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Concepta Bloom


“Look at us, dotes to a woman”

Here’s an introduction to the next of The Roaring Banshees.

Concepta Bloom is a former captive of the nuns. A canny accountant who cooks the books better than anyone. Prone to bouts of religious ecstacy, hysteria and garroting. The Loose Cannon.

Laura Brady is making her Devious Theatre debut with this show. We worked alongside Laura during last years Scene + Heard when our show Vehicle was programmed as a double bill with her self written show TINS. Laura is a graduate of DIT’s Conservatory Of Music and Drama. Previous work for stage includes Essex Birds, Flaming Inspirations, Triangles and Pour It Out.

The Roaring Banshees are coming…

Kilkenny: https://bit.ly/2NMKObA

Dublin: https://bit.ly/2GjFFl7


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