroken and hung-over. In truth, he is paralysed by our national pastime and excuse for everything - drink. With the exception of his drinking buddies, he is friendless. Today he sees his world collapsing around him through the fresh eyes of Eldridge, the first person to actually listen to him, and is faced with the reality that everything is not 'grand' and if he does want things to work out he needs to wake up and take life by the balls. The show has gotten a slew of fantastic reviews over the last few months and has won a large following. If you want to catch some top of the range comedy theatre this week then Fishes is the way to go. It opens tonight at 8pm in Cleeres Theatre and runs until Saturday night. Tickets are €10 and can be bought in Cleeres, booked on 056-7762573 or bought online here.
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Skin Infections Tetracycline

somefloodproduction-9Some Flood is up and running in Cleeres Theatre Skin Infections Tetracycline, for this weeks string of performances and we've been absolutely delighted with how it's going so far. Great buzz, Skin Infections Tetracycline coupon, Skin Infections Tetracycline australia, great feedback, generally great craic down Parliament Street way, 1000mg Skin Infections Tetracycline. 200mg Skin Infections Tetracycline, As we hit the weekend, ticket sales are picking up considerably and considering that our set up in Cleeres Theatre has a grand capacity of 54 seats, Skin Infections Tetracycline paypal, 150mg Skin Infections Tetracycline, tickets are going to go fast. So yes, Skin Infections Tetracycline usa, Skin Infections Tetracycline ebay, we could end up with quite the deluge this weekend. To avoid the Friday and Saturday night crowd flood, Skin Infections Tetracycline overseas, 30mg Skin Infections Tetracycline, we've lined up two lunchtime shows tomorrow March 14th and on Saturday March 15th. So if you want to see Some Flood in all its glory and want to avoid the audience flood at night, then these shows are perfect for you.

Both lunchtime shows start at 1pm in Cleeres Theatre and the performance runs at 60 minutes. If you want to ensure tickets for the lunchtime shows (and indeed any remaining shows) hit up our online ticket sales right here.

All the lovely photos here were taken by Kasia Kaminska.

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Can You Shoot Up Prozac

somefloodpromo2Tonight we open John Doran and Kevin Mooney's apocalyptic comedy Some Flood in Cleeres Theatre Can You Shoot Up Prozac, , Kilkenny.

It's a great piece of writing from the lads and one that we're just mad proud to bring to the stage. 10mg Can You Shoot Up Prozac, It's everything you'd come to expect from a Devious Theatre play and a little bit more besides. It's rooted in the style of theatre that we've developed over the years but places it in a whole new genre. We've tackled 19th century American cannibals, 250mg Can You Shoot Up Prozac, yes we've tackled musicals, Can You Shoot Up Prozac us, Kilkenny set romantic comedies, drug addiction dramas, Italian farces, 100mg Can You Shoot Up Prozac, teen comedies, Can You Shoot Up Prozac mexico, Greek tragedies, Shakespearean battle raps, radio sci-fi, Can You Shoot Up Prozac japan, cyber warfare, 40mg Can You Shoot Up Prozac, revolutionary agitprop, detective fiction and now we figure we might as well just throw the kitchen sink at it and tackle the apocalypse.

After a Biblical downpour, Noah manages to break through the surface and clambers onto the roof of his apartment building, a place once termed an eye sore and now a handy place of high ground to rise above the flood, Can You Shoot Up Prozac. But he's the only one left, Can You Shoot Up Prozac craiglist. And so begins a tale of survival, Can You Shoot Up Prozac canada, paranoia at a personal level and how best to prepare for the worst. We're tackling the end of the world and we want you to come and watch it with us.

Some Flood opens tonight in Cleeres Theatre, 50mg Can You Shoot Up Prozac, Parliament Street, Kilkenny at 8pm. Tickets for tonight's performance are only €8 and can be bought at the venue or right here. The show runs until Saturday March 15th with lunchtime performances on Friday 14th and Saturday 15th at 1pm.

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Rash From Amoxicillin


Today we arrived back in Kilkenny and spent a long soup and sandwich filled day teching in Cleeres Theatre for our run of Some Flood Rash From Amoxicillin, this week. It's always lovely to be back in the space we made our first show all the way back in August 2006. There are no frills, Rash From Amoxicillin uk, no bells and whistles, Rash From Amoxicillin india, just a stage, a few lights, seats to fit about 60 bums and the potential for making some magic, 20mg Rash From Amoxicillin. Oh, 500mg Rash From Amoxicillin, except we're not going to be on the stage. More on that when YOU COME SEE THE SHOW.


Yes, come see the show, Rash From Amoxicillin. We're really proud of it, 750mg Rash From Amoxicillin. It's suitably deviating from anything we've done before yet still bears all the hallmarks of what you might expect from a Devious Theatre play. 150mg Rash From Amoxicillin, John Doran and Kevin Mooney have crafted something funny, heartbreaking, weird as hell and truly apocalyptic in the most personal sense, Rash From Amoxicillin overseas. The performances from Kevin and Eddie Murphy as the last, Rash From Amoxicillin japan, lonely Irish men in existence are some of the best we've put on the stage. Rash From Amoxicillin, Yes, this is the hard sell but we mean every word of it. It's going to be great. We're just about ready to open the floodgates and we hope you'll be there to meet us this week, 30mg Rash From Amoxicillin. The flood is here. Rash From Amoxicillin usa, Some Flood opens tomorrow night March 11th in Cleeres Theatre, Kilkenny. It runs at 8pm nightly until Saturday March 15th. There will be lunchtime shows on March 14th and 15th at 1pm. Tickets can be bought at the venue, booked on 056 - 7762573 and bought online here..

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