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This is the fourth video from our production of Irvine Welsh’s Trainspotting, performed in the Watergate Theatre in Kilkenny, last June. The scene (above) features Ross Costigan as Renton espousing his theories on life and of course, heroin. He’s soon joined by a very Sick Boy (John Morton) as the craving starts to kick in.

We’ve also unleashed a new batch of Trainspotting photos which can currently be found on the Bebo and Myspace pages and will soon be updated to our Flickr account.

For more Trainspotting clips, see the Devious Theatre YouTube.


  1. John, this really was an incredible show with some amazing performances. Would ye consider bringing it back for another run? Any scope to tour with it?

  2. Hi Darren, we’d love to bring it back for a run and a tour. And we kinda wish we’d done it the first time around but the costs of the rights were so prohibitive. But we’ve got all the sets and costumes in storage so if we come up trumps in the funding stakes we’d love to get it on the road.

  3. John, I have at least €20 going spare. Maybe some loose change…

    Best of luck though – I’d love to see it again (I believe there’s a DVD floating around?).

  4. Sounds like a plan Darren! There’s a big fuck off box of dvd’s in my house as we speak so I’m sure it’ll be no problem at all to sneak one onto Ken’s person and get it down to Cork on Saturday night.


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