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"And we're done..."

The curtain fell on our production of Night Of The Living Dead after 5 performances this week in the Watergate Theatre Amoxicillin Adult Dose, .

The Irish stage premiere of Romero's horror played to the biggest audiences we've ever had. Getting the Watergate Theatre to pack out isn't too easy but the audiences flocked in to see it. It must have been all that relentless promotion that we did for it, Amoxicillin Adult Dose overseas. No matter how much promotion you load into a play (and believe me, we did a fuck tonne) there's still no substitute for good old fashioned word of mouth. After a packed house on Tuesday, word got out like a virus and it made our show a must see for the rest of the week, Amoxicillin Adult Dose. Amoxicillin Adult Dose japan, We were so happy to see the bookings coming in all through the week and it meant that our cast and crew had a lot of enthusiastic, excited audiences to play to for the week. There was a serious buzz going around for the week and to hear feedback from fans of our work, theatre fans and zombie fans, 750mg Amoxicillin Adult Dose, was brilliant. We take pride in the enthusiasm we have for our work and that enthusiasm is definitely infectious. 500mg Amoxicillin Adult Dose,

We would like to thank everyone who came, saw, supported, tweeted, 250mg Amoxicillin Adult Dose, Facebooked or shouted about Night Of The Living Dead. Amoxicillin Adult Dose, You are the reasons we perform make believe on the stage. Without an audience, 50mg Amoxicillin Adult Dose, we would have no one to play to and that would be kind of embarrassing so thank you all so much for showing up and giving us a reason to exist. Thanks again to all of our funders, friends and supporters for parting with your hard earned cash and enabling us to do what we do.We'd also like to thank Ger Cody and the staff of the Watergate Theatre for all their support and help. We also apologise for the sheer amount of fake blood that will be showing up in various parts of the theatre for years to come, Amoxicillin Adult Dose canada.

Finally, our cast and crew. Everybody got a whole bunch of speeches in the green room on Saturday night, but our cast and crew are the reason that this show got off the ground, Amoxicillin Adult Dose. Amoxicillin Adult Dose paypal, We are blessed to have such an amazing team. Our crew have worked hard for months on this one and our cast have done such sterling work in the last few weeks as we put the pieces together. They have all been amazing and we are seriously indebted to them.

As for Night Of The Living Dead, 200mg Amoxicillin Adult Dose, it's all over... Amoxicillin Adult Dose, for now. We would love to stage it again in 2013 but for those of you who saw it, 10mg Amoxicillin Adult Dose, you'll know it's a large scale production and we would need a nice bit of capital to get it on the road, capital that as of yet, is not forthcoming. So if you want to see the show in future, tell your local wealthy sponsor to contact us.

Thank you all.

Devious Theatre

Photos by Ross Costigan (he was a great cameo zombie).

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