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If you've seen the original Night Of The Living Dead Zithromax Dosing, you'll know it's not much of a spoiler to mention that things get a little bit messy as it reaches its final act. It's safe to say that you can expect the same thing from our stage version.., Zithromax Dosing craiglist. Zithromax Dosing overseas, so maybe avoid the front row. You'd never know what could land on you, 30mg Zithromax Dosing. 150mg Zithromax Dosing, But if you do want to sit in the front row, and indeed any row, Zithromax Dosing coupon, Zithromax Dosing paypal, you'll be delighted to hear that tickets have just gone on sale for our upcoming July production of Night Of The Living Dead. For the horror/theatre/Devious fan in your life tickets for this show would make a great present or a declaration of your intent to scare the hell out of them, Zithromax Dosing.

Tickets can be bought at the Watergate Theatre Box Office, Zithromax Dosing india, 200mg Zithromax Dosing, booked online at the Watergate website or booked over the phone on 056 - 7761674. Tickets for the show are €13 but on opening night July 24th, Zithromax Dosing uk, Zithromax Dosing ebay, you'll pick up your tickets for the knock down rate of €8. Night Of The Living Dead runs until July 28th. Get 'em while they're hot. Zithromax Dosing, If you're sitting in the front row, don't wear white. An unfortunate young lady found this out the hard way during the toilet scene in Trainspotting back in 2008.

PS. The person who flung fake shit at her was Ross Costigan. He also took this photo.

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  1. Ross February 24, 2012 at 8:05 pm #

    Okay… firstly I was trying to hit her boyfriend with the fake shit. He was heckling but hell she deserved it for not telling him to shut up…

    And for sitting in the front row wearing white!

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