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The Mouse That Roared

Zithromax One Day Shipping, Yes, yes it will. 750mg Zithromax One Day Shipping, This week to be precise. And in the Watergate Theatre no less, 1000mg Zithromax One Day Shipping. Zithromax One Day Shipping canada, As their 10th birthday draws near our old alma mater of Dreamstuff Youth Theatre are presenting their 19th show in that many years. This time they are drawing from the well of political satire and performing The Mouse That Roared, 30mg Zithromax One Day Shipping, Zithromax One Day Shipping paypal, in an adaptation by Christopher Sergel of Leonard Wibberley's 1955 comic novel. The story was also adapted into a well received Peter Seller's vehicle in 1959, Zithromax One Day Shipping.

The Mouse That Roars tells the story of the quaint little country of Grand Fenwick who after being slighted by the US of A, 40mg Zithromax One Day Shipping, 100mg Zithromax One Day Shipping, decide to declare war on the great superpower and well, you'll have to see for yourself, 1000mg Zithromax One Day Shipping. 20mg Zithromax One Day Shipping, Directed by Angela Barrett (last seen for us as Antonia in Can't Pay. Won't Pay!) who previously directed The Three Musketeers and The Sword In The Stone, 500mg Zithromax One Day Shipping, The Mouse That Roared promises to be a great night at the theatre with the finest young thesps and comics that Kilkenny has to offer.

This show is the first one out of the blocks in Dreamstuff Youth Theatre's 10th birthday celebrations. It will be followed by Shakespeare In The House in June and their first theatrical sequel in December (it's all a tad hush hush right now) so it's all go go go for Kilkenny's most prolific youth theatre outfit this year.

The Mouse That Roared plays the Watergate Theatre, Kilkenny from 21st - 24th of April at 8pm nightly. Tickets are a damn cheap 8 Euro and bookings can be made at 056 - 7761674. See www.yifm.com for more details.

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