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Retin-a And Acne

NightOfTheLivingDead_ProductionStills_70 Retin-a And Acne, At this stage, we've near exhausted the archive of material from last years Irish stage premiere of Night Of The Living Dead but there's one more piece that still hasn't been exhumed.


We had a camera at production meetings, 1000mg Retin-a And Acne, 200mg Retin-a And Acne, rehearsals, poster shoots and for the kick off of production too, Retin-a And Acne us. Retin-a And Acne australia, It's all resulted in Playing Dead, a behind the scenes featurette on the show with contributions from some of our cast and crew and a look at all the hard, 100mg Retin-a And Acne, 20mg Retin-a And Acne, bloody graft that went into the first ever Irish production of Romero's classic horror. We've already released a short video of the show itself but this should give a good indication of the mess that went on behind the scenes, 40mg Retin-a And Acne. Retin-a And Acne overseas, Enjoy.

Thanks to Alan Slattery and Darragh Byrne for shooting this and to Event Media for putting it together, 150mg Retin-a And Acne. Retin-a And Acne mexico, For more on our production of Night Of The Living Dead, check out NightOfTheLivingDead.ie.

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Does Prozac Work

Does Prozac Work, We still haven't shook off those persistent living dead just yet. As we get the house in order for the new work we'll be making this year, Does Prozac Work india, Does Prozac Work coupon, we have been filling in the archives with last years work. There is a lot of material left over from our Irish stage premiere of Night Of The Living Dead and so we've been dissecting it all post mortem style, Does Prozac Work uk. 200mg Does Prozac Work, And the results have been slowly released online in the past fortnight. First of all, 50mg Does Prozac Work, Does Prozac Work us, we put together a video that looked at some of the highlights of the performance all tied together by the in show radio reports. Now, Does Prozac Work australia, Does Prozac Work overseas, Ross Costigan, the man with the camera, 10mg Does Prozac Work, Does Prozac Work japan, has unleashed a brand new selection of bloody production photos from the show itself. Take a look below to see some of these new images from last years production in The Watergate Theatre. There might just be more coming to get you soon...

[caption id="attachment_4965" align="aligncenter" width="392"] Maria Murray as the nurse ghoul.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4966" align="aligncenter" width="393"] Connie Walsh arrives as Babs.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4967" align="aligncenter" width="392"] Alan Doyle as the unfortunate forecourt attendant.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4968" align="aligncenter" width="392"] Adrian Kavanagh as Big Jimmy McClellan[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4969" align="aligncenter" width="392"] Darragh Byrne lurking as the graveyard ghoul.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4970" align="aligncenter" width="392"] Director of the show John Morton in cameo zombies mode.[/caption]

[caption id="attachment_4971" align="aligncenter" width="589"] The Cooper Family have breakfast.[/caption]

For more of these (and many more) photos, check out the gory selection on Ross Costigan's website here.

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Huntington Erythromycin

Huntington Erythromycin, We've had a really good year. And if the world ends on Friday, then we're going out on a high note.

2012 saw us produce the Irish stage premiere of Night Of The Living Dead. It was a big show. Definitely our biggest to date, Huntington Erythromycin us. So big we couldn't move it anywhere to show it off, Huntington Erythromycin. But the upswing of that was that the audiences came to us. Lots of them. It was our biggest houses for any of our productions so far. People went nuts for the gore, Huntington Erythromycin japan, comedy, murder and mayhem. Huntington Erythromycin, It also validated the sheer amount of work we put into the show. Not only that, but the faith of all the good people who helped us stage the show through Fund It. If you're going to pull out all the stops on a funding campaign for a show, it might as well be for something as big as this one, Huntington Erythromycin overseas.

We wanted to give Romero's classic horror the best possible Irish stage version it could have. So we went a bit mad on the bloody promo. But hey, The Sun covered us so we must be doing something ri.., Huntington Erythromycin. hmmm, no. 40mg Huntington Erythromycin, Well, the promo worked and it even attracted some Romero loving trolls. You're doing something right when you get the diehards angry. For the production we needed a huge, dedicated, lovely cast and crew delighted to make an absolute mess of themselves over the summer months and even bigger audience to make it worth it, 30mg Huntington Erythromycin. Huntington Erythromycin, And we got them.

We were very lucky that such a talented team had a taste for gore. But after the size of that show, it was nice to do something a lot smaller.

Phantasm was a new comedy by John Kennedy who wrote Shifting for us during In The Future When All's Well in 2011. Huntington Erythromycin india, He had been developing the play since last year and a shorter version of the script became a part of Fishamble's Young People's Tiny Plays For Ireland. Like Shifting, it presented an opportunity to perform work that appealed to a younger audience, Huntington Erythromycin. It was also about teenagers in Kilkenny in the present day. Oh, and foxes. And drugs.

Our production was directed by John Morton with Hazel Doyle and Colin O'Brien playing the lead parts of Frankie and Adam, 50mg Huntington Erythromycin. Huntington Erythromycin, And for the first time, we had a cast of two so we were in a position to travel with the show.

We debuted Phantasm in June at Solstice in Cork. Where we also brought the cast of Smitten last year. It was a great showcase for John's writing and it also got us out of the house for a bit during Night Of The Living Dead rehearsals. (We needed it... honestly), Huntington Erythromycin. Huntington Erythromycin uk, We later spun it out to the Abhainn Ri Festival in Callan for three shows and finished up with a run in Kilkenny as part of OUT For The Weekend.

We also had a number of troupes line up for the second run of TEXT|Messages in Project Arts Centre and undertook a spell in Fishamble's New Play Clinic in February. This kicked off a big year of development for us, capitalising on the all the exciting plans we came up with during the In The Future When All's Well residency. And we've been slowly stewing them for 2013. Huntington Erythromycin, We're looking forward to launching next years programme and it will build on a good 2012 by offering new, original theatre. With a bit of a twist, Huntington Erythromycin usa. We're not in a position to start shouting from the rooftops just yet but when we do, you'll hear us. We're going to make sure our 7th birthday is quite magnificent.

Oh, 250mg Huntington Erythromycin, and we made this, for people who weren't familiar with our work:

So that's our recap for the year. It's been a brilliant one. And it's been a brilliant one because lots of people came to our shows and supported us and worked hard to make sure that we delivered quality theatre. Wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Devious Theatre

Oh, and if the world actually does end on December 21st, we wish we'd done more musicals.

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Colchicine Smoking

Colchicine Smoking, We used to be the hungry, young go getters of theatre in Kilkenny in our late teens and early twenties who were whipping up a theatrical revolution in the motherland. 6 years on, we're mid to late twenties, 500mg Colchicine Smoking, still hungry, slightly more respectable, way more tired but no longer can we be called young go getters.

We quite happily passed that mantle over to Spark Productions last year, 250mg Colchicine Smoking. They are a young theatre company making new work and staging plays that haven't been often performed. What seperates Spark Productions from the rest of their young, Colchicine Smoking paypal, enthusiastic theatrical brethren is that they are doing it outside the big cities and towns. They're doing it country style, Colchicine Smoking. Based in Graiguenamanagh, Co. Kilkenny, Colchicine Smoking usa, they're representing fresh, young, 150mg Colchicine Smoking, vibrant theatre in a part of the county (and country) where it doesn't exist. Towns in rural areas are usually the domain of am-dram set ups and troupes of players who perform the tried and tested plays. Under the stewardship of Adrian Kavanagh, Spark Productions have breathed fresh air into the theatre scene of county Kilkenny, 100mg Colchicine Smoking. Adrian cut some teeth with us as an actor and a crew member (he played Eamon in Shifting and Big Jimmy McClellan in Night Of The Living Dead Colchicine Smoking, ) and with a group of like minded others, set up Spark Productions in 2011. So far, they have done a sterling job of rallying funding, Colchicine Smoking us, community support and creating new work in non traditional venues. They kicked things off with two original productions, One For The Road in 2011 and Bittersweet Graffiti in 2012 and now they're following it up with an unsung Irish comedy classic.

Brownbread by Roddy Doyle is one of the great comedy plays written by the erstwhile novelist before his career really blew up with the Barrytown trilogy, Colchicine Smoking japan. Brownbread was originally performed in Dublin in the 80's by Paul Mercier's company The Passion Machine who were doing some very exciting work in the capital at the time. Like a lot of Doyle's other work, it's set in the fictional Barrytown and the plot concerns the kidnap of a Bishop by three young wastrels, Colchicine Smoking. And then a siege ensues. 200mg Colchicine Smoking, It's a brilliant play and one that doesn't get performed too often so it's great to see it hitting the stage in Kilkenny this week.

If you're looking for a theatrical treat over the Christmas season and want to see something fresh, funny and exciting, go check out Spark Productions run of Brownbread this week, Colchicine Smoking overseas. We've brought a Devious gang out to Graiguenamanagh for their past two shows and it was worth every mile of the car pool. The show is directed by Kelly-Ann Whelan and it runs December 12th-15th in Abbey Hall, Graiguenamanagh at 8pm nightly. Tickets are a stone cold bargain at €7 and you can book yours on 087-9439979.

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Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline

One of the most fun projects we worked on last year was TEXT|Messages Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline, in the Project Arts Centre. Based entirely on William Shakespeare's plays, it was designed to showcase young directors and actors battling the Bard using only 160 lines of his text. And the rules were tight, 30mg Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline, no editing, consecutive text and no changing the words. Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline japan, The actions however were a different matter. We saw an awful lot of fantastic interpretations by some brilliant directors and actors over the course of the three nights. We were also delighted at the response to our own contribution, an adaptation of Pyramus and Thisbe from A Midsummer Night's Dream (yes, we snuck in an entire play within a play, cheeky wha'?), Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline. We completely messed with it to the extent that some people in attendance thought we weren't sticking to the text. We just make it sooooo real you know, Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline overseas. Maybe it was the Kilkenny accents of our troupe below. So yeah, 750mg Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline, we brought cross dressing, glory holes, oral sex, crude musical numbers, 250mg Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline, night terrors and all manner of lewdness to the text last year. Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline, And it seems like we didn't offend anyone too much because...

[caption id="attachment_4285" align="aligncenter" width="589"] Our 2011 TEXT|Messages cast.[/caption]

We're delighted to be invited back for this years run!

TEXT | Messages is following up its successful run in 2011 with more Bardcore text. Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline paypal, It's being curated and produced by the lovely and ever so helpful team of Aoife Spillane-Hinks, Conor Hanratty and Megan Riordan who all did a great job last year. Our contribution lands on the first night of this years run on Thursday November 15th. John Morton is again directing a piece of Shakespeare and a very novel spin is being put on it.., 40mg Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline. as we like to do, Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline. This time he has enlisted the immense acting talents of Stephen Colfer, John Doran and Eddie Murphy. 100mg Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline, Three men who have a lot of experience dissecting the Bard, having performed our late 2009 run of Shakespeare In Bits in Kilkenny and Dublin. So these players have a lot of experience messing around with Mr. Shakespeare, 10mg Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline. Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline, In fact, three of them have acted in so many Shakespeare plays in the last 18 months that they could definitely be described as our crack team of Shakespearean thesps.

This time our crack team will be tackling The Tempest, specifically Act 3, 500mg Is Amoxycillin Tetracycline, Scene 2. We'll have a nice little progress blog later in the week in terms of how we're approaching this one. But in the mean time you best get your tickets while you can. Last year sold out very quickly and each of the 9 pieces of the 3 nights will only be performed once. So get on this one quickly. Tickets are only €5 and can be booked at Project Arts Centre, right here.

Remember, it's rude not to TEXT back.

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Amoxicillin Dose

Amoxicillin Dose, Oh, the dead will dance.

If you're looking for something to do this weekend, Amoxicillin Dose mexico, Amoxicillin Dose japan, we just want to remind you that we'll be throwing a seriously horrorshow event Saturday night in Cleeres Theatre. And it's all in aid of The O'Neill Centre / Enable Ireland, Amoxicillin Dose uk. Amoxicillin Dose canada, And horrorshow is definitely the name of the game this bank holiday weekend boys and girls.

We'll be screening our Irish stage premiere of Night Of The Living Dead for the first (and only) time along with a brand new behind the scenes look at the production and the prologue we shot in association with Mycrofilms this past July, Amoxicillin Dose ebay. The whole play will be seen in all its gory glory on the big screen and we're hoping people will get in the spirit by dressing up in some suitably gory costumes, Amoxicillin Dose. 20mg Amoxicillin Dose, Like this lot:

So do dress accordingly. And it is a special occasion because this will be your last chance to see Night Of The Living Dead presented in public (at least until someone gives us the money to tour it!) so take advantage of this opportunity to see the play screened while you can, Amoxicillin Dose coupon. 30mg Amoxicillin Dose, Admission is €5 and all funds raised will go to The O'Neill Centre and Enable Ireland. The events that we've thrown for Rockfall Festival in the past have always been a lot of fun and this one will hopefully be no different, 150mg Amoxicillin Dose.

The screening will be followed up by Dead Disco Amoxicillin Dose, , a Halloween club night which will be overseen by The All Time DJ's and should see some bone breaking tunes played amidst a whole bunch of dead people dancing. Amoxicillin Dose australia, It promises to be such a good night that everybody should end up looking like this by the end of it.

So Cleeres Theatre, 8pm this Saturday October 27th is the place and time for what should be a most epic bloodbath of craic. And if you want to do a compare and contrast of the original movie and our version, you can brush up on it right here.

Photos by Ross Costigan. Sometimes the dead do tequila shots too.

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Cialis Pen

[caption id="attachment_4167" align="aligncenter" width="392"] John Morton is off to The Next Stage[/caption]

The dust has just settled on this years Absolut Fringe Festival Cialis Pen, in Dublin with some of our regular Deviants working on a few productions, such as Eddie Murphy (All Hell Lay Beneath), John Morton (Mass) and Aidan Doheny (The Making Of The Frogs). And now the Irish theatre world is gearing up for the big one, Cialis Pen japan, this years Dublin Theatre Festival.

We're delighted that our own John Morton will be one of the participants on The Next Stage, which is presented by Theatre Forum Ireland in association with Dublin Theatre Festival. This programme, Cialis Pen australia, now in its sixth year, Cialis Pen coupon, sees 18 people of various theatre backgrounds take place in an intensive programme of master classes, talks, physical workshops and performances.  It's essentially the greatest theatre bootcamp that you can undertake in Ireland, Cialis Pen us. It's also been described as a life changing and once in a career opportunity. Cialis Pen india, Other participants this year include Andrew Adamson, Sarah Baxter, Dan Bergin, 250mg Cialis Pen, Niamh Creely, 50mg Cialis Pen, Peter Duffy, Deirdre Dwyer, Eóin Gannon, 100mg Cialis Pen, Emma Hannon, 10mg Cialis Pen, Meadhbh Haicéid, Alan King, Niamh McCann, 1000mg Cialis Pen, Louise Melinn, Gina Moxley, Donnacadh O’Briain, Stefanie Preissner, Clare Robertson and Martin Sharry.

The opportunities it creates are huge and it has helped develop many of Ireland's leading theatre practitioners over the past few years, Cialis Pen. John is hugely excited to be taking place in the programme and will no doubt take loads of notes that he'll bring back down to us and we'll photocopy and stick up on the wall.

This years programme for Dublin Theatre Festival is absolutely amazing and features a huge range of national and international theatre that we're already very excited about. You can check out the entire programme here. It's time to get very excited.

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How Often Can You Take Diflucan

How Often Can You Take Diflucan, Published in The Munster Express, week ending September 7th

Phantasm review by Liam Murphy

Devious Theatre Company in Kilkenny are impressive, especially the way they bring good. new work to the stage. They champion new writers for young audiences, 40mg How Often Can You Take Diflucan, and they support these young theatre makers, with brash confidence and excellent actors and technicians. If this was a financially more secure time, they would have Arts Council funding and be on the way to being Kilkenny's professional theatre company, 200mg How Often Can You Take Diflucan. They have the buzz that a young Red Kettle once had.

This time in Cleere's Theatre they keep the faith with another young author, John Kennedy who wrote Shifting for them recently and is in the process of writing another play for the company, How Often Can You Take Diflucan. Phantasm is a 50 minute two hander with doubling and tripling of parts. How Often Can You Take Diflucan overseas, Phantasm was written for the Solstice section of this years Cork Midsummer Festival, with an outing in Callan as well.

This is a rite of passage story with Kennedy's take on boy/girl interaction. Colin O'Brien plays Adam, 750mg How Often Can You Take Diflucan, in a Roy Orbison t-shirt, who lives with his nurse mother, 150mg How Often Can You Take Diflucan, who does a lot of night shifts and he is preparing for his Leaving Cert Mock Exams. How Often Can You Take Diflucan, His mother wants him to get out and enjoy himself, but he is basically lonely and sees dabbling and supplying weed as a way of belonging. Hazel Doyle is Frankie, who lives on a farm and has a gruff authoritarian father, who criticises her and her bruised neck from hickies (love bites) and her careless attitude to exams, 250mg How Often Can You Take Diflucan. She is also lonely and finds solace (if that is the right word) in weed and chemical highs.

There is a fox image or fox metaphor in the play as a randy fox/vixen howls near the farm and apparently near Adam's house, How Often Can You Take Diflucan craiglist, as well. John Morton, the director, introduces this feral wild creature in its mating call into the drama and Adam dons a mask and Frankie does a clawing, How Often Can You Take Diflucan overseas, feline dance. There is humour and sexualised language and a crude attempt at a "hand job", How Often Can You Take Diflucan. At times, How Often Can You Take Diflucan japan, I wondered where the story was going and John Kennedy, to his credit, develops a few changes to what could have been, too easily, How Often Can You Take Diflucan uk, a crude stereotype. The two characters howl at the moon, the fox and the world, rock to Roy Orbison and cuddle asexually in bed. Frankie asks Adam to "hot box the bed" ( I had to ask what this meant) and as the play faded to black I knew the girl was in love with the buzz of drugs and the boy just wanted to be needed. A bleak outlook about users.

Photos by Ross Costigan .

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Cost Of Clomid Without Insurance

Cost Of Clomid Without Insurance, Published in The Kilkenny People on 29th August.

Phantasm review by Michael Andrew Clancy.

Phantasm is the latest offering from local theatrical innovators, the Devious Theatre Company. Written by John Kennedy, 200mg Cost Of Clomid Without Insurance, directed by John Morton, produced by Ken McGuire, Cost Of Clomid Without Insurance canada, and starring Colin O’Brien and Hazel Doyle, Phantasm tells the story of Leaving Cert students, Adam and Frankie, a loner-stoner and his party-girl customer, 1000mg Cost Of Clomid Without Insurance, whose unusual relationship is tested on a stormy Kilkenny night.

The play is a genuine account of Irish adolescence on the cusp of adulthood in the 2010’s, Cost Of Clomid Without Insurance us, but is a timelessly relatable tale, with even the costume, set and sound design suggesting an amalgamation of influences from the past five decades.

The chemistry between the two actors is electric and the dialogue they share has a natural flow while also being littered with plenty of quotable lines and jokes, 100mg Cost Of Clomid Without Insurance. One particular prop malfunction was a testament to their natural ability as actors, improvising on the spot and seamlessly incorporating the moment into the witty banter, Cost Of Clomid Without Insurance. There is a dreamlike quality to the play, created by the intimate setting of the play’s action, 750mg Cost Of Clomid Without Insurance, which spills out into the equally intimate confines of the audience space, and the haunting bark of the fox which can be heard in the background throughout. The fox acts as a supernatural guardian, forcing Frankie and Adam to confront their relationship and their desire for an escape from the impending future, 50mg Cost Of Clomid Without Insurance.

The play balances hilarious moments with the tragic, deftly moving between both without jarring the audience, Cost Of Clomid Without Insurance mexico, instead creating an even more captivating atmosphere.

The special effects are simple but extremely immersive and effective, proving the cliche that less is more. Cost Of Clomid Without Insurance, An eclectic soundtrack of Roy Orbison, Blur and Laura Marling, amongst others, provides the perfect soundtrack for this coming of age dramedy. The music directly affects the story in moments like the dream dance-sequence, Cost Of Clomid Without Insurance paypal, while the use of the headphone device throughout is clever, allowing the audience an even more intimate glimpse into the two characters lives, 30mg Cost Of Clomid Without Insurance, partially placing us in their shoes without revealing their inner workings.

Phantasm is an engaging and poignant coming-of-age tale, filled with laugh-out-loud moments. It played in Cleeres Theatre for three nights as part of OUT for the Weekend.

Photos by Ross Costigan. (the fantastic Mr. Ross)


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Prozac Generic

Phantasm Prozac Generic, finished on Saturday night to a packed house and a standing ovation. It was a lovely way to send the play home after a summer of performances. And finishing it on home turf for OUT For The Weekend was the cherry on top, 150mg Prozac Generic. We brought John Kennedy's play to Solstice and Abhainn Rí, Prozac Generic coupon, two fantastic arts festivals that we were very proud to be part of. The play itself  shape shifted as it moved from different performance space to different performance space. There was a lot of transformation and once we hit that final show on Friday night, it had become this beautiful, funny little beast and the reception the actors got was absolutely earned, Prozac Generic.

Our own thanks must go to the wonderful thespians we put on the stage, Prozac Generic australia, Hazel Doyle and Colin O'Brien who busted their asses on the play over the past few months and who we just loved working with. 20mg Prozac Generic, And of course, the playwright John Kennedy who developed this play over the past year and showed again why he is one of the best young writers in the country.

Today, Prozac Generic ebay, we tidied away the last of Phantasm and took a look at the battered wreck our headquarters are in after the summer. 40mg Prozac Generic, It really had the shit kicked out of it. There's still some heads and blood and guts left over from Night Of The Living Dead Prozac Generic, and generally speaking, the place has seen better days. And how. So it definitely needed the tidying that was given to it, Prozac Generic usa. It sets us up nicely for the dust to settle and the next phase of this years work to begin. Prozac Generic india, For the next few months, we're going back to the drawing board and kicking back into development on new shows for 2013 (and beyond). We've got some fantastic new ideas and there's some really exciting projects in development, 500mg Prozac Generic. We're looking forward to sharing them with you guys. 10mg Prozac Generic, Watch this space.

Photos by Ross Costigan ("Davey gave it to me").

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