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Barnstorm Adult Drama says: No Peig’s Allowed!

Paddy Dunne
In honour of St Patrick’s season, Barnstorm’s Adult Drama Club will be performing an evening of Irish theatre, music and poetry in The Barn, on Thursday 25th and Saturday 27th March. The pieces, from writers such as Wilde, GB Shaw, JB Keene, Synge…and Roddy Doyle, are a quirky and convivial collection of excerpts and vignettes […]

Writing For Stage & Screen at the National Library

Ken McGuire
The National Library announced details of their new Library Late series which runs from this month through May, the theme for the coming season being that of writing for stage and screen. Admission to the talks at the National Library in Kildare Street (that’ll be in Dublin, folks), is free. For the four nights, the […]

Advanced Theatre Workshops with ArtLinks

Ken McGuire
ArtLinks, set up to connect and promote arts communities in the south east (they’re based here in Kilkenny) have announced details of their next round of theatre courses. We’ve been along to some of them ourselves over the past year or two and for people starting out in theatre they can be of great help […]

We Too Will Drink To Pub Theatre

Ken McGuire
So I had a completely different post in mind and lined up for today, but having been prodded by another of my own extended family (who happens to be a great actress herself – and no, that’s not to score brownie points) to Peter Crawley’s piece on pub theatre in today’s Irish Times, I felt […]