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The band are getting ready to warm up for their first gig!

Our very first production Heart Shaped Vinyl Women Taking Cialis, opens tonight in Cleere's Theatre, Kilkenny.

This five decades spanning romantic mix tape is our very first show out of the traps and we're quite proud of what we've put together, 500mg Women Taking Cialis. Women Taking Cialis india, It's funny, sad, Women Taking Cialis craiglist, Women Taking Cialis paypal, gross, angry and above all, 150mg Women Taking Cialis, Women Taking Cialis us, musical. If you've ever had those moments where your life gets soundtracked in ways you don't expect, Women Taking Cialis canada, Women Taking Cialis ebay, this is the show for you.

We've been rehearsing the past few weeks and we couldn't be prouder of our cast and crew as we bring our work to the stage for the first time, Women Taking Cialis australia. 100mg Women Taking Cialis, We hope to see you there as we launch what we hope will be a theatrical revolution of fresh, young exciting work in Kilkenny and beyond!

It will run nightly in Cleeres Theatre at 8pm, until August 24th. Tickets can be bought on 056 - 7762573.

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Retin A Cream Vs Gel

Retin A Cream Vs Gel, The Devious Theatre Company are the newest theatre group to hit Kilkenny and we will be performing our very first play, the premiere of Heart Shape Vinyl in Cleere's Theatre from 22nd to 24th of August at 8pm nightly. Our aim is to create, nurture, develop and produce a professional and dynamic programme of theatre and performing arts geared towards an audience that might not usually consider theatre as a way to spend a night out, Retin A Cream Vs Gel australia. We want to deviate. We want to give you something different. Retin A Cream Vs Gel uk, Our group mainly consists of a number of 20 something actors and theatre makers who have seen how theatre is perceived by people our own age. Seen as the poor relative of gigs, cinema and comedy in recent times, theatre has fallen behind in as a mode of entertainment, especially amongst the late teens and 20 somethings who would much prefer a night in the pub or at a gig, Retin A Cream Vs Gel. We want to drag them into the theatre, knock their socks off with entertainment and then keep them coming back for more.

We've been hard at work at our first piece of theatre and now we're happy to unveil it, Retin A Cream Vs Gel ebay.

HEART SHAPED VINYL is a comedy about five unrelated couples in Ireland over the course of 5 decades, from the 60's right up to the present day. 500mg Retin A Cream Vs Gel, From The Beatles to The Smiths, Van Morrison to Jeff Buckley, Marvin Gaye to The Cure, Dusty Springfield to The Ramones, Retin A Cream Vs Gel japan, Roy Orbison to Elliott Smith, Heart Shaped Vinyl looks at changing relationships through the prism of decades of music: the good, Retin A Cream Vs Gel usa, the bad and the ones where you have to fight for custody of your cd's. Heart Shaped Vinyl Retin A Cream Vs Gel, could be referred to as a musical comedy but that would probably mislead people, The Producers it isn't. Using music as a metaphor for the relationships that are portrayed, the near misses, break ups, 500mg Retin A Cream Vs Gel, get togethers and being forcibly kidnapped, Heart Shaped Vinyl could be referred to as a theatrical mixed tape of sorts. 200mg Retin A Cream Vs Gel, The cast consists of Lisa Bergin, Ross Costigan, Amy Dunne, Sean Hackett, 20mg Retin A Cream Vs Gel, Liadain Kaminska, Simone Kelly, Retin A Cream Vs Gel us, Ken McGuire, Kevin Mooney, Niamh Moroney, John Morton, Aoife O'Reilly and David Thompson and the production is being ably directed by Tony M. Everard. Tickets are €10 and booking is on 056 - 7762573. We hope to see you there when we kick our account off with a bang this August.

We can also be contacted through our Myspace page at http://myspace.com/devioustheatre.

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How Prozac Works

We are How Prozac Works, Angela Barrett, Ken McGuire, Kevin Mooney, John Morton and Niamh Moroney.

We will be entertaining you.

Devious Theatre want to, How Prozac Works coupon, as our moniker suggests, How Prozac Works india, deviate from the usual works that seem to be consistently produced locally as well as nationally and bring a fresh type of theatre that will appeal more to young adults and audiences looking for something a little bit more dynamic. You could say alternative. You could say vibrant, How Prozac Works usa. But we'll be all those things, How Prozac Works. There's a huge cross section of young people in the south east who aren't having theatre made for them. 1000mg How Prozac Works, We will make that theatre. There's a huge audience out there for fresh, vibrant, 20mg How Prozac Works, alternative theatre. 200mg How Prozac Works, We are going to serve that audience. How Prozac Works, We're going to play the big hits for the big crowds and we'll play them better than anyone. We'll play all our own original compositions too and we want people to come and see them.

William Shakespeare first performed his plays to drunken, 10mg How Prozac Works, sweaty, 40mg How Prozac Works, rambunctious audiences who shouted, hollered and interracted with the actors onstage. Well, 30mg How Prozac Works, if it's good enough for him... How Prozac Works paypal, We're not reinventing the wheel. We're making it spin in a different way. Let's deviate.

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