Renton (Ross Costigan) - Textless Poster

About The Show

Welsh’s novel exploded onto the scene in 1993, stunning audiences with its bleak and darkly humorous depiction of the decaying friendships of a bunch of no hopers, heroin addicts and petty criminals attempting to escape the boredom of their lives. Harry Gibson’s theatrical adaptation debuted in 1994 to great acclaim before Danny Boyle’s 1996 film version made Trainspotting a cultural landmark.


The play is seen through the eyes of the self loathing anti hero Mark Renton as he tries to overcome the addictions that hinder his escape from a doomed life. Depicted mostly in monologues, the stories at the heart of the play are unflinchingly shocking, darkly humorous and full of Welsh’s raw observations of life. These stories show the lives of directionless twenty somethings as they threaten to go off the rails entirely, into lives we would rather not choose. Our production of the play ran from June 24th - 28th 2008 in The Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny in an acclaimed production directed by Niamh Moroney and John Morton. sick-boy-john-morton-textless THE CAST Mark Renton - Ross Costigan Tommy McKenzie / Drunk - Ken McGuire Franco Begbie - Niall Sheehy Alison / Sharon - Maria Murray Danny ‘Spud’ Murphy / Wide-o / Workie - Stephen Colfer Johnny ‘Mother Superior’ Swann / Renton’s Mother - Paul Young Simon ‘Sick Boy’ Williamson - John Morton Dianne / Canadian / Auld Wifie - Suzanne O’ Brien Lizzie MacIntosh / Dianne’s Ma / Canadian - Simone Kelly June / Lassie / Aunt Effie / Auld Wifie / Nina - Mairead Kiernan Cast Of Thousands - Michael Murphy / Paddy Dunne THE CREW Directed by Niamh Moroney and John Morton Produced by Paddy Dunne, Ken McGuire and Kevin Mooney Stage Manager  - Colm Sheenan Lighting Design - Gerry Taylor Sound Design - Alan Dawson Production Designer - Paddy Dunne Art Direction - Thom Dowling Set Design - Eddie Brennan Costumes - Kate St. John Make Up - Aoife Bambrick and Aileen Johnson Poster Design - Paddy Dunne ‘There Is A Light That Never Goes Out’ performed by Jessica Walsh. Produced by Ken McGuire. Words and Music: Morrissey / Marr