Anti Inflammatory Diflucan

Anti Inflammatory Diflucan, Killing time during Cannibal. The Musical costume fittings, 2007

The first Scratcher rehearsal, 2011

Paddy Dunne and Paul Young during the 2009 season launch

Ken, Niamh and John after War Of The Worlds struck bronze at the 2009 PPI Awards.

Post Heart Shaped Vinyl breakfast, 250mg Anti Inflammatory Diflucan, June 2007

Richie Cody, David Thompson, Liadain Kaminska and Aoife O'Reilly before our first show, Heart Shaped Vinyl, August 2006

Stephen Colfer getting make up, Stags and Hens, Anti Inflammatory Diflucan india, June 2009

Liane, Packer's trusty horse, Cannibal. The Musical, Anti Inflammatory Diflucan mexico, August 2007

Ross Costigan and John Morton take a ride on Thomas, June 2008

Hac-e-sac tournament final, Smitten, August 2008

Can't Pay. Won't Pay. photo shoot, Anti Inflammatory Diflucan canada, February 2010

Cannibal rehearsals in Eddie's kitchen, July 2007

Stephen Colfer, 750mg Anti Inflammatory Diflucan, John Doran and Niamh Moroney during Shakespeare In Bits rehearsals, June 2009

Shifting poster shoot, March 2011

Maria Murray and Paddy Dunne during Trainspotting photo shoot, May 2008

Connie Walsh, Alan Doyle and Ruth Phelan, Shifting dress rehearsal, Anti Inflammatory Diflucan japan, April 2011

Dave Minogue, Eddie Brennan and Paddy Dunne at the Cannibal. The Musical poster shoot, July 2007

Production meeting during Cannibal, Anti Inflammatory Diflucan. The Musical, July 2007

Simone Kelly at rehearsals for Accidental Death Of An Anarchist, Anti Inflammatory Diflucan uk, November 2009

Hazel Fahy as Joanie during the Cannibal poster shoot, July 2007

Niamh Moroney and Kevin Mooney, Heart Shaped Vinyl rehearsal, Cleeres, June 2007.

Thom Dowling painting the Stags and Hens set, 2009.

Murt and Eddie Brennan, 10mg Anti Inflammatory Diflucan, Cannibal. The Musical, August 2007

David Thompson being shaved by Linda Hanbidge, Can't Pay. Anti Inflammatory Diflucan us, Won't Pay. February 2010

John Doran drinking some tea during the Stags and Hens poster shoot, 2009

Smitten photo shoot, July 2008

Ruth, Connie and the audience. Onstage during Shifting, 150mg Anti Inflammatory Diflucan, April 2011

Ross, Hazel, Paul and Angela stand around in the cold during the Can't Pay. Won't Pay. photoshoot, January 2010

Stephen Colfer sitting on a bed covered in Chef Sauce for his Trainspotting promo poster, July 2008

These are a lot of photos taken by a lot of people. Thanks to all who have photographed us..

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2 Responses to Anti Inflammatory Diflucan

  1. keith bohanna May 17, 2011 at 9:03 pm #

    I’ve seen some of those plays and most of those faces over the last 5 years (and back some more over the 5 before that). Enjoyed everything that I saw and looking forward to more 🙂


  2. John Morton May 17, 2011 at 9:04 pm #

    Thanks Keith!

    Hopefully we’ve another 5 years in us! It’s been a blast so far. Thanks for coming along!

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