Cannibal! The Musical!!

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About The Show

This was the Irish stage premiere of South Park creator Trey Parker’s musical based on the legend of Alferd Packer, the first man in US history to be convicted of cannibalism. From one of the most brutally violent crimes in US history Trey Parker fashioned a comedy musical full of snowmen, barroom brawls, illicit romance, rousing song and dance numbers not to mention lashings of horrific gore. A pastiche of the ridiculous western musical genre as well as an uproarious comedy, Cannibal! achieved cult status and was soon turned into a stage musical that was performed all over the United States. Our production was directed by Ken McGuire and Kevin Mooney with music directed by Kevin Reade. It performed August 22nd - 25th 2007 at the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny. The action takes place in and amongst the states of Utah and Colorado. The year is 1873.



Alferd Packer David Thompson
James Humphrey Stephen Colfer
Israel Swan Ken McGuire
Shannon Wilson Bell John Morton
George Noon Niamh Moroney
Frank Miller Ross Costigan
Polly Pry Amy Dunne
Frenchy Cabazon Paddy Dunne
O.D Loutzenheiser Eddie Brennan
Preston Nutter Dave Minogue
Warren Mills Jack O'Leary
Joanie Hazel Fahy
Beulah Simone Kelly
Lizzie Gemma Grant
Trixie Niamh Moyles
Dolly Liadain Kaminska
Francine Suzanne O'Brien
Crazy Old Ralph Judge Amos Hall Sheriff of Sauguache Sean Hackett
Sheriff of Lake City Richie Cody
Ed the Cyclops John Doran
Humphrey's Mother Maria Murray
Noon's Father Paddy Dunne
Townsfolk Thom Dowling Eddie Murphy Laurent Murray


Directed by Ken McGuire & Kevin Mooney
Music Director Kevin Reade
Stage Manager Colm Sheenan
Costumes Kate St. John
Lighting Design Gerry Taylor
Sound Mickey ‘Boo’ Keogh
Poster Design Paddy Dunne
Set Design Eddie Brennan
Construction Eddie Brennan Mick Brennan Murt Brennan Ned Green
Choreography Gemma Grant Dave Minogue Jack O’Leary Kevin Reade
Art Direction Thom Dowling
Prop Design Niamh Moyles
Make Up Cathy O’Connor Roisin Trait
Photography Ross Costigan Paddy Dunne Ken McGuire Dave Minogue
Program Design Paddy Dunne
The Band Jane Murphy – Cello Sarah Buggy – Piano Kevin Reade – Keyboards