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Ken McGuire last appeared for us in Smitten Colchicine Drug Photo, . Here, like John, he writes about his relationship with a gaggle of saints, American accents and the lucky charm that is a tuxedo.

Ken McGuire - A Gaggle Of Saints

This one is ticking a few boxes for me. Colchicine Drug Photo uk, First off, it allows us to mark bash off our list of things to do in the theatre. It puts me into my first short play (outside of sketch shows or scene based shows, everything I've done in the last fifteen years has been feature-length). I'll save my third box for the performance week, see if you can figure it out, Colchicine Drug Photo japan. And, interestingly enough, it marks the ten year anniversary of myself and Amy Dunne appearing as a couple on stage, Colchicine Drug Photo. Take that, Kilkenny history boffins. Of course, the last time we shared spoken roles together, 750mg Colchicine Drug Photo, she put me in my place by pulling a gun on me so we'll see what happens next week.

Genuinely though, I'm loving exploring bash, and in particular, a gaggle of saints. With four of us working in close quarters on the three pieces, Colchicine Drug Photo india, I don't think I can recall a time in the past five years with the company that we've dissected a script so much - whatever about accents or physicality but actually trying to delve into the minds of the characters, dig out their back story from the text, really get under their skin. Colchicine Drug Photo, While the performances are quite stationary, LaBute has created some remarkable characters within each text which gives us a lot to work with.

Given the nature of the piece, 20mg Colchicine Drug Photo, the rehearsal process has been thrown on its head. I'm sick of the sound of my own voice, or at least sick of the voice that was recorded three weeks ago. I've been listening back to a recording myself and Amy did of the piece and I guess I sounded to an American what Americans sound to Irish people when trying an Irish accent. But, thankfully, Colchicine Drug Photo overseas, it's come on in the past few weeks.

What has been tough to chew at times is the script in itself, Colchicine Drug Photo. Not for the amount of content - we're getting through that - or the speed or the cues, but the actual subject matter itself. In a blog post last week, Colchicine Drug Photo paypal, John summed it up perfectly in saying

"We want it to shock. We want it to horrify people. And for the first time since we’ve been producing shows, we want people to feel bad about laughing."

That's just it. Colchicine Drug Photo, Each performance contains genuinely shocking material. So read about it, you see it in film or on TV but with each production, 250mg Colchicine Drug Photo, it's laid bare in front of you - one on one with the actors in a small room, and you need to face it. That delivery, that execution as an actor, 1000mg Colchicine Drug Photo, has been the real testing point. Finding that point means, I think, you've finally gotten to the heart of the character.

But it's a test that's been welcomed and once the show is done I'll tick the box that says "test passed". Or something cheesy like that, Colchicine Drug Photo.

On a closing note, Colchicine Drug Photo australia, the last time I wore a tuxedo for The Devious Theatre Company, we won a PPI Radio Award so the omens are good for the week ahead.

See you at the bash...


Ken McGuire performs a gaggle of saints with Amy Dunne in bash: latterday plays by Neil LaBute from October 17th – 22nd in Cleere’s Theatre, Kilkenny. Buy tickets online here.

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Approved Cialis Fda

Amy Dunne and Ken McGuire during the promo shoot

Approved Cialis Fda, We're just under 2 weeks off of our fourth and final production of 2011, Neil LaBute's bash: latterday plays. It's all come about pretty quickly and we've been focused so much on the play that we haven't really had a whole lot of time to blog about it. So this here is a quick update.

We had our first run through in Cleeres Theatre today and we're really happy with how it worked out. Cleeres is the smallest black box style theatre venue in Kilkenny and this marks our third time using it, after our debut show Heart Shaped Vinyl in 2006 and the second run of Shakespeare In Bits in 2009, Approved Cialis Fda ebay. It's a venue that works really well for intimate shows that rely a lot on the close relationship between audience and performer. And that's exactly what makes it a perfect fit for bash, Approved Cialis Fda.
John Morton in iphigenia in orem

Like a lot of Neil LaBute's work, bash makes the audience complicit with the characters actions. Approved Cialis Fda craiglist, These are confessions, stories that are being told in confidence. And there is nothing between audience and performer in bash. The stories succeed in lulling the audience into a false sense of security, where they feel like they're comfortable with the performers and then, Approved Cialis Fda uk, like the greatest of Greek tragedies, they're brought to a point of no return, where the cruelest of actions are laid bare. Approved Cialis Fda, The audience are put in the shoes of the characters, to examine themselves and what they, as ordinary people, may be capable of. 30mg Approved Cialis Fda, That's the real joy of Neil LaBute's plays, of how mundane he makes the horrific seem.

Even when you're dealing with the huge, heightened dramatics of Greek tragedies, it's wonderful to see them whittled down to naturalistic, 20mg Approved Cialis Fda, everyday stories. If this was us performing Greek tragedy as is, we'd probably be practicing our projection out in Ballykeefe Amphitheatre right now but because it's LaBute, Approved Cialis Fda india, the intimate confines of Cleere's Theatre suit our purposes perfectly for bash.

Annette O'Shea rehearsing medea redux

Each of the three plays (iphigenia in orem, a gaggle of saints, medea redux) are going to be using the space in different ways and each of them has their own specific lighting design and sound scapes. These will really show the marks of the three different directors, Approved Cialis Fda. But the performance style, 500mg Approved Cialis Fda, the themes, the words, the effect, Approved Cialis Fda canada, they are something we've all worked on together in order to produce the best possible experience for an audience. Today we sat down with our cups of tea and bottles of water, turned the lights down in Cleeres Theatre and let the actors and words of Neil LaBute work their magic. It was great to get a glimpse of what it's going to be like when it comes together. It's safe to say that bash is definitely going be an intense experience, 250mg Approved Cialis Fda. Approved Cialis Fda, We're going to work even harder at it over the next 10 days to make sure that it lives up to our own expectations. We want it to shock. We want it to horrify people. And for the first time since we've been producing shows, 1000mg Approved Cialis Fda, we want people to feel bad about laughing.

bash: latterday plays opens on Monday October 17th in Cleeres Theatre, Parliament Street, Kilkenny and runs until October 22nd at 8pm nightly. Tickets are €12 and can be bought at the venue or online here. Bookings are on 056 - 7762573..

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Clomid And Twins

We went and made a trailer for our production of bash: latterday plays by Neil LaBute Clomid And Twins, . And here it is:

It is made up of the opening lines from each of the three plays within bash: iphigenia in orem, Clomid And Twins paypal, 750mg Clomid And Twins, a gaggle of saints and medea redux.

It also features the song 'Solitude' from Billie Holiday, 150mg Clomid And Twins, 10mg Clomid And Twins, whose music features quite heavily in bash.

Both rehearsals and production have been revving up over the past week and we're nearly at the start date for what will be our fourth production of 2011, 200mg Clomid And Twins. Clomid And Twins us, bash: latterday plays opens on October 17th and runs until the 22nd in Cleere's Theatre, Kilkenny, Clomid And Twins usa. 40mg Clomid And Twins, Tickets can be bought at the venue for €12 and online purchases can be made here. 100mg Clomid And Twins. Clomid And Twins mexico.

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Vitamin A Retin

'I don't even stop to think this through'

Our final poster from bash: latterday plays is of Ken McGuire playing the part of John in a gaggle of saints Vitamin A Retin, , directed by Annette O'Shea.

In a gaggle of saints, 750mg Vitamin A Retin, 10mg Vitamin A Retin, a young Mormon couple tell the story of a romantic weekend in New York in duologue form. Based on the Greek myth of Orpheus, Vitamin A Retin paypal, Vitamin A Retin australia, John and Sue describe all the details of the weekend, both romantic and horrific, Vitamin A Retin overseas. 40mg Vitamin A Retin, bash: latterday plays by Neil LaBute runs from October 17th - 22nd in Cleeres Theatre, Parliament Street, Vitamin A Retin craiglist, Vitamin A Retin usa, Kilkenny. Tickets are €12 and are available from Cleeres Theatre and can be booked on 056 - 7762573, Vitamin A Retin us. 250mg Vitamin A Retin, Online bookings can be made right here..

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Statin Drugs And Diflucan

Statin Drugs And Diflucan, 'But see, in a weird way though, it excited me.'

Our next bash: latterday plays poster is of Amy Dunne playing the part of Sue in a gaggle of saints, which is being directed by Annette O'Shea.

In a gaggle of saints, Statin Drugs And Diflucan paypal, 40mg Statin Drugs And Diflucan, a young couple tell the events of a violent weekend away in New York City. Loosely based on the Greek myth of Orpheus, 100mg Statin Drugs And Diflucan, 50mg Statin Drugs And Diflucan, it veers unsteadily between the romantic and the horrific as the narrative is recounted by the happy couple.

bash: latterday plays by Neil LaBute runs from October 17th - 22nd in Cleeres Theatre, 30mg Statin Drugs And Diflucan, Statin Drugs And Diflucan coupon, Parliament Street, Kilkenny, Statin Drugs And Diflucan ebay. Statin Drugs And Diflucan usa, Tickets are €12 and can be purchased in Cleeres and booked on 056 - 7762573. Tickets can be bought online right here., 20mg Statin Drugs And Diflucan. Statin Drugs And Diflucan canada.

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