Scratcher - The Queue
By John Morton, performed February 17th 2011, Project Arts Centre Dublin at The Theatre Machine Turns You On: Vol II; February 22-26th, 76 John Street, Kilkenny as part of In The Future When All's Well residency.

About The Show

On a rainy Tuesday morning in an unnamed town in a non descript social welfare office six people stepped out from behind the statistics and they made themselves known. They had actual faces and voices. They brought the live registrar to life. They had demands, they had plans, they had broken dreams and one way tickets. But more than that, they had guns. Which, as they made known, is mightier than the pen. They were making the sentence fit the crime. This is social warfare. Scratcher (2011) THE CAST McC - Amy Dunne D - Ross Costigan P - Annette O'Shea O'H - David Thompson N - Ken McGuire J99 - John Morton The Man - Alan Butler


Director - John Morton Assistant Director - Angela Barrett Producers - Ken McGuire, Paddy Dunne Stage Manager - Alex Christle Lighting Design - Richie Cody Sound Design - Geoff Warner-Clayton Production Design - Paddy Dunne Set Design - Eddie Brennan Props Manager - Sorcha O'Boyle Costume Design - Lucy McKenna Make Up - Linda Hanbidge Scratcher was mentored by Annie Ryan of The Corn Exchange

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