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Buy Generic Prozac, The following review appeared in 'Encore' as part of The Munster Express, week-ending Friday October 28th 2011. Online subscribers can access the review here. The review is written by Liam Murphy who was in attendance on the opening night of the production.

Devious Theatre Company, Buy Generic Prozac uk, Kilkenny took another positive step towards recognition as a professional theatre company with a stunning production at Cleere's Theatre, Buy Generic Prozac paypal, of the controversial Bash: Latterday Plays by Neil Labute. This is a play, because of the subject matter of its three sections caused the author to be excommunicated from the Church of the Latterday Saints, 200mg Buy Generic Prozac. These plays are meant to evoke revulsion and admiration and this company repelled me with the presentation of evil in a cruel, 30mg Buy Generic Prozac, indifferent world and impressed me with strong, searing acting in a small intimate space, where you had to engage with the horror onstage or look away, Buy Generic Prozac india.

Based loosely on aspects of the cruelty and inhumanity contained in Greek theatre, these three pieces, two monologues and a dialogue took more ability than just nerve to do something shocking and controversial, Buy Generic Prozac.

In Iphigenia in Orem, Buy Generic Prozac overseas, John Morton confronts his audience with a confessional admission that he stood back and allowed his baby, an infant, to smother beneath a duvet or comforter as American's say, 750mg Buy Generic Prozac. His explanation of this horrible act had a chilling rationality to it and it was a feat of acting and directing by Ken McGuire. 20mg Buy Generic Prozac, McGuire partnered Amy Dunne in A Gaggle Of Saints where he describes how his friends go up to the city for a bash or party, follow a gay man and beat him to death, steal his ring and present it to his fiancé, Buy Generic Prozac us, Dunne. Buy Generic Prozac craiglist, The counterpoint of their cross purpose dialogue is a wonderful testament to fine acting and spot on direction from Annette O'Shea. Buy Generic Prozac, John Morton directed the final piece, Medea Redux, where a tearful O'Shea recalls being seduced by a teacher and giving birth to a fine baby boy. In an unspeakable act of revenge and cruelty she kills the son to make a point to the smug teacher who rejected her.

This was a difficult performance and Annette O'Shea riveted the audience with an awesome performance where I just could not avert my eyes and such was the shock at the heart of this play that I found it hard to applaud at the end.

Why the Arts Council has not granted-aided this company to become a professional theatre is an indictment of the reductive trend many subsidized organizations are pursuing with difficult diligence.

Bash ran from October 17th - 22nd 2011 in Cleeres Theatre, Kilkenny..

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Prozac Weekly

Annette O'Shea last played the lead role of Claire in Smitten Prozac Weekly, . Here, she talks about how she came across Medea Redux and what the part means to her.

In a strange way, 150mg Prozac Weekly, my rehearsal for this play began about four years ago. I am sure he has long forgotten but back in 2008, in my eternal search for the perfect audition monologue, I asked John Morton if he knew of any gems and sure enough he told me to look up Medea Redux by Neil Labute, Prozac Weekly overseas. And I can honestly say it was one of the best pieces of advice I have ever gotten in my theatre life.

I read the play and immediately went back to page one and read it again. not because i felt like I missed anything or didn't understand something, i simply wanted to luxuriate in the writing, the imagery, the genius of Neil LaBute over and over, Prozac Weekly. 30mg Prozac Weekly, It is so hard to find, even today, strong, powerful, 40mg Prozac Weekly, ballsy female parts and so to find this was so heartening, it made me excited about theatre, Prozac Weekly japan, about acting. I knew in that instant that I was absolutely going to play this part at some point in the future. It was my Hamlet.

So when I heard the mutterings one night in Cleeres about Neil LaBute having his Devious debut, Prozac Weekly coupon, needless to say I was very excited. Prozac Weekly, To be afforded the opportunity to play this part is both fantastic and absolutely daunting. The sheer volume of words, 750mg Prozac Weekly, the challenge of holding an audiences attention for 35 minutes, doing the writing justice and giving "Medea" a chance to say her piece are all very daunting but equally very exhilarating tasks.

Before beginning bash, i never expected it to be as much a collaborative process between the four actors as it has been, Prozac Weekly uk. when we rehearse together it is such a supportive and open environment which is a blessing when each one of us are dealing with such traumatic material. The amount of time we have all had to spend alone simply getting to grips with the logistics of the piece before being able to present it to each other is something i have never experienced before.

It's interesting how pure fear can make you do things you never imagined were possible, Prozac Weekly. Prozac Weekly ebay, I now have all 18 pages in my head. I have no idea how but they are in there and the only thing I can attribute it to is a mixture of fear and the utter brilliance of Neil LaBute's writing. It flows like Shakespeare and when something is that enjoyable to read it seems to make it that much easier to learn.

Monday is going to be a milestone in my theatre life, Prozac Weekly usa. I am so looking forward to getting on stage, first of all, to play this part, but also to introduce a Kilkenny audience to Neil LaBute's work. Hopefully this won't be the last we'll see of Labute in Kilkenny.

Annette O'Shea performs Medea Redux in bash: latterday plays by Neil LaBute from October 17th - 22nd in Cleere's Theatre, Kilkenny..

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Bayer Cipro

This is the final poster for our production of Neil LaBute's bash: latterday plays which runs from October 17th - 22nd in Bayer Cipro, Cleeres Theatre, Kilkenny.

It showcases the four letter based posters that we've released throughout the week, 20mg Bayer Cipro, Bayer Cipro japan, featuring the cast of the play Amy Dunne, Ken McGuire, Bayer Cipro uk, 500mg Bayer Cipro, John Morton and Annette O'Shea.

As usual, 30mg Bayer Cipro, Bayer Cipro india, the poster design was handled by our wonderfully talented designer Paddy Dunne, who is nearing both the 50 mark and exhaustion when it comes to our posters, Bayer Cipro coupon. 1000mg Bayer Cipro, Tickets for bash have just gone on sale in Cleere's Theatre at the price of €12. Bookings can be made on 056 - 7762573 and of course, 50mg Bayer Cipro, Bayer Cipro mexico, online purchases can still be made here.

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Vitamin A Retin

'I don't even stop to think this through'

Our final poster from bash: latterday plays is of Ken McGuire playing the part of John in a gaggle of saints Vitamin A Retin, , directed by Annette O'Shea.

In a gaggle of saints, 750mg Vitamin A Retin, 10mg Vitamin A Retin, a young Mormon couple tell the story of a romantic weekend in New York in duologue form. Based on the Greek myth of Orpheus, Vitamin A Retin paypal, Vitamin A Retin australia, John and Sue describe all the details of the weekend, both romantic and horrific, Vitamin A Retin overseas. 40mg Vitamin A Retin, bash: latterday plays by Neil LaBute runs from October 17th - 22nd in Cleeres Theatre, Parliament Street, Vitamin A Retin craiglist, Vitamin A Retin usa, Kilkenny. Tickets are €12 and are available from Cleeres Theatre and can be booked on 056 - 7762573, Vitamin A Retin us. 250mg Vitamin A Retin, Online bookings can be made right here..

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Stories Cialis

'We been doing things so wrong for so long that it all starts to feel okay after a while.'

The third of our bash: latterday plays posters is from medea redux Stories Cialis, , which will be performed by Annette O'Shea and directed by John Morton.

In medea redux, 200mg Stories Cialis, Stories Cialis ebay, a woman tells the complex story of an affair with her high school teacher when she was a teenager. Based on the Medea story from Greek mythology, 100mg Stories Cialis, Stories Cialis canada, it's a harrowing and ultimately tragic tale about the lengths people go to keep control of their lives.

bash: latterday plays by Neil LaBute runs from October 17th - 22nd in Cleeres Theatre, 150mg Stories Cialis, Stories Cialis overseas, Parliament Street, Kilkenny, Stories Cialis japan. Stories Cialis mexico, Tickets are €12 and can be booked in Cleeres on 056 - 7762573. You can buy tickets online right here., Stories Cialis uk. 500mg Stories Cialis.

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Statin Drugs And Diflucan

Statin Drugs And Diflucan, 'But see, in a weird way though, it excited me.'

Our next bash: latterday plays poster is of Amy Dunne playing the part of Sue in a gaggle of saints, which is being directed by Annette O'Shea.

In a gaggle of saints, Statin Drugs And Diflucan paypal, 40mg Statin Drugs And Diflucan, a young couple tell the events of a violent weekend away in New York City. Loosely based on the Greek myth of Orpheus, 100mg Statin Drugs And Diflucan, 50mg Statin Drugs And Diflucan, it veers unsteadily between the romantic and the horrific as the narrative is recounted by the happy couple.

bash: latterday plays by Neil LaBute runs from October 17th - 22nd in Cleeres Theatre, 30mg Statin Drugs And Diflucan, Statin Drugs And Diflucan coupon, Parliament Street, Kilkenny, Statin Drugs And Diflucan ebay. Statin Drugs And Diflucan usa, Tickets are €12 and can be purchased in Cleeres and booked on 056 - 7762573. Tickets can be bought online right here., 20mg Statin Drugs And Diflucan. Statin Drugs And Diflucan canada.

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Zithromax And Wine

Our next production will be bash: latterday plays by Neil LaBute Zithromax And Wine, .

We’re massive fans of the work of Neil LaBute and have been waiting many years to stage one of his plays in Kilkenny. Zithromax And Wine mexico, We are delighted to finally do so when bash runs in the intimate confines of Cleere’s Theatre from October 17th – 22nd.

bash was first performed in 1999. It became quickly renowned for its shocking and unflinching portrayals of everyday evil with the New York Times calling it ‘insistently brutal’, Zithromax And Wine overseas. Like much of LaBute’s work, it exposes the dark and sinister undercurrents of clean cut middle American life, Zithromax And Wine. The play was considered so shocking at the time that LaBute was disfellowshipped by the Church Of Latter Day Saints, 100mg Zithromax And Wine, of whom the characters in bash are members.

The play consists of 3 stories with a loose basis on Greek mythology, transposed to modern America, Zithromax And Wine ebay. Delivered in monologues that are conversational, 200mg Zithromax And Wine, breezy, natural and ultimately gutwrenching, bash examines the horrific lengths that human beings go to in order to stay in control of their lives, Zithromax And Wine coupon.

In iphigenia in orem a young utah businessman recounts a particularly chilling confession to a stranger in a Las Vegas hotel room. It will be performed by John Morton and directed by Ken McGuire Zithromax And Wine, . Zithromax And Wine paypal, a gaggle of saints sees a young couple document the violent events of a romantic weekend away in New York. It will be performed by Amy Dunne and Ken McGuire and directed by Annette O’Shea.

In medea redux a young woman tells the ultimately tragic tale about a romance with her high school teacher when she was a teenager, Zithromax And Wine canada. It will be performed by Annette O’Shea and directed by John Morton.

Neil LaBute’s plays include The Shape Of Things, The Mercy Seat, Fat Pig, Wrecks and reasons to be pretty, Zithromax And Wine. 40mg Zithromax And Wine, His film work includes In The Company Of Men, Your Friends And Neighbours, Nurse Betty and Possession, Zithromax And Wine us.

Neil LaBute’s bash: latterday plays runs in Cleere’s Theatre, Kilkenny from October 17th – 22nd at 8pm nightly. Bookings can be made on 056 – 7762573. Tickets are €12 and are available to buy online now (subject to booking fee).

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Amoxicillin Clav

Annette O'Shea last appeared for us this past February in Scratcher Amoxicillin Clav, . She previously appeared for us in the first production of Smitten in 2008 as Bronagh. This time she's playing the part of mishap prone, 200mg Amoxicillin Clav, heart breaker Claire. She's taken some of her non rehearsal time to have a chat with us.

Your character Claire is pretty much the lead in this production. How have you been finding it?

The lead. I think it's more of an ensemble! I have been finding it.., Amoxicillin Clav. tough I guess, 30mg Amoxicillin Clav. But very exciting and exhilarating, the craic is had everyday.  I never take for granted how lucky I am to be working with such a brilliant company and so to be apart of that ensemble is fantastic. I am just out of college going into an uncertain business in an uncertain time so to be blessed with acting work of a professional standard is great. Amoxicillin Clav us, I get to work with amazing actors and an amazing company who have taught me so much. I am currently going through a time of great transition in my own life, like Claire, so I can certainly relate to her situation in a small way. That helps, 750mg Amoxicillin Clav. Amoxicillin Clav, I am really looking forward to getting onstage and giving Claire a chance to say her piece.

Your character hates musicals. How do you like them yourself?

Hate is a strong word. Amoxicillin Clav india, But I have to admit I feel fairly strongly about musicals. Claire and I share opinions here also... But its just the happy, clappy, smiley ones that I have a problem with, Amoxicillin Clav. I have the greatest respect for those blessed with song and dance but sitting through something like The Sound of Music or Mamma Mia makes me shudder. I do enjoy a certain amount of them, 20mg Amoxicillin Clav, shows like Avenue Q and Chicago - the dirty sexy ones.

What are the other biggest differences between this production of Smitten and the last Smitten?

Well, Amoxicillin Clav paypal, obviously playing Claire is a nice change. Any of the cast will say the same, its a lovely challenge to play a character that in your head belongs to someone else from the last production. Amoxicillin Clav, So you are constantly searching for  new and original ways to create the character. The shape of the play is completely different, 100mg Amoxicillin Clav, it feels like we are playing much more as an ensemble cast this time, with more complex relationships. 1000mg Amoxicillin Clav, And obviously there is more singing and dancing.

Having studied in Cork, how do you feel about going down there to open the show at Solstice?

It will be lovely to be back in Cork, it will actually be my first trip down there since my graduation last year, 150mg Amoxicillin Clav. Having studied drama there I am delighted to be visiting as an actor working on a show. And I look forward to meeting a lot of my class mates who are working consistently creating and promoting theatre in Cork, Amoxicillin Clav. In fact, the Solstice team are made up of UCC Drama alumni which makes me very proud. And obviously the craic will most definitely be had.

The big question. What's your favourite musical Annette O'Shea?

I'm no expert but Billy Elliot really tugged at my heart strings. I haven't seen The Lion King but I imagine the athleticism and artistry that is required to create majestic animals on stage is pretty amazing!

Smitten opens this Thursday June 16th at 6pm in the Old FÁS Building on Sullivans Quay as part of Solstice, Cork. Tickets are €3 and can be purchased at the Cork Midsummer Box Office at Triskel Arts Centre..

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Ic Colchicine

"You Were Right About The Stars"

Ic Colchicine, A Short Story from Smitten.

How long can the shopping possibly take. Why, there could be queues or a shortage of plastic bags or maybe someone crashed an airplane into Superquinn or one of the cashiers went crazy and shot the place up. Or else the person doing the shopping could be shit faced drunk and have left the shopping at the bar in the Pumphouse, squashing eggs and bursting milk cartons by accident the drunker he gets, Ic Colchicine paypal.

Bronagh peered through the curtains and really wished that she had done the shopping herself. She's much too pregnant to be out and about doing the shopping, Ic Colchicine. I wish I did it, she thought. But you didn't Bronagh so why don't you sit your pretty little self and your pretty little bump down and have a cup of tea and a whole heap of those mini Crunchies you keep eating. 200mg Ic Colchicine, Not the big ones, it has to be the little ones. Only the little ones will do. Ic Colchicine, Where is he. Out to do the shopping he said. Won't take long at all he said. Well it has taken long, 100mg Ic Colchicine. Too long… by far. And when you're a man trying to stay on the wagon, too long becomes unbearable for the person sitting at home, Ic Colchicine. And Bronagh was the person at home. She wasn't sitting though, not a chance. Ic Colchicine mexico, She was exactly like one of those girlfriends she swore she'd never become. The ones who stand at windows and wait and wait and wait. Ic Colchicine, Outside the window there's nothing, not even the stars to look up at. She tries to find something else to do… but options are limited when 8 months worth of baby growth is after happening in her womb. She's still afraid of her lump bursting open like an alien, escaping from inside like some horrendous scene from a schlocky horror movie. That's what's been happening in her dreams of late, Ic Colchicine uk. She'd wake up caked in sweat, panting heavily with her hands steadfastly cradling her bump. But Dave would always be there, rubbing her head and getting water for her, Ic Colchicine.

That's the Dave she needs. Not the old one. Ic Colchicine usa, Not the old one at all. He was too drunk, too messy, too unattentive. Ic Colchicine, She loved him, loved him she did. But she quietly lost patience. She dragged him home on her slight frame many times when he was too drunk to move, Ic Colchicine craiglist. She cleaned his stomach lining up from the sink one time after a particularly horrendous bender. He fell asleep hanging over the banister of the stairs. She didn't have the strength to move him so she just left him there, Ic Colchicine. All the nights of turning him over because she'd be afraid he'd puke in his sleep and die, just like Hendrix did. 30mg Ic Colchicine, Just like a lot of people did in fact. What a horribly undignified way to go, she thought, choking to death on your own vomit. At least it's better than a baby bursting out of your stomach though. Ic Colchicine, Especially if it tried to strangle her with placenta. She tries not to think of death by placenta, Ic Colchicine coupon. That's even more undignified than the puke. She's trying to think of who she should call…. or if she should call… or if she should run out into the streets screaming 'Dave. Dave!' with her arms flailing, Ic Colchicine.

At the exact moment she's fiddling with the curtain and thinking of all those bad things she hears the key slide into the lock. Ic Colchicine japan, A rush of relief washes through her like if a dam had burst or even her waters had broke. But she'd best not think of that right now. She didn't want to greet Dave with broken waters and incoming babies. Ic Colchicine, Especially when he had such a sheepish look on his face, struggling with the shopping bags. 'Sorry' he said 'I dropped into me ma's for a cup of tea.' She wanted to run and hug him but she probably wouldn't be able to fully reach her arms around him, what with the bump and everything.

Picture: Annette O'Shea and Kevin Mooney as Bronagh and Dave in Smitten.

Tickets for Smitten are on sale NOW in Rollercoaster Records, Kieran Street and they are €10. The show runs August 20 – 23 and starts 8pm nightly. For more information and updates, check out www.devioustheatre.com. .

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